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  1. My Pokémon are my friends. I'm lonely
  2. Because of the story you are playing, there are a lot of games that give you a special weapon only for the final fight I don't see any problem with how it is right now. You are just giving up one spot in your party for Zekrom for 2 battles.
  3. This entire thing could've been prevented if they just didn't announce Sinnoh until it was further in development. Like seriously it's been teased in march now we have december and we got nothing between then and now. Just radio silence and every mod just says we dunno when it's ready when asked about the state. Only natural people keep asking.
  4. I'd really like it if the sprites for the player where in the style of BW instead of DPPt and HGSS.
  5. yeah I know this beauty was achived through PokéBlocks in Emerald sigh wanted to get a Milotic for my friend, guess I have to wait 'til they find a way to implement it
  6. well rip why he is he not anymore? that's some major bullshit right there I mean are we even able to create more Feebas when the parents disappear during breeding? Feebas has to be expensive as shit
  7. is it not possible to catch a Feebas? or are the few spots in Route 119 working?
  8. Umbra


    because you can't carry a Umbreon on your shoulder :^)
  9. Umbra


    shh no was taking the Umbra from Umbreon
  10. is it possible to change the HG/SS trainer sprites with the ones from Black/White?
  11. Umbra


    thankchu very much
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