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  1. Bluebird

    [Sig] Dax's Signature Hole

    Heyy Dax I want a new signature. Sialia. No team please, so I can keep using it later. White or something with snow like the Antartic. I'm really into this anime is so cute couldn't find a render tho :/ https://imgur.com/a/pYwXG Put some gifs in the link above too. Rectangular maybe with soft / smooth borders, nothing to extreme thought. Nothing much um just take your time. I'll give you mooniez <3.
  2. Bluebird

    [TV] Dragonball

    I'm sure it's going to be a tie... Time's up and the fight is not over yet. Belmod and Zeno confused as to which universe won. Whis smiles and Frieza comes out of rubble "Ohhhohohoho" U7 wins.
  3. Bluebird

    [WinÐ] Dust in the wind

    Huge shoutout to the Discord Server since um no one use the team club. Join Here!
  4. Bluebird

    Indication for couples

    It's been a whole year and nothing :(
  5. Bluebird

    [TV] Dragonball

    I was hoping for Frieza to be forgotten at the edge of the stage and give a funny 2v1 win
  6. Bluebird

    new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    No community managers I see, smh.
  7. It's the only way I got to express these feelings.
  8. Hope that day comes so I can say Hi rich & famous
  9. Bluebird


    never forgetti goodnight, sweet prince
  10. Bluebird

    Attack on Titan

    I love how dialog heavy it was just to end up in the best way possible.
  11. Bluebird

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Post all the seasons meanie
  12. Bluebird

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    Draw me like one of your french girls
  13. 16d7fc82affcf23f12e73595c4561bd1.gif


    I member

    1. mayuuuuu



  14. Bluebird

    [Art] Avatar drawing

    OMG she's so cute, I love the small hearts on the eyes too hahaha. Thanks a lot Kz.

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