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  1. Is this Kouteshi from VALE O-O

    1. MonkeyDKouteshi



      i got banned xD

  2. Happy Holidays everyone!

  3. Text: Kouteshi Render: [spoiler] [/spoiler] Background style: Destructive Donation:[spoiler] I'l send u a pokemon or some cash when i get on.It's gonna be hard to come on because i'm currently withouth my pc but i'l try :) [/spoiler]
  4. Text: Kouteshi Render:[spoiler] [/spoiler] Background style: Destructive please. How much money you're paying me for these free sigs(not a joke, I'm poor as shit): I'l mail you something soon.Maybe some cash :)
  5. Text: Kouteshi Render: [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Background Style: Destructive style. Not animated  Thanks!Take your time ^^
  6. Been inactive for a while..Will try to get more online!

  7. Text:Kouteshi Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Gol D. Roger [spoiler] Use this  render please. [/spoiler] Background:  Make it look destructive Anything else? No,thank you and enjoy making it!
  8. can u pm me the name of the font too please? In PM.    Thank You.
  9. If anyone needs a nickname for a tangela it doesn't matter if it's female or male it gotta be called ramen 
  10. Name: Kouteshi Team(optional): [MEOW] Render: Trafalgar Law from One Piece How much money you're paying me for these free sigs: Lel xD
  11. Update o/

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    2. MonkeyDKouteshi


      Yeah kinda but still it's in the update section

    3. Tenzeko


      Yup, because it's an update. But just for the event (like for the "April's fool day"). ^^ After the event we'll have a real update of the game or we'll have the same thing as before the event.

    4. MonkeyDKouteshi


      ohh nice looking forward to it.Now that my brother's pc is windows 10 i won't up mine in windows 10 glad i didn't or i would get trouble

  12. Text:Kouteshi Character/Pokemon/Whatever:Luffy from One Piece Background: red and yellow Anything else?: No thanks ^^
  13. Text: Kouteshi Specific font you want used? no,but make it awesome Specific renders/images/pokemon: Straw Hat Luffy from one piece Any other details: no Gif: (Optional) no
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