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  1. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: Aerun, OrangeManiac, CHUCKunso, Parke, Razimove, Vorred, Impulse, Bakugo, Samoerai, HXIN, Zigh, Tyrone, StriderxD, Draekyn, Tranzmaster, Imabetheverybest Team Captain: Aerun
  2. Team Name: Los Hombres de Morci Team Tag: Morci Players: MaKx, AaronRC, Killuminatis, Zigh, Cali Team Captain: MaKx
  3. I recorded ten or so, but most of them were uploaded first by mago so I didnt bother doing myself. iirc I only posted 2 or 3.
  4. 2h left, dunno about you but I would be worried. Even more considering one of them is tito :^)
  5. 1- Still a bit early to say anything, but garchomp is making quite the difference in dubs. Everyone is running either icy wind + hydreigon, more icebeam users or just hp ice. Haven't seen infernape yet, imo is not viable rn. Too many togekiss, blastoise, etc. 2- Rain still has ludicolo and ferro to deal with gastrodon, so is not a big deal. In fact rain now benefits from this, with the surf spam + gastrodon. Rotom-W or even rotom-M are a bigger deal vs rain 3- Rotom is gonna be the new Best mon overall. Its huge viability makes it worthy running in almost every single team. Levitate with garchomp around is awesome, its typings are perfect, and has enough moves to be either an offensive or defensive tool. Im also interested in abomasnow; while alone is not a great mon, there might be a hidden team that exploits it. They don't what??
  6. Zhiko, I respect you as a player, dont make me think wrong of you and try not to joke about this mess
  7. No idea, but couldnt care less. He got me on my nerves, and thats quite hard to do
  8. The last match doesnt matter anymore since Frag Squad already won (grats), but I still have the need to expose the level of shit one of his players is. All the conversation is in spanish, I'll translate it all later when I have a bit of free time. To put this in some context, this is not the first time he waited for the end of the week to play the matches. Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP! See this? well, Tito doesn't think it applies to him. Not only I had to approach him both times, he didn't want to schedule early, he had a "lets see next week" mentality. Luckily, he changed his mind and translating directly from the screenshots: "If you tell me an specific day I can save some time to play". Everyone would agree that this is perfect, there shouldnt be any schedule problems then. Well, nope. We'll get there later. Gave him a simple choice: EVERY DAY from 4th of february until deadline, every afternoon and night (Im from spain, so this would make him play at midday/afternoon, aka the perfect hours for any normal person). The day we both agreed and was decided by him was saturday after the tournament. Here comes the tricky part. During the tournament (finals if I recall) he asked me to play 15 minutes after the finals, which I agreed. My only mistake was thinking 15 minutes were enough for me to rest after playing the tournament and have dinner, which unfortunately werent, and so I posted on this thread that I needed an extra 10 minutes (and this was my fault, I got 15-20 minutes late). I finished dinner, logged into the game and I found him not being able to play more than 1 game coz he had things to do (have you already guessed where I'm going?) "If you tell me an specific day I can save some time to play" Oh, whats that? you couldnt save time? what if I played stall, would you have to leave if they were 30+ minutes long? Still fine, he asked me to play today, he didnt specify any hour tho, and he left. The next day (today) at 6:20pm (spain), just 3:40h before deadline, he was demanding me like if we had agreed the previous day to play then, which we didnt. Asked for me on discord, to mihawk, etc. I don't know about you, but I don't sit 24h in front of a pc waiting for my rival to be ready to play. As soon as I read his message (26 minutes after he pmed me) I told him I was not at home, and that I could play in 1h because I wasnt expecting him. Again, no warnings prior to this, he just randomly showed up. But of course, 1h was not good enough for him, AGAIN he had things to do, and that lead to this situation. I confronted him about yesterdays decision to postpone the match. His reasoning? "I didn't want to schedule a specific day, because I never know what I'll be doing" Why are you playing PSL then? Last screenshot is him just being pooped, saying he never had any schedule issues with anyone who wasnt me. Dumb thing to say, considering the 0 effort to communicate. If you do something wrong and you get away with it, it doesnt mean is the right way. I'm not expecting an activity win because is meaningless, but rather to make clear the type of person he is, and hopefully let future managers know if they should pick him.
  9. Typhlosion without any doubt
  10. Betting a Lillipad Sombrero (6m) on my matches against Titooo Void if tie/sub bla bla bla
  11. So... You made him play when he didnt want to. He played. And yet you are kicking him? Why would you go that far? Just keep him in the bench for the rest of the playoffs, it makes no sense
  12. @ricardo there is no"best doubles team", it all comes to matchups and most important, the player skill. At least I can cover the togekiss question. While in singles it is used as a flinch machine, the main purpose for doubles is being a redirect support that checks fighting type pokemon. Ofc serene grace air slash will always be there, so you can hax the shit out of your opponnent and make him/her want to ragequit. The more standard version would be -Air Slash -Follow Me -Protect -4° move depends on what you need to cover (Flamethrower, tailwind, thunderwave [dont, paraflinch is despicable], roost) Evs: 252 hp, enough speed to outspeed whatever mon you want to flinch, and the rest on defense. If you prefer a more offensive togekiss you can go for a scarf togekiss with air slash, perfect to make clear you cant understand simple mechanics and you need a dumb team to win
  13. Anyways, in a season where coaching is allowed, breakout player is kinda meaningless, so whatever
  14. he got drafted during midseason, but got benched pretty much the entire tournament
  15. He did, apparently I'm as bad at reading as at playing
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