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  1. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: HALOTT, Pinkwings, Incognition, Dindra, Thinknicer, Robbinho, OddishSprout, xXxKIDxXx, Mehagony, DaQuiAla, Ploegy Team Captain: Incognition
  2. If I recall correctly the devs decreased the shard price in one of the recent updates (only found out by chance). The selling price in the marts used to be 3,500 and now it got scaled down to 1,000 - I think this may have caused the drop of shards on GTL. Regarding the others I'm not too sure.
  3. I agree with this to an extent, but you still need the demand to be there. With the oldest vanity items you can probably get away with it, but you can manipulate the prices all you want if the demand isn't there then the prices will just drop back down again.
  4. Having an in depth knowledge of the market on MMO, I can give my input on this: - A lot of the listings for the less demanded vanities on GTL had recently expired (e.g. UFO Hat and Christmas Lights) meaning that people are taking advantage of this and have put ridiculous prices, but I expect this to continue dropping as the demand will likely stay low and players will be competing to sell. - For certain vanities (e.g. Scythe, Jack O Lantern and the Ghost Costume), demand has increased significantly for these, especially amongst the Chinese community - as there are only
  5. I would like to thank you for reviewing the sign ups and implementing this change, myself and others appreciate that we don't have to rely on mere seconds to register. My only question is what happens if there's an uneven number of teams who registered (e.g. 31) - will the other TT finalists (Core in this case) then also be automatically guaranteed a spot on Saturday?
  6. Hey you did a really great job with this, it looks amazing - nice one! I'll definitely use this theme as an option :) 嘿,您在此方面做得非常出色,看起来很棒-不错! 我一定会使用这个主题作为选项
  7. @Vartiou I use this theme and it's really good, but I've been experiencing problems since they've changed the PvP GUI - I always have to ask people to send the duel request as it doesn't let me do it myself XD
  8. Why not play another game with that in the meantime?
  9. Adding daily/weekly quests - the more quests you complete, the harder they become, and the more significant the reward. Implementing dungeons Adding Hidden Abilities Completing the missing features in existing regions, (e.g. Implementing Pokemon Contests & more of the Battle Frontier(?) in Hoenn, adding White City/Black Forest in Unova) Fixing PvP bugs (e.g. Zoroark) and reviewing the automated tour system Potentially including more seasonal events to avoid the big gap between Lunar New Year and Halloween I can add some more examples if you'd like w
  10. I agree and glad they plan on working on it, but if we get those spammed forum threads like "when in shinnoh and jonton" then god help us
  11. People will be spamming about hidden abilities and dungeons
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