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  1. Nah, I lost 100k from makx's match
  2. 500k on me and 500k Noctowls win the week (Tie means void) Also @Lluvvia owes me 100k
  3. LLuvvia and I playing in 10 (Dubs)
  4. Taking the 200k on noctowls vs drakos, 200k for our match and mackx vs zhiko
  5. Rendi and I in 20 minutes
  6. Have you considered to play anything that isnt OU? There are more tiers, you know? Also I don't see you in any top position in tournaments, guess you can still do a lot in that aspect instead of saying there's nothing more to do
  7. @Irisdina if you had internet issues, just mail the cash later. If not and you're just scamming... @JIceJDragon blacklist her if she doesnt pay
  8. Spreadsheet with players stats when
  9. Taking. Also 500k on me winning this week
  10. Sent the money, number 107
  11. Lkrenz and I in 10 minutes
  12. Will take this one for 500k, if ur fine with it
  13. IGN: Zigh Timezone: GMT+2 Tiers: UU, Doubles, SM OU Something else to farm likes: Been in finals in 2 out of 3 PSL seasons I've played (couldn't play at all in season 8, so not counting that one). Semifinals in WC with only 1 loss in doubles, bla bla bla. Can make quality memes if needed (Might be a bit busy in June coz exams, but I'll probably have time to play every weekend) Guess I'm signing up for SM OU aswell
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