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  1. PokeMMO wouldn't encourage gambling so there's no way this would be introduced. You can always have wagers and ask someone to be a middleman if you want to arrange a spontaneous fight. There are unofficial tournaments such as PSL and World Cup where players usually bet from 100k up to 20m+ or even higher if you really want to take your chances. Plus money over Pokemon any day.
  2. yes Also one year in game and already has the skull masks, scythe, ghost costume, etc 🔥
  3. Hey there - we have quite a lot of Dutch players in our team. Feel free to send me a private message if interested.
  4. Thanks to @Mehagony for hosting yet another fun packed H&R tournament! Bracket: https://challonge.com/2q4rfmuj
  5. Hello, Thank you so much for creating this event - just some questions to ask: Anyone can enter, or is it only people from [OX] team? People can sign up with anyone or is it only with teammates? What will the format be during the tournament? (e.g. Group stages, last 16, last 8, etc) As the captain does not play, what is their main role in the tournament? Will there be a new thread created each week like PSL / World Cup for games to be played? Where will the location take place? How will the prizes be distributed? Will players be facing anyone from the East division, or is that completely different? Apologies for all the questions, just want to get a bigger picture of how the event will happen. 非常感谢您创建此活动 - 只是一些问题要问: 任何人都可以进入,还是只有[OX]团队的人才能进入? 人们可以与任何人签约还是只能与队友签约? 比赛期间的赛制是什么? (例如小组赛阶段、最后 16 强、最后 8 强等) 由于队长不上场,他们在比赛中的主要作用是什么? 每周是否会创建一个新线程,例如 PSL / World Cup 以供玩游戏? 地点会在哪里? 对所有问题表示歉意,只是想更全面地了解事件将如何发生。
  6. I agree with your suggestion that TC members should be picked by the community who they are representing, although there should be certain rules / guidelines which enable a player to be eligible to vote their opinion (similar to when people apply to become staff). For example, players: Must have played in xxx amount of tours / ladder games Must have a minimum of xxx hours Must be in a team on MMO (PvE or PvP) Regarding the timeframes, potentially these 'elections' could be hosted after every 1-2 tier shifts (3-6 months)? I do have one flaw with your suggestion though: Although I agree that accomplishments should be a merit, I would much rather have someone with a range of theory craft knowledge and experience share their input where they can back it up with relevant calculations (similar to what Havsha did) as although ladders and tournaments are impressive, we know that ladder is basically a spam-fest and tours are difficult, but as someone mentioned a player reached back-to-back finals by using a Kings Rock Cloyster. Overall I agree with your suggestion, but there would definitely need some more logistics around it.
  7. To be fair the leaderboard is basically who is able to spam the most games on ladder - the top 10 or players like Orange who were top 3 consistently have credibility, but in my opinion leaderboard alone isn't a good enough basis to form judgement on. To expand, the leaderboard is mainly useful for people who want to farm BP and get the seasonal hats, as the Pokemon aren't worth getting for most players commenting here.
  8. All those people with Jack O'Lantern Masks and Ghost Costumes sleeping on millions of $$$
  9. Many of the players managed to win the UU seasonal tours using Lucario as their win-con - in the semifinals last night for the west tourney Quinn was in a 1v5 position and if Lucario wasn't burnt by scald, would've late swept and won the game. 1. You should see the number of players who used Lucario in the tourney and successfully won due to its huge influence 2. You should see how it's the highest used Pokemon in the ladder with its high win % Someone pointed out that Timid is the highest used, people recognise that the physical set (Jolly / Adamant) is more dominant in the tier, the reason why Timid is the highest used is because most had that set for OU, and needed to breed / buy themselves a physical one - looking at the statistics and spectating tours most are now using the SD set. To be honest if the thread is dead it's probably because people know that TC aren't going to ban it anytime soon. However I did spot 2 vacant positions so it'd be interesting who ends up getting those spots. I'll reply back here in 1-2 weeks with more insights when hopefully everyone realises how broken or game changing Lucario is... P.S. I love Lucario as it puts huge pressure on stall, but I can see how broken and game changing this can be.
  10. I believe it's to encourage players to try out new tiers and collect all the hats, alongside newer players getting the hats they would have missed when they first came out.
  11. Very early days, but this is how Lucario is faring in UU right now - also to mention that the winner of the UU tournament hosted by Mkns included a Lucario which managed to late sweep the game. It'll be interesting to see how much influence it has in the UU seasonal tours... One to also mention that Lucario itself may not be a problem for TC, but when it combines with pressure from P-Z (also with a high win rate and usage), that's when things get spicy. Again, it's very early days but it'll be interesting to see how things pan a few weeks from now.
  12. Apologies I misread the message, yes you're right.
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