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  1. There is no real reason to ever run alomomola in doubles. It gets outclassed in every way by other support mons, since it doesnt have anything "unique". We have to remember that a viability ranking is meant to help players get into a tier, not promote gimmicks and low efficiency mons
  2. Alomomola is not good enough to even cut C tier to be honest. Yeah, it has a good physical bulk, but its spdef is too bad. Doesn't even have enough power to deal decent damage. Also, its movepool is pretty limited, even considering is a support. Mons like slowking/slowbro (we need to put this in the same place as slowking, since their only difference is that their defenses swap) outclass it by far, and they are already considered C tier (this might need to change). The aqua jet option is not even worth discussing; whoever runs that in alomomola should not be taken in consideration like, ever. And until we have regenerator, the ability is thrash.
  3. can we stop this nonsense? Is just arguing for nothing
  4. So @GuaPizzz owes me 500k (Paid already) and @xiaolinggg owes me 2.5M. Feel free to mail it to IGN: Zigh or just whisper me if I'm online and guys please, dont be rude with them. Is pretty cool to see how much they support their teammates, I wish some of you were like them.
  5. @xiaolinggg is it fine if we use a middleman for our 2.5m bet?
  6. How much time left for nik vs starmind's match?
  7. Could you explain me why would you have to be 6-0? And don't get me started with "it would be fair". A team leaving the event makes situations hard, and there's no perfect solution for everyone. But if you wanna keep going that route, why would Spain's effort to get the 6-0 be useless? Theres a true fact that every team wouldn't 6-0 Poland (see korea), so why would hosts have to award you with such score? You are already getting a free win (that means not risking a loss, not getting teams scouted, no time lost on preparation, etc) By any means the rest of the teams shouldn't get a 6-0 because you think is the better choice.
  8. Doubles - Millernine VS Zigh In 5 minutes
  9. Maybe this is a bit harsh way to say it, but prize is garbage because of its stats. (31 atk and 31 speed make it unusable). Could I get it changed to 0 atk /speed? Also why the downgrade of Rps from 1.300 to 1.000rp in 128 tours? You already made them not worth grinding (non shiny doubles tours are only worth playing because is the only way to play doubles at the moment), but you kept reducing the rewards?
  10. You're gonna make me wake up at 6am to watch you winning, smh
  11. Since this has become the most hype match of the week (maybe of the entire event) I'll follow the train. SMOU - NikhilR VS Starmind 2.5M - taken by @xiaolinggg Friendly reminder that I'm also betting up to 3M on my match.
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