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  1. I'm not sure who you are but you could not have phrased this any better, especially considering the deficiency of the OP.
  2. I can see the logic but honestly screw this game if they do that. It's fine economically for us older players, but for the more newer ones that's kind of a big F U considering the amount of Pokemon which will need to be reobtained because they're more optimal with HAs...
  3. This was over a week ago (sent to me by a friend)
  4. 1m and a trip to pizza hut
  5. I doubt they will add this but please include as well: Thanks!
  6. This is the type of person who probably spams rain teams in every OU match - I've seen them in the official MMO Discord and they never listen to anybody's counter-arguments, they just like hearing the sound of their own voice. By their logic Starmie and Weavile should also be banned as they are faster and can 1 KO Garchomp, Hydreigon, Dragonite Gengar, Breloom, Mienshao, Reuniclus, etc... If anyone wants to hear more of this person's great advice feel free to check the competitive channel in the official MMO Discord:
  7. Let's be realistic, if they add regions like Johto players like you will only be active for a few weeks maximum and then will leave the game.
  8. Welcome to the LC PL2.0 Betting Thread Regular Bracket: https://challonge.com/b1jhg5l8 Week one Rules: PLEASE READ BEFORE TAKING OR MAKING BETS Tied matches are void (does not include matches with tie-breakers) - Unplayed matches are void* - All activity win bets are void* - Matches that have been changed due to subbed players are void -Bets over 500k may be mailed to a trusted middleman if any one of the two players feel its necessary - Bets must be posted before the matches are played - No betting against yourself (you can bet for yourself to win) - Bets with a player who has been banned are void unless/until that player is unbanned* - No new bets until old betting debts are cleared - Players that do not comply with these rules will be added to a BLACK LIST - Once you take a bet you may NOT retract that bet for whatever reason - The only way you can have a bet retracted is if BOTH players agree on retracting the bet - When making bets that go throughout the whole tournament, please be cautious and make sure you have what you bet by the end of the tournament - We are not keeping up with everyone's bets so its your job to keep track of your bets and who wins what *This rule does not apply when betting on teams Disclaimer: Take each bet with risk! Although unlikely, it is possible you can get scammed and we won't be held responsible to pay unpaid debts. Though players that do not comply will be added to BLACK LIST and all players will be warned when betting with those players. Players can bet with players on the blacklist however the blacklist is only there to warn them. How to Bet: When you are betting, provide the following info: 1. Your IGN 2. What match(es) and which player(s) you are betting on 3. What are you wagering Trusted Middlemans: Blacklist:
  9. Hi @Kyu in case you missed my previous message would you be able to implement the following in the next update? Swap the dates of the OU/Dubs seasonal crown tournaments with the UU/NU ones. A lot of people have proposed this but staff have said this is a developer issue. So basically UU/NU tournaments would take place on the last week of the third month with Dubs/OU happening on the first weekend after the huge movement changes take place I thought I'd ask here instead of the Suggestions tab as you've been communicating with us in this thread.
  10. Lit tournament, amazing prizes Thank you for hosting this again ❤️
  11. I know things are being kept secret, but are you able to give any hints about the likeliness of a potential meta shift in competitive/PvP? (I know HA's etc are a meme right now but just curious) I also second MMOcritic's suggestion about adding a weather/screen/trick room timer. Also if possible it would be great to swap the dates for the seasonal crown tournaments (e.g. OU/Dubs to take place after the tier changes take place instead of NU/UU which has the most changes). The two suggestions are minor but would be a huge boost for many NU/UU players as these are the ones who usually have to make last minute adaptations depending on what moves up and down.
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