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  1. bro but what u wait about the men dont know competition in pokemmo... idk why is host xD
  2. IGN: enchanteur Reason: win that shit Other random stuff: arquita me mando a inscribir
  3. jaja plzz bro, jorel #1 GL good match
  4. Team Name: Asgard Warriors Team Tag: Aw Registered Players: FABBROoo Frags LKrenz Haazuu Sejuani enchanteur yosoyarca Zhiko timwaps ProfesorEinstein Craneo Akles Bilburt Team Captain: FABBROoo
  5. they say this choice for a max shiny u won <3
  6. IGN: Enchanteur Country: Colombia Tiers: ALL capitan si no no juego (ez)
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