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  1. Team name : monkeys Player 1 : enchanteur player 2 : yosoyarca
  2. @gbwead always want ban pokemons that his boyfriends cant stop, gb plzz stop ban pokemons . u dont play any tier why u are tier council?
  3. JAJAJAJA , Meh u are shit why i should be scared of you , i am more scared of papi @NikhilR , you are ez ;)
  4. xDDDDD if u see we lineup i always was Ou 2 jajaja
  5. Me vs navetas in 15-20 min
  6. Manager: @camilo7 enchanteur Players: @yosoyarca @pitzzin @xLuneth @Chjul19 @Kamimiii @YEYOxD @LifeStyle @Rendiz @Aleso @DarkQuilerr @BabyLo @DeadGorilla
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