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  1. Sorry I saw nobody put this up yet Was a very close game, wp
  2. Hello, Rayquaza can be found in Sky Pillar in Hoenn, but if it's not there it's because it has been caught by someone else and you will need to battle and win against other players to claim it. This means that other players can also battle you once you're the owner. It applies to the other legendries as well including Mewtwo, Keldeo and Arceus.
  3. Another troll thread from a troll themself. So my message doesn't get deleted, I'll respond to your suggestion: My suggestion, that even make this useless ban appeals becomes more rare, is a Balancing of your Opponent in MatchmakingLike something that happens in other games, when the level of your oppponent, is according to your rank. Especially during certain timezones, it can be very difficult / impossible to match with an opponent at a similar level to you (except OU), so good luck finding a game if you're attempting to play NU, UU and Doubles (MMO does not have a huge competitive playerbase compared to the handheld or other games) Also, as discouraging as it can be at the beginning, how are low ELO players supposed to learn the meta and think of suitable teams if they don't play against a range of skills, especially players who are elite rank? If low ELO players play against each other, they'll both just end up using the 6 most popular Pokemon or random stuff, not knowing how it's beneficial in the tier. One of reward base is 500 BP. But, if you win this reward in Veteran Rank, you'll receive 1000, 2000 or 2500BP. However, of Wiin in Novice Trainer Rank, the reward still base reward.Naturaly, is more hard to obtain rewards if you are in high ranks, with this, but to be fair, the rewards comes better. All you have to do is create certain teams and spam the ladder. It's incredibly easy to get up the rankings if you play loads of games, especially if you're playing in a timezone when the tier is really popular or when several are trying to obtain the 10,000 BP vanity item, (the exception being if you're consistently in the top 20 of the leaderboard). Although it will definitely increase wealth for PvP players, this is extremely high rewards for a system which relies on matchup fishing - therefore I think this is also a terrible suggestion. Anyway I hope this thread doesn't receive 300+ comments like the other one you started.
  4. @JorgeFirebolt bets have been paid @Quinn010 I owe 300k - bets have been paid @EricRasp I owe 200k - bets have been paid @xJoseee won two bets, lost two - void @Daifang @Paul paid I need to be more careful with my bets XD
  5. gg well played, had to play half asleep / drunk
  6. Wobbuffet as annoying as it is had its ability nerfed to last for only 3 turns. Alongside that, you can play around it as it's pretty passive in its moveset (encore / destiny bond / counter / mirror coat) The problem with Dugtrio is that its ability isn't nerfed, it has a very fast base speed of 120 meaning it can primarily revenge kill a lot of the offensive threats which are weak to ground (e.g. Blaziken, Drapion, Typhlosion) to name a few. Alongside trapping, it can enable other Pokemon in the team to set up by running Memento, meaning that if the opposing team isn't prepared then it allows a free Shell Smash for example and potential sweep. Pachima and Zymogen described in further detail as to why Dugtrio is unhealthy in the tier, but it's the fact that it forces players to risk how they play or lose a Pokemon to Dugtrio each time which makes it a problem.
  7. Golbat, Slowbro, Slowking, Steelix, Poliwrath (lol), Mantine, Seismitoad and a few others can handle it okay - not to mention aqua jet from feraligatr and to a lesser extent sharpedo. Mixed set can catch people by surprise but can be dealt with easier imo. I think the priority right now is Dugtrio and its abusive Arena Trap ability.
  8. Trelos won, not sure if there's a screenshot
  9. My 1st question is, how does this ELO system work when it comes to matching you against players in Ranked? Because I just got matched with the #18 player on OU leaderboards and my ELO was only in the lower 550s. (Its 547 NOW). Is it not a "your rank vs. a similar rank"? Is 550 vs a 750+ normal? Usually you face players that are similar to your ELO range (e.g. Regular trainers will face novice/regular and occasionally ace trainers, Ace trainers will face regular/ace trainers, etc). However if the ladder is quiet or sometimes if you've joined the queue at the same time then you'll likely face high ELO / elite players.2nd question is, obviously I just came back in the middle of this season. Seasons weren't a thing last time I played so i'm wondering when season 5 ends. I looked around and learned they last 3 months (?) I just dunno when this one started. Seasons are usually 3 months long - season 5 started in July, so will end at the end of September.
  10. Group A ───────── Cuba [0] vs [0] Rest of Asia UU1: Teseliaxd vs SweeTforU NU1: xMaikelx vs NguyenDuy DB: Lactosoid vs Kamowanthere ───────── Rest of Europe [0] vs [0] Rest of America 300k Rest of Europe win ───────── Argentina [0] vs [0] Africa NU1: Sejuani vs Tawla NU2: Facursa vs Kanicula DB: GasaiYunoSan vs Azphiel ───────── Group B ───────── Philippines AdoBoiz [0] vs [0] West Europe OU1: TooEzForMe vs ZozoMgl OU2: xNecrolyte vs Endiii DB: RedXJunvil vs PKTxKharma ───────── Brazil [0] vs [0] Venezuela Criolla OU1: Elvessss vs Bund @Daifang NU1: Deadwind vs ByronerAJNG ───────── Venezuela Arepera [0] vs [0] USA OU2: ClayClover vs Archonn @Paul UU2: Cessy vs Mobuto ───────── Group C ───────── Madagascar [0] vs [0] Mexico UU1: Loduc vs ShellUny ───────── Portugal [0] vs [0] Germany UU1: DeusBruno vs RexB UU2: LifeStyle vs Pottina ───────── Peru [0] vs [0] Chile OU1: Fibraxxxx vs DylanWoodz NU2: xLuneth vs Mendeez ───────── Group D ───────── Korea [0] vs [0] Colombia OU1: MeCyma vs Chechof NU1: Yenu vs Jeresteve DB: Largeflower vs Neblinamist ───────── Rest of Latam [0] vs [0] Spain UU2: Inuyashal vs Pablobacas DB: Santiii vs smbee @JorgeFirebolt ───────── 100k each bold - void if activity win / tie / sub
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