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  1. berbie dolls r my life   thank u all
  2. hello i am kuru   i am new in this game and i like catching awsome pokemons my favorite pokis ar gardevoir ditto lickitung and magikarp nd probably more whats ur favorite pokemon i like playng with berbie dolls and i always wanted to be a siren lickitung also i like rich cats like meowth they great   this my squad [spoiler]        [/spoiler]   i have more squad membrs but they shy also my squad > urs also john cena is my senpai im his kitty maid nya~   i dont know what else to write hello    
  3. Kurumii


  4. Kurumii


    I AM DYING   thats not how you do it : ( try balloons
  5. Kurumii


    magikarp use fly pls
  6. pls use fly

    1. Umbra


      *uses fly*

      -it has no effect on kuru-

    2. Kurumii
  7. In Fortree City, i've saw only a trade to a kid that wanted a volbeat and he'd give you a plusle. I didn't see any Pikachu for Skitty? Did I not look hard enough?
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