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  1. 23715 encounters since the duskull, SRIF. New sig to commemorate the hunt, thx Tear :)
  2. Is there any way to have a darker theme? Being this much white almost hurts my eyes edit: found it, but still has the same issues imo. Some kind of separations between posts would make it better
  3. You can, but I advice you to use guts conkeldurr instead of sheer force. You want those secondary effects
  4. That was rather fast, knowing my rates :) 73215 encounters since magikarp V4 Srif
  5. Even if this year's vanities are not of your liking, it doesn't mean they are bad. Sure, maybe a few of them weren't as cool as past vanities, but you can't deny that they have good quality. For example the eyeball; many people don't like it, but the fact that a halloween vanity makes you think "ew, creepy" is quite an achievement
  6. IGN: Zigh Co-manager IGN (optional): Still thinking Series (pick one option): Singles / Doubles / Both Timezone: GMT+1
  7. For each 6m in donations I'll add 1 extra mill, come on guys
  8. MO is the spanish name for HM, so yeah, he means that.
  9. @ThinkNicer the salary system only applies to regular season?
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