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  1. yep, I copy and paste the single words. I recently tried to copy and paste altogheter and it seems working, even if sometimes i have issues also with the spaces before or after the word. Btw it is not something that I noticed before the update. My theme is default, but thanks for the advice.
  2. Dear Forum and GMs, since the update i'm having issues in writing messages in trade (and other) chat when I have to write two or more Chinese words with spaces inbetween (I copy and paste from google translate). Am I the only one with this issue?
  3. about Knight I can't help. Instead, i think Blue skull ranges from 200 to 240, Orange skull from 250 to 300.
  4. To be honest I disagree. People start to lf old pokemon. I saw sellers asking between 15-25k for pokemon from 2013, any ivs. I know there are also some from 2012 somewhere (maybe 2011?) and, for example, i will pay to have one.
  5. Maybe it will come out the 1st November :D SoonTM we will know..
  6. As you know, my offer for Jack is stil available for a while :)
  7. If you accept to find 7 dragon spheres to revive a pokemon I may agree :D Anyway you touched a good point: I can understand that the game was born as MMO, but the fact is that it is necessary to renew its mechanics. Clearly devs can implement new worlds and introduce the game in new countries, but it doesn't change the fact that the requests of the players evolve during the time while the game stay still. Without the implementation of sth more exciting after the end of the story (I perfectly know what you can do and I love trading for sure, but I don't like to repeat the same thing
  8. up! please add any differences that you have found in game :)
  9. Or Charms to transform a normal pokemon in shiny for one hour :D
  10. Thank you Makota for the explanation. Honestly, I'd prefer to have pokemon with their original size, it's nice to have a huge shiny following you. Anyway, if it is not possible to turn back, at least let it as it is in Unima:)
  11. Thank you for the info Razor, then I will wait for further info by @awkways :)
  12. I have to say that it changed recently, they haven't been always small like in the images. So I thought that it could have been a problem due a recent update regarding the shape of the shinies. The images, even if little bit resized to fit in the square, represent quite well the difference that I currently see (but the shape of many other pokemons instead don't change). My question now is if it is a problem that affect only my game or also yours and, in this case, if do you think I can solve the issue changing something inside the settings of the game.
  13. this is the difference that I see from Unima to Kanto (the size in Kanto it's the same also in Hoenn). https://ibb.co/2gvKQKc
  14. Dear Forum and GMs, Since a couple of months ago I noticed that some of the pokemons following the owner now have a smaller size both in Kanto and Hoenn. For example, I have Steelix, Gyarados and Wailord (shiny), and they are clearly smaller compared to the past and to the current version of the Unima Region.. so now they seem more like little fishes or tiny sticks in Kanto and Hoenn. In this sense, I would like to ask if it's possible to restore their normal size as they were , maybe as a part of the next big update :) Thank you for your help :)
  15. Man, it was the same also when they introduce the breeding system also for pokemon like starmie, metagross etc., a lot of people (including me) lost several milions. I don't disagree with updating the game, but i think a refund is necessary when you create a big loss for the players, especially in case of people that don't own a lot of valuable items/pokemon/vanities.
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