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  1. Thanks a bunch, looks awesome! Will send the money to you when I'm online
  2. I like this background May I please have something similar with the [OPTC] tag and name? Sprite: Houndoom IGN: Incognition Happy to donate 100k to the team!
  3. Im sorry you think it sounds silly but I said it was MY opinion - I've had my personal methods for shiny trading and its rarely failed me, doesn't mean I'm right with this situation but it doesn't mean I will pay the price, lifestyle explains his value in detail so look at that
  4. Well magi/gara is a very common shiny now but it would be good for breeding. Just see what kind of offers you'd get, I personally wouldn't pay more than 4m though, but that's just me.
  5. Definitely worth slightly more than your typical gyara - I'd prob say 3m?
  6. Hopefully the person who bought it sees this and has the decency to give it back. I know people may say it's your fault, but I don't see how someone can not have a guilty conscious when they see your post. Good luck dude.
  7. I personally value it around 5 unless prices have changed.
  8. Haha Spanish team nabs sucks 5 English teams in last 16 ahahaha #420 #SmokeWeedEveryDay #Putoooo
  9. Happy Birthday @Erayne we miss you nab <3
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