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  1. Thank u so much for this guide! I was looking for this.
  2. It was happening to me too but after the third try it worked :v
  3. Stop with Johto, its not going to happen. Sinnoh would be perfect for the 4th gen pokes that are missing.
  4. Im in and im using W10, desactivate the antivirus
  5. Here in my country only 23min for July 13th :D
  7. Maybe we can get legendaries in the new region?
  8. It would be great if they can implement the 4th gen in the unova map
  9. Pls pls dont be an april fools joke
  10. The problem is we are not getting any update of the update...
  11. Idk if this glitched but i saw that kyu commented but when i refresh the page there is nothing wtf
  12. Gen 5 its not that bad, but i agree that it would be a little weird traveling from region to region
  13. Pls @Kyu tell me that the next update comes at the end of the month or at least on march, but please tell us an aproximate date. And dont come with the Soon(tm) bullsh*t
  14. Sorry for my ignorance but what is "HAs"???
  15. Bestfriends Im glad that we can end the arguments in a good way and hopefully we can all enjoy the next big update that is coming soon :D
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