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  1. I think these would be good changes: I believe the NU meta will shake up a fair amount if Blaziken moves up, with usage from Slowbro definitely decreasing Gligar would be an interesting one as a very bulky physical wall Rhyperior - This should definitely be quick banned, it's been proven to be too strong in the tier and the meta hasn't significantly changed since it was last in NU
  2. Yes please, that would be great. And I may not be up-to-date with this, but has the Tier Council made a vote on P-Z? (I remember there was a discussion thread but haven't kept track of it)
  3. Team Tag: OpTc Team Name: Optic Registered Players: HALOTT, PKTxKharma, Pinkwings, Incognition, Powerdrib, spelenn, LaRueTaPeure, Mehagony, xEdstorm, Dindra, Onraider, ArtOfKilling, Thinknicer, MrJokestar, Robbinho, Ploegy Team Captain: Incognition
  4. I think the only thing to hope for is wait until the season event ends in around February. PokeMMO logic: Everyone manages to grind and earn an average of 20-30m but let's drop all the prices even more than previous years. Personally, if people want to keep dropping the Mage's Staff and other items, that's completely fine with me, they're very likely losing their own money in the process.
  5. Money has been mailed to the winners: TheLordsOfLords $100,000,000 - split between captain + 4 players ($20,000,000 each) Caldo de Oso $40,000,000 - split between captain + 5 players ($6,600,000 each) I'm not sure how the prize was given, but our donators and captains confirmed they received the money. Thank you to Team [OX] for their wonderful donations and making sure last night's tournaments was one of the biggest and most hype yet!
  6. After asking the captains, we decided to play the finals on the same day. Congratulations to TheLordsOfLords for winning the tournament with an impressive performance and claiming the top prize! A shoutout to Caldo de Oso for reaching runners-up, with a very close finish! I'd like to thank everyone for participating and supporting the fellow teams - everyone played really well and all matches went down to the wire! I would also like to thank my hosts @Crible and @EdRaket for helping to ensure that this event runs as smooth as possible! https://challonge.com/TeamOX2021 I'm not sure the next time I'll be hosting an event this big, but let's see...
  7. The event will start in approximately 2 hours Please make sure that the captain is correct - we will be communicating with the captain throughout the tournament We will call the captain of each team before the bracket is finalised - make sure the captain is available The hosts will be Incognition, EdRaket and Crible - please be respectful and patient with all hosts as we handle a community event consisting of 100+ people We will do our best to cater towards all languages We will likely play the whole tournament tonight (expected duration 4 -6 hours) The final will be played on another date, this will be discussed from tomorrow (21st November) Registered teams & Captain - 4 spots remaining! 1. MakeItHarder - AquaVerr 2. No Hands - zMauri 3. Mucha Raja - lachidrago 4. Bloodkings - Lancearmstrong 5. UWU UWU - AARROONN 6. HDLM - RealDevilLegend 7. SIA 1 - Mkns 8. SIA 2 - gbwead 9. NiceHax vLíve - zAnderson 10. Los noobs - DancingRoses 11. TheLordsOfLords - Sebat 12. Jirafa - Cristi 13. The Randoms - Edwardinho 14. No - Rigoox 15. CÄØS - KsusG 16. Fierro pariente - Complutum 17. Warriors - JuanMelendez 18. Hades - stormwishes 19. Randoms - Ardp 20. SDLG - darnellEK 21. XD - QuinnW 22. The Force - BlackSerge 23. Team Goat #1 - Kupokun 24. Nesquik - Teaar 25. The Retired - Boyscap 26. Vamos - GasyFlour 27. Wearethesimps XD - zLumiere 28. Caldo de Oso - Velociraptorl 29. 30. 31. 32. We look forward to seeing you at the event!
  8. Okay this aged well - the mage's staff suck XD
  9. With almost 24 hours until the event starts, I wanted to show the layout of the tournament: How many spots are available? 5 teams can still participate. Can I still sign up? Yes - sign ups are open until either one hour before the event or when 32 teams are filled. I can't find a team - what do I do? You can create or join a team in the Einstein Discord server. I need to make changes to my team! If your team is missing one player, I will allow you to make changes up to 15 minutes after the event starts. If you are unable to make the changes, your team will be disqualified. How long do you expect the tournament to last? I am expecting the event to run for between 4 - 6 hours. It is likely that all teams will play up to the finals without Sunday being needed. When will the final be played? The date and time will be agreed between the two teams - a host must be available and spectate the match. Which languages do you speak? All the hosts speak English - please be patient if you speak another language (e.g. Spanish), we will try and translate or find a translator who can help make the event run smoothly. Any other questions please feel free to message me here or on Discord. Another reminder will be posted one hour before the event!
  10. ImposterXD is one of the best players in the game but I can't allow that, sorry. Hopefully team [WATE] can forgive me
  11. I can be middleman IGN: Incognition
  12. Oh yeah idk why I put that - Sunday 21st November is in case it takes too long to reach the last 8, but I'm hoping the tournament can continue until the finals which will be played on a different date regardless of what happens. Conscious that Sunday may not work if the last 8 teams are unavailable, but I know how long these tournaments can get as well, so we'll see.
  13. Added new teams to the spreadsheet @GasaiYunoSan Please can you confirm if Beasts Of Showdown will still be playing? You will need 3 players + a captain since you changed team. I will also be adding a layout later this week - it will be like Team Tournament where one host will spectate a set of matches.
  14. Team Name: Optic Registered Players: Incognition, Mehagony, HALOTT
  15. Hello everyone! With less than 1 week to go until the event starts, we still have 6 teams who can register before being placed in reserves! Here is the sign up spreadsheet to see who is already in a team If there are any changes to your line up, please let me know ASAP If your team can no longer attend the event, please let me know ASAP I am also looking for someone who can speak fluent English and Spanish to make this tournament a lot easier for me - if you would be interested to help out please let me know 😄
  16. Can you add MrJokestar for Optic [OpTc] please?
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