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  1. Arcanine - Impish 31/30/31/x/31/30 Extreme speed/Toxic/Morning sun/Flare blitz Crobat - Impish 31/30/31/x/30/31 Brave Bird/Defog/Taunt/Roost Gligar - Impish 31/30/31/x/30/31 Toxic/Defog/Roost/EQ Torkoal - Bold 31/x/31/30/31/30 Flame thrower/Rapid Spin/rocks/yawn Clefable - Brave 31/31/28/31/27/28 Focus blast/double edge/fireblast/wish Exeggutor - Modest 31/x/30/31/30/31 Psyshock/Ancient Power/Solarbeam/HP Fire Weavile - Jolly 31/31/30/x/30/31 SD/low kick/Night slash/ice shard (Eggmoves - Pursuit, Icicle Crash) Flygon - Impish 31/30/31/x/31/30 Toxic/Roo
  2. These are really cool Pokemon - love the nicknames!
  3. Congratulations to our winners! 1st Place amoncute (BSDO)  2nd Place Prize DaAlbert (OpTc) 3rd Place Prize RedXJunvil (BSDO) Bracket Thank you to everyone for entering today's tournament - it was hectic for our first time, but we had a really good turnout and saw some really good matches from new and experienced players! Special thank you to @TohnR for hosting the tournament Thank you to @[email protected] for helping with the organising and donations We hope to see you all
  4. Sigh... as someone who has made their way up financially from nothing on several games (being massively scammed on one of them years back kek) - let me make some things clear to you: The rarest items should be the hardest to get, potentially the 'end goal' for many players farming their money. It doesn't affect the economy as there are still other ways to make money, whether that's through shiny trading, buying RP, berry farming or breeding. Regarding 'malicious use', unfortunately when there's only a few available in the game which has thousands of active players
  5. Welcome to the Team Challenge where each month individual players from teams battle it out in OU, UU and NU. Unlike Team Tournaments players will be battling it out to be victorious individually, with one tier being chosen for that month. You do not have to be experienced at playing competitive / PvP, and we welcome anyone from all abilities to join! Participating Teams OpTc AvE BSDO GËÄR *Teams are subject to join depending on invitation Details: Automated Tournament | Single Battle | OU Round Robin - Top 4 proceed to semi-finals
  6. A lot of MMOs do this already - perhaps we could have small rewards such as vitamins, braces and PP Ups / Maxes for PvP players and breeders, berries for shiny hunters / farmers etc. +1 from me.
  7. This is understandably frustrating - the only issue with this is the majority of teams interested in Team Tournaments are based in Europe/America and MMO focuses on British time (UTC/BST) I mean you could get away with changing the time because it's a Saturday, but then you risk the possibility of several teams from being unavailable for Team Tournaments, and as far as I'm aware this format/time has been going on for years. PSL teams (unofficial tourney) has been able to cater for teams such as LO, which is good to see.
  8. Just wanted to post two examples of item abuses when I was playing ladder yesterday - Kings Rock Weavile and Quick Claw Gastrodon. I've seen a few people use Kings Rock on Weavile but when would you ever expect to see a quick claw Gastrodon (this was an offensive set) and the item being activated twice in a row? Regarding Weavile, having to play a scarf mon just to reduce the risk of this happening (bearing in mind other factors such as ice shard and hazards) is stupid when it's a very unlikely possibility of this happening. No it's not - as annoying as it is we acce
  9. Save up to buy the cheapest shiny you find on GTL and then raffle it for x5 the price you paid (make sure it's at least 200 tickets) Works every time.
  10. All I'll say is use a middleman for this one (assuming anyone takes).
  11. Happy Birthday @Mike another year older, another year sexier
  12. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: MrJokestar, PinkWings, HALOTT, AnnaKarenine, Thinknicer, BroBruhh, DaAlbert, SABITHASAN, Incognition, BloodReaperMMA, Daeji, Ploegy, Mxdhin, DaQuiAla, Dindra, Robbinho, BaliAds, Mehagony, Siammese, Ihzi Team Captain: Incognition
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