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  1. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: OpTc Registered Players: MrJokestar, Mxdhin, Incognition, Pinkwings, Thinknicer, TheRealLunar, Quarked, DaQuiALa, Snowiebug, Ploegy Team Captain: DaQuiALa
  2. Yeah good call about the elfbot items - their listings are high on GTL but there is not much demand for many of them - the prices are unpredictable. I'll give an example for a vanity I saw - the Phoenix Tail was listed on GTL for 9m and 3 days later there were a few for 4m. Demand is low on these type of vanities which is why I didn't include the elfbot items - plus the price compared to the other vanities I mentioned are too high in difference. Sleigh bell ribbons are also fairly expensive, but not as high as the ones I listed. If you want the most valuable ones, they'd be the ones listed above. Most of them (excluding a few) are also time limited, meaning they are almost never to return.
  3. Yep that's what I was referring to - the original Rudolph Antlers (valued 20-30m)
  4. Hi @xSalFish - there is no 'official' list, but I can give you the rarest / most valuable vanities (anyone please feel free to correct me) Rarest / most valuable Electric Storm Desu Labcoat Kyu Hat Knight Helmet Rarest / most valuable (Halloween) Blue / Orange Flaming Skull Mask Ghost Costume Jack O-Lantern Mask Scythe Witch's Broomstick Rarest / most valuable (Christmas) Candy cane Penguin Hood / Costume Rudolph Antlers (there is a newer and much cheaper version - this one doesn't have the nose / Christmas lights) There are many more vanities, but these are the most rarest / valuable released between 2013-2016.
  5. November's supreme metronome champion is Incognition https://challonge.com/d7h3bga5 Thanks for entering everyone!
  6. Thank you to everyone who attended, we had a good turnout at short notice! Thanks to @EricRasp for helping to organise this event - we look forward to PvP with you guys soon!
  7. Date: Sunday 25 October 2020 Time: 3.30pm UTC Location: Route 5 (Kanto), Channel 1 Tiers: OU, NU [BSDO] and [OPTC] members only
  8. Congratulations @Mxd for winning the Shiny Poochyena! Stay tuned for future events!
  9. I would like to say thank you to everyone who entered my raffle - it was a great first event to host and it was good expeirence. A winner will be announced sometime tomorrow. Now that tickets have been bought, I can confirm the following: Mehagony 17 tickets TooMuchGravy 1 ticket Requi 1 ticket Symplitik 1 ticket Vri 5 tickets RafoIsJohn 10 tickets Mxdhin 20 tickets Pinkwings 5 tickets BaliAds 20 tickets Ploegy 15 tickets Thinknice 5 tickets Good luck everyone!
  10. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: HALOTT, TooMuchGravy, Quarked, Mxdhin, Symplitik, oxlxGuccixlxo, habibiy, ThinkNicer, PinkWings, Ploegy, DaQuiALa, Grovebird Team Captain: HALOTT
  11. Always wanted to own your pet dog? Shiny Poochyena Raffle Your chance to win a nice golden pooch - worth between 1.5 - 2m cash Rules Only Team Optic [OpTc] can participate 100 tickets 1 ticket = 20k You can now buy as many tickets as you want Numbers will be assigned at random after all tickets have been bought using a random generator Please mail the money and the amount of tickets you want to Incognition I will be holding the prize The winner will be announced on our team discord server and also in this thread The number of tickets bought by each player will be kept in a spreadsheet, for confidentiality. However the number of tickets left to buy will be made public here To avoid any bias, I will ask @PinkWings or @Ploegy to announce the winner. In the event that both are participating, I will request an external staff member to draw the winner TRIVIAL I have had experience hosting previous raffles, including my most recent won by @PinkWings 15% of the money (300,000) will go directly towards the team bank If you have any questions, please contact me in game or on the team discord server Have fun and Good Luck! - Incognition Number of tickets available: SOLD OUT!
  12. Thanks a bunch, looks awesome! Will send the money to you when I'm online
  13. I like this background May I please have something similar with the [OPTC] tag and name? Sprite: Houndoom IGN: Incognition Happy to donate 100k to the team!
  14. Im sorry you think it sounds silly but I said it was MY opinion - I've had my personal methods for shiny trading and its rarely failed me, doesn't mean I'm right with this situation but it doesn't mean I will pay the price, lifestyle explains his value in detail so look at that
  15. Well magi/gara is a very common shiny now but it would be good for breeding. Just see what kind of offers you'd get, I personally wouldn't pay more than 4m though, but that's just me.
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