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  1. These updates are baller fam.

  2. Check out my new tile mod. :)

  3. Tile mod coming soon??? (feat. new route 2: http://puu.sh/ol4eW/be995d9f9f.png)

  4. I wish I could be ingame more.

  5. I'm going to be Rory the Reaper for Halloween.~

    1. Tenzeko


      I'm going to be a hollow from Bleach for Halloween.~

  6. I like your Steins;Gate signature! :)

  7. NU team on the way!

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    2. Hiraeth


      I still want an NU team tho, so the status stays :)

    3. Ronax
    4. Hiraeth


      They don't call me Adlet "Speed run" Mayer for nothing.

  8. I am the strongest man in the world!

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