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  1. Imperial

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    That wallpaper though .. weeb
  2. Imperial

    Value Advice

    I personally value it around 5 unless prices have changed.
  3. Imperial

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Happy birthday @strifexchaos <3
  4. Imperial

    Football discussion thread

    Haha Spanish team nabs sucks 5 English teams in last 16 ahahaha #420 #SmokeWeedEveryDay #Putoooo
  5. Imperial

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Welcome to our newest member of Rise!
  6. Imperial

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Happy Birthday @Erayne we miss you nab <3
  7. Imperial

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Chorus got LIT af tune
  8. Imperial

    Value Advice

    Okay, I'm currently selling a Shiny Duskull (as mentioned in my trade shop). The IVs are bang average, someone levelled it up and it's a female - Nature: Modest OT: Squirtle Level 20 (Female) IVs: HP 19 Attack 4 Defence 6 Sp. Atk 1 Sp. Def 9 Speed 13 However, the OT is @Squirtle. Basically this shiny was given as a prize for tourneys before shinies became tradeable, so the OT increases the price IMO. I personally value Duskull at around 20m+ (Had over 5 offers between 17-20m for it). However, many of my shiny trading bois have been gone awhile. Any thoughts on values for this particular OT?
  9. Imperial

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    There's something worth logging on for now <3
  10. Imperial

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    It's pretty decent, you should install some renders and brushes. I haven't done sigs for awhile but I decided to implement some to show you what I mean.
  11. Teach me how to dance lmao can't dance to save my life (Please don't tell me to just dance to the beat)

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