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  1. shit might as well ban body slam because sometimes it paralyzes you and you can't attack
  2. I understand this has probably been posted a million times, but I'm making this anyways There is no point in having a base rn, so maybe you could add items or something to make bases useful. For example, you could make a PC, so you can go on gtl, get pokemon, or what have you from your base. This would lead to like tournaments and stuff inside peoples bases which would be cool. This would require a lot more programming, but you could do something like oras where you set up your own gym where you bet and lose bp too. you could also add a bunch of items and make them tradable an
  3. Is there a theme that makes the game look like the original PokeMMO theme? You know with the white and the green boxes behind pokemon if they were at full health and shit? That'd be cool
  4. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but thanks for the sig, I love it!
  5. Also, before this gets closed, I'd like to say that the timespan of a little over a month seems like enough time for the economy to become regulated to under 1k pretty berry, considering berries only take a day to grow. If I'm proven wrong in there next the months you can give me a major I told you so. But, if I'm right you can expect an I told you so. Actually, would you like to make a bet?
  6. Oh you're right, the berries being 1.7x more expensive definitely doesn't help my argument. Flawless logic, 10/10 You still haven't given me a valid reason as to why it's getting deleted.
  7. Don't know why this is getting deleted but third times a charm. Maybe a little explanation before you just delete it this time? Just proving my point
  8. Character: Shiny MedichamName: Archon Don't put a team name
  9. Yes, but what does that have anything to do with the berry economy being fucked up? Also there's this thing called "oppurtunity cost." The time you use to do storyline for berries and plant berries and harvest berries and sell berries, you could be making more money elsewhere. Here look here please click Time is money. Stop being a fucking dumbass. I'm not gaining anything by trying to explain how you're wrong by using the same fucking explanation, which you're obviously failing to grasp. I'm done, Good luck with your life! Hopefully your incredibly low IQ will
  10. But that's not what we're talking about you fucking claud. One of you brought up how berries were fucking "free" and I said it wasn't because you wouldn't be able to grow the first batch for more seeds. Stop derailing to find stupid bullshit that doesn't make sense or has already been addressed. You must really like getting proven wrong or else you'd stop posting. This is getting old anyways. Just stop being a dumbass troll and we can both be on our ways
  11. Ahem let me tell you about this thing. It's called "oppurtunity cost." The time you're spending looking for the fucking seed you need to plant a shitty ass berry, you could be making more money elsewhere. If you were going through the storyline, you're on the right track! Alt runs yield a lot more money per hour than growing berries! Here! Take a look! Why would people just randomly have seeds that you need? Again, the chances that someone does is very low because no one actually berry farms, except for the people who came here to bltch at me and get told what's up. Also, you have some g
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