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  1. No reason to say sorry, mate, after all this is a draft league, if I have a bad matchup is because I didnt pick my team as I should Wp and gl in the next rounds
  2. Maatthew and I playing in 10 minutes
  3. He knows I'm the best at doing missplays, fear nothing
  4. Dunno if this was already suggested, but couldnt find it. With the new android update, we cant check our teams in battle anymore, since the team bar is hidden. Is an important feature that should come back, since is important for pvp (checking speed stat to check if your mon is faster, number of pp left, etc). Not having that puts the player in a little disadvantage against a Pc player, so please, fix it.
  5. If I just had picked Raichu...
  6. Joined a few matchmaking games to test the app and only the hat appeared when showing the opponent's player sprite.
  7. Since this happens in lots of games I'm curious. Is there gonna be any limited item for beta testers? (From a vanity, to a secret base decoration, etc) Ofc isnt necessary, but would feel rewarding to the players that will send feedback after playing the beta

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