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  1. "quiero ese premio secreto santa clos"// "I want that Secret Santa Clos award"
  2. Dual Chop

    No, dual chop just hits twice. The one that hits pokemon that used Fly is Sky Uppercut. (If the user has No Guard, dual chop wont miss, so could hit)
  3. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Gen5 restores a minimal % of hp when 25% or less hp and confuses if you have the wrong nature. In gen7 it restores 50% hp when 25% or less and confuses if wrong nature. Basically that update gives a worthless item huge viability
  4. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Forgot to test it in the PBE, are berries like Mago/Aguav getting gen7 update or will they remain like gen5 ones?
  5. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Is a pvp mode, more than enough Also just realized we will be able to mimic vgc in mmo after the update, hype rises
  6. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    I'm getting pretty hyped with the update, new mons/region... Hopefully ppl coming back to the game... Just remember to put doubles in pvp matchmaking (•̀o•́)ง
  7. [PSL 8] Awards Predictions

    I have a mobile bro, at least I can check forums
  8. [PSL 8] Awards Predictions

    I want my mill for the award
  9. [PSL 8] Week Two

    Go redav!
  10. [PSL 8] Week One

    @Viking and I in 15min
  11. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    @gbwead caring about doubles? Shit, being in JJ's team is already affecting him
  12. Desu in pvp Mistery box

    You know you're doing something wrong when you actually loose money berry farming... Plant berries, sell seeds. Easy profit
  13. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    200k Me vs whoever I face in R1 (Up to 2 bets)
  14. Shit, those are pretty good ivs for shiny breeding

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