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  1. WTB Shiny Duskull

    I have an OT Squirtle one. PM me your offer / value

    Fuck nice showcase brah I'm gonna get hate saying this but prob the best shiny team atm.
  3. Shiny Duskull (OT Squirtle) / Lotad

    Shellder sold.
  4. Probably won't be logging in much until next update. (Except for monthly TTs) - So gonna sell these shinies after a year. IVs are average, cash only please. (pokeyen $$) Shiny Lotad personal value - $10,000,000 Also selling OT Squirtle Duskull (Level 20, 2014) if anyone wants, LF 22m. (Cash only $$) I can also negotiate if items are included in the offer. Any questions, PM me on Forums. IGN: Incognition
  5. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-624685682 Went down to the wire, relied on a bit of RNG though.
  6. [GUI] Neon Pulse

    Regarding the interface , I personally don't like how the green blends in with the shade of grey. Overall I love the theme and use of colours especially in the battle GUI, good work! :)
  7. Thanks, will increase my donation when I'm online (around 12 hours from now)
  8. - Template1 - Name: Incognition Team: Rise Render: Shiny Umbreon Text color (optional): Dark Purple Stain color (optional): Light Purple (as long as the text compliments and stands out very well with the background / render I don't mind which purple) Donation: 100k (My IGN is Bryen)
  9. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I'm giving an actual seashell for a shiny omanyte how good is that to resist ?
  10. [Sig] Incog's Trial Sigs

    Oops I forgot I made this thread lol ill make the sigs for you guys during the weekend :)

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