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  1. Go redav!
  2. @Viking and I in 15min
  3. @gbwead caring about doubles? Shit, being in JJ's team is already affecting him
  4. You know you're doing something wrong when you actually loose money berry farming... Plant berries, sell seeds. Easy profit
  5. 200k Me vs whoever I face in R1 (Up to 2 bets)
  6. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-585643998 Me vs StriderxD
  7. I might be able to play at that hour, too late to register? IGN: Zigh SD nick: ZighPSL
  8. Shit, this psl might be bad for me. Thx to some rl bullshit I may not be able to play some MMO matches (asuming I get picked) So managers, be careful, there is a low chance of me being an useless load
  9. IGN: Zigh Timezone: GMT+1 Tiers: PokeMMO Doubles, Showdown Gen 7 SM OU, PokeMMO NU Fluff: I'll edit this after I think in some cool and useless facts about me
  10. I dont win shit, but this looks like a good idea :)
  11. Shit, those are pretty good ivs for shiny breeding
  12. Forgot to ask, whats your IGN?
  13. Shit, thats AMAZING I'll mail the donation tomorrow morning, thanks BadBones ;)
  14. Ofc, is that a challenge? Fuark unova, I'm gonna spend hours in the safari