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  1. Were the calcs way different in the end or u gave me a wrong quantity? (4.2 something M). Shouldnt be 4.9 since 7 wins?
  2. Has to be that then, I think I have that disabled
  3. Thats weird. Language chat? Coz I'm 100% sure I dont have him blocked
  4. Logged out right after the battle, so dont know if he said anything afterwards
  5. Rendi and I in 10 or so
  6. Just put auction back, and maybe give more prizes for individual achievements (not only for the best of each tier). With a prize pool similar to the current one, this shouldnt be an issue
  7. You can check all moves on the dex, with the power etc. That way you can read them before breeding a mon
  8. 1M on me vs Lluvvia Also @Aerun u owe me 100k noob
  9. Hmu if u ever see me online to have matches. There's also a doubles discord, but is ded
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