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  1. Whenever a dubs match is played please tag me on discord so I can record it
  2. If pachi cant take it I'll do so
  3. 1M at Squirtle Crew winning week1 Taken by @calidubstep
  4. We are getting sinnoh before this thing is completed, rng is too high
  5. got hyped for some dubs discussion, got baited with a suggestion that has been made too many times :(
  6. @calidubstep so the tournament is at 1pm or 2pm est? Coz you have both versions in the converter and post respectively
  7. Just saw the manager selection, @FNTCZ don't dissapoint me and get a full S+ tier players
  8. IGN: Zigh Time Zone: GMT+2 Tiers: OU, UU, NU, Doubles, LC Fluff: 4 out of 5 times reached playoffs, 3 times runner up, breakout player in psl7 and second highest score in dubs in 3 psl played. Also I can provide quality memes. If you pick me I should be playing doubles, signed up in the rest of tiers in case you need a sub, but try not to make me a regular in those tiers. Will remove this before signups deadline in case I cant play
  9. We already had doubles matchmaking in the past, so no. Isnt hard or anything to do atm
  10. Non shiny... Cant even bother playing tournaments with these prizes
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