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  1. @Imperial could you please update the post so we know which numbers are left?
  2. Title: Quarantine won't stop a wedding IGN Zigh Thanks a lot to Lava and HDLM for the commitment, took time to manage it. And congratulations to the couple!!
  3. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: Aerun, OrangeManiac, CHUCKunso, Parke, Razimove, Vorred, Impulse, Bakugo, Samoerai, HXIN, Zigh, Tyrone, StriderxD, Draekyn, Tranzmaster, Imabetheverybest Team Captain: Aerun
  4. Team Name: Los Hombres de Morci Team Tag: Morci Players: MaKx, AaronRC, Killuminatis, Zigh, Cali Team Captain: MaKx
  5. I recorded ten or so, but most of them were uploaded first by mago so I didnt bother doing myself. iirc I only posted 2 or 3.
  6. 2h left, dunno about you but I would be worried. Even more considering one of them is tito :^)
  7. 1- Still a bit early to say anything, but garchomp is making quite the difference in dubs. Everyone is running either icy wind + hydreigon, more icebeam users or just hp ice. Haven't seen infernape yet, imo is not viable rn. Too many togekiss, blastoise, etc. 2- Rain still has ludicolo and ferro to deal with gastrodon, so is not a big deal. In fact rain now benefits from this, with the surf spam + gastrodon. Rotom-W or even rotom-M are a bigger deal vs rain 3- Rotom is gonna be the new Best mon overall. Its huge viability makes it worthy running in almost every single team. Levitate with garchomp around is awesome, its typings are perfect, and has enough moves to be either an offensive or defensive tool. Im also interested in abomasnow; while alone is not a great mon, there might be a hidden team that exploits it. They don't what??
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