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  1. Team name : Asgard warriors players : Enchanteur- Arca- Frags- Sejuani- Axellgor- rohmartinez-alaniz-teaar-Zhiko-xpauu- lkrenz-kanzo - FABBROoo- haazuu- kaspeer-bund-escanor-lamikotomisaka Capitan : Enchanteur
  2. jajaja i dont won for u , i was captain , i was manager u was in hospital like 1 month and a half i dont won because u was good manager jajajaja
  3. IGN: EnchanteurMotivation: i want try again won the psl like being manager. Champions when i was player in psl 10 (transformers), i was Best Ou player 2 times and 1 time overall ... just that PSL seasons in which you participated as a player:psl 6-7-8-9-10-11 PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: psl 12 was manager
  4. @LordHydra bro in game the tournament dont say shiny timbur, and timbur shiny for envolve to conkeldurr need to be for trade so i think this shiny should be 100% conkeldurr shiny no?
  5. IGN : Enchanteur Accolades : legends never die fluff: campeon de todo menos de mundial.......
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