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  1. camilo7

    [PSL X] Week Four

    jejeje no importa pero lo tomooo
  2. camilo7

    [PSL X] Week Four

    take yosoyarca
  3. camilo7

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    take mlhawk vs zebra
  4. camilo7

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    1m on mlhawk 1m on me
  5. camilo7

    [PSL X] Week One

    MLHAWK WIN.... peruca #1
  6. camilo7

    [PSL X] Week One

    me vs villadelobos in 20 min
  7. camilo7


    Y EL TORNEOOOO!!!!!!
  8. camilo7

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: Enchanteur Timezone: EST Fluff: the hosts are bad, but thats what it is Preferred Tiers: Ou,Uu,Nu,Doubles,Lc Most Preferred Manager: lifestyle,predakiller Least Preferred Manager: ALL
  9. NICEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS CHOICE THE WORST MANAGERS , for it psl is shit
  10. camilo7

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    MEHHHHHH , u want i make a duel with u for 150k?? nehh if u want make a duel go for 2m 3m but 150k mehh
  11. camilo7

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    naa if you offended me I would not talk to you hahaha, I understand the complexes of noobs....
  12. camilo7

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    xDD, thanks bro , i think buy u , u can be my favorite player
  13. camilo7

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    you better than anyone knows my power <3;)
  14. camilo7

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    IGN: Enchanteur PokeMMO Team: None Experience: BEST PLAYER OVERHALL AND BEST PLAYER OU PSL 7 , BEST PLAYER OU PSL 8 ................................................................ Motivation: I proved to be the best playing, now I will prove to i can be the best manager Fluff: No need all know , im the best.
  15. camilo7

    Can you buff competitive prizes?

    i think first prize can be choice for the winning with his ot

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