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  1. Forgot to ask, whats your IGN?
  2. Shit, thats AMAZING I'll mail the donation tomorrow morning, thanks BadBones ;)
  3. Ofc, is that a challenge? Fuark unova, I'm gonna spend hours in the safari
  4. Your sigs look awesome, would be cool if you could make me one Text: Zigh Team (If you want it added): Lyle Character/Pokemon: Majin Bu after absorbing Gohan Background: Something that fits Animation: No ty Donation amount (If there is one): 100k hype :)
  5. Whats his IGN?
  6. I have totally forgotten my lasts bets of PSL (finals round) besides Jovi's one. I lost like 2 bets being me vs Doc, so if the guy I owe money warns me, would be appreciated
  7. Just use bold ludicolo if you fear that much kingdra. Icebeam wont hit ludi hard, and with leech seed + giga + recovers you recover almost all the damage from outrage, meaning that both variants are getting walled.
  8. So... what shiny pokemon are still missing?
  9. Blazi has been Uber even in Gen6, imagine what could it do in a gen5 enviroment
  10. Insert "Are you sure about that" meme Cursed body on Gengar sucks, since it dies easily, and as cursed body does NOT guarantee to disable the enemy contact move, is just basically thrash unless you skill swap it to any bulky pokemon (say blissey for example)
  11. @xStarr taking this one @WhiteJovi taking myself here too
  12. VGC in pokemmo, the dream made true
  13. All I can think of when I see @NikhilR's new avatar Also 100k on myself vs LordOfAngmar
  14. Try updating drivers/java, and re-download the game, just in case some random files got corrupted