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  1. I would say that you hid them too well. :< I just looked for 20 minutes.
  2. A suggestion for next year. It would be just like trash cans on the S.S. Anne.
  3. Are you gonna continue your kanto tile mod in the future or is it discontinued?*(i have seen people posting pics of their updates but apparently they aren't available around, so just wanted to see if you were working on merging them)

  4. Simple suggestion. Add a 'Sell' option to the list when a Pokemon is left-clicked or tapped in the PC. It would pre-load the Pokemon into a 'Create Listing' window of GTL, where the user would just need to set the price and submit. Right now, Pokemon being sold must be in your party. This can be annoying in cases where you need to sell multiple Pokemon, then refill your party.
  5.   Yep! I plan on replacing all buildings (including gyms) in the region.
  6. The moment you joined these forums baby  ;)   [spoiler]I'm sorry I couldn't resist.[/spoiler]
  7.   Caves will come after outdoor tiles are complete. Indoor building tiles will come after. :)   Edit: Viridian Forest was done in this version, however there are border tile issues.
  8. These updates are baller fam.

  9. I have compiled the first complete list of map Id's for Kanto. It's been added below and in the original post. The list also includes each map's bank and map identifiers for those who use Advanced Map for referencing. Unknown maps are not broken due to PokeMMO, most are garbage maps from within the ROM. I'd recommend searching through this list via the CTRL+F search function in your browser.   [spoiler] 1 - PALLET TOWN [4.0] 2 - PALLET TOWN [4.1] 3 - PALLET TOWN [4.2] 4 - UNKNOWN MAP 5 - PALLET TOWN [4.3] 6 - CERULEAN CITY [7.2] 7 - PEWTER CITY [6.4] 8 - VIRIDIAN CITY [5.4] 9 - VIRIDIAN
  10. In PokeMMO go to Settings -> Utilities -> Dump Moddable Resources
  11.   I believe he meant the size of each tile. I'll give an example.   16x16 resolution: [spoiler][/spoiler]   32x32 resolution [spoiler][/spoiler]
  12. Introduction: Hello everyone! I'm writing this tutorial because documentation on tile modding is very slim, and I've been asked how it's done. Just to warn you, tile modding can be a long and tiring process depending on the scale of your mod.   What are tile mods? All maps in PokeMMO are made up of up tiles, which are 16x16 images. With the help of tile mods, you can change these tiles and make maps look however you want. For an example of this, check out Desu's shitpost. Before tile mods, the only way to edit tiles was through ROM hacking which was a horrible process with a huge set
  13. Thank you everyone! All of your comments were nice to wake up to. :)     It seems PokeMMO won't allow me to change those tiles since PokeMMO reads them straight from the ROM. I'll add it to the bug list.       I plan on writing a tutorial soon! However, it is a lot of work. I've put ~50 hours of work into this already.
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