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  1. Is not like all the posts without translation have been deleted. Also I wrote 80% in english, + it was meaningless to translate the only spanish sentence since it was aimed exclusively to my team
  2. Wtf they deleted my post. It was friendly and all, whats the reason behind it? Did I violate any rule?
  3. @Roxxass Can you please explain me why Stelian has played two matches in the same round? If they can't find a suitable sub, they should have lost the match, just as the rules have worked always. This is the most biased thing I've seen in a lot of time, and it makes me sad to say this, but hosts have disappointed me a lot and lost all respect. I really hope there is a good reason for that decision, because saying is the final match isnt
  4. Will pay tonight, didnt login these last days
  5. Was already taken, enchanto, ur too slow
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