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  1. Heyy Dax I want a new signature. Sialia. No team please, so I can keep using it later. White or something with snow like the Antartic. I'm really into this anime is so cute couldn't find a render tho :/ https://imgur.com/a/pYwXG Put some gifs in the link above too. Rectangular maybe with soft / smooth borders, nothing to extreme thought. Nothing much um just take your time. I'll give you mooniez <3.
  2. I'm sure it's going to be a tie... Time's up and the fight is not over yet. Belmod and Zeno confused as to which universe won. Whis smiles and Frieza comes out of rubble "Ohhhohohoho" U7 wins.
  3. It's been a whole year and nothing :(
  4. I was hoping for Frieza to be forgotten at the edge of the stage and give a funny 2v1 win
  5. I love how dialog heavy it was just to end up in the best way possible.
  6. Been a whole year! welcome back jerry! true :(
  7. OMG she's so cute, I love the small hearts on the eyes too hahaha. Thanks a lot Kz.
  8. Let's see how you draw a poncho? hahaha
  9. Woahhh this is way too cute! mind if I use it as an avatar? Thanks a lot! Where do I mail you? btw.
  10. So cutee! I hope I'm not late as always, kindda a big request so feel free to ask for more cash and take more time. Character reference: Character age: ~24 Expression: some kind of pout / cute face? Pose: playing with the pokemons Pokemon: shiny larvitar, shiny skitty, shiny phanpy. Misc: Can the pokemons have small scarves / bandanas too? hahah love your art!.
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