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  1. Thanks, will increase my donation when I'm online (around 12 hours from now)
  2. - Template1 - Name: Incognition Team: Rise Render: Shiny Umbreon Text color (optional): Dark Purple Stain color (optional): Light Purple (as long as the text compliments and stands out very well with the background / render I don't mind which purple) Donation: 100k (My IGN is Bryen)
  3. I'm giving an actual seashell for a shiny omanyte how good is that to resist ?
  4. Oops I forgot I made this thread lol ill make the sigs for you guys during the weekend :)
  5. They gave me a small scare after all my team suffered from toxic but I prevailed, was gg -
  6. I made an ALT called cucumbersandpickle to try challenge him, no luck either. & ikr, thats an average rating. He was spamming sub with mega gyarados so I was spamming recover with sableye and he was spamming 'jajajaja'.
  7. Any tier. I faced him in randoms gen 7, idk why he was so arrogant over that. He didn't even want a rematch lmao.
  8. I lost because I fucked up a combo. However if anyone can, please request a match with this guy RicardoGutiCruz He's not on MMO so it's good, but he was so arrogant over a randoms match. (He's also Spanish @LifeStyle) I just need someone to shut this guy up lol.
  9. @Havsha
  10. Apologies for the delay, been busy this week - @Zackyie @Suneet
  11. Choice of two colors: Black and Blue Name: Incognition Team (Optional): RISE Render: Umbreon
  12. Ok guys I won't be able to make anything today but I will make sigs for you guys in this order - 1. Zackyie 2. Suneet 3. Havsha 4. WestTurtle 5. SodaNaranja Please give me around 4 days to complete these I'll make them good :) (Partly because I won't be on for 2 of the day's hue)
  13. clear your inbox and then pm me plz

  14. @Murcielago Yeah I appreciate your feedback and I agree. Thing is, all this work I'm creating I'm not checking out any tutorials - however I found a YouTube who produces professional graphics which I will try learn and base things off (I can't download the packs as I have to pay for these) However in the upcoming weeks / months if I can learn the techniques above my work should improve x100 more. (hopefully) Edit - I'm using CS6 so compatibility should be fine. I admit I'm so lazy creating all these new layers and overlaying with gradient maps / color lookups but it must be done eventually >.< Some examples of work I admire -