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  1. My pokes all noble asf. Purugly<3 Vespiqueen <3 Skuntank dat tail <3
  2. Yeah you are right. Something else similar also ok. I just saw something similar in Runescape game. It was pretty cool. Giving player a special item and global announcement.
  3. Oh finally a logical catch event which u can catch almost everything. Great
  4. I would like to see some special vanity for players who has over 1000 hour in game. or more.
  5. @SquirtleHey Boss. I'm fan of pokemon cartoon. So I play this game. I don't have any problem with this game. Especially last updates amazing. Thanks everyone who thought them and make it real. I have some small wishes. Aye, well just wanted to throw everything in my mind. Ty.
  6. I can complain if u guys want someone to do. Current NU tier too op for many pokes. When is PU coming?
  7. Welcome back?

    1. Staggiie


      not really in-game but on forums ill still make themes xD might play when sinnoh releases. i miss you <3 

    2. FinnTheMember


      Aye I hope sinnoh will be soon then! <3

  8. pachhh. I have bird brain, fish memory and rattata spirit animal.I don't read threads. Seen your comment and ask. Q: If I don't want to be gym leader, as a challenger, can i join and win anything here? Pls tell briefly with minimum amount of words.
  9. Oh I get it. He is cute I agree. We talk allday but I don't follow him in forums. He mades many boring calculations here.
  10. I always wanted one from Noad too...
  11. I saw that name before. I agree he had weird fetishes. But cannot be me. I had a long discussion with a staff member... What was his name... From the times when Rache, Rulana and Noad was mod too... Was a nice guy... Rip... He found me right after hearing my points about teams and we thought some solutions but, all of em were complicated and headache to think. So I gave up to think about that too. Also all my words were constructive O.o If you want to see staff spend some time for teams, they must have a reason for that. But even they don't care about teams. They are like "teams can stay as they are now, chatbox, looks no problem for our income and peace for player" thats their attitude. And will not change unless someone think a creative way to use team groups.
  12. I laughed this hard when I saw Bilburt's name on it. About this topic, thanks to people like hota,bilburt,jovi,kaynine and others, I can understand staff doesn't wanna remind that past and stay away from teams. I'm sure they prefer them dead. And I'm sure they even discussing now to remove the clubs in pokemmo or not. That was their purpose. So it worked. Thats something positive for mods xD If you players, people of pokemmo, wanna see teams as an important thing in this game, You must give teams a reason to live. Why there are teams? Staff members thought an answer for this question for a long time. But couldn't create a practical and logical solution. Except TT which is even staff forgot to host 1-2 times at past (lol), teams have no reason to stay alive except being used as chatbox with friends. Btw let me help everyone with exposing what staff members' questions in their mind which they look for some answers: Why a player need to join a team except chatting? What we must add? (Example, in Runescape game, teams have their base, you can grind somethings there bla bla) What can benefits we can give players for joining a team? And we must balance this with the players no teams. What kind of new events we can add specialy for teams? With not making unhappy the players with no team.
  13. First of all, this suggestion is not necessary nor important. Checking our OT? Yes, I'm sure everyone has a little curiosity about this. Mostly breeders and comp sellers. So upvote. Buying certain someone's OT pokes? xD Okay. But is there any disadvantage? I would like to see if anyone brain storm about this. -People can see what kind of breeders I sell. Hmm they can know where I grind? Okay this one looks not important, I guess. Whatever If anyone finds a plot hole, please share it. I'll upvote, cuz Hannah.
  14. PIMP still alive ? O.o

    1. BrunoMarin


      Sadly no :(

  15. Best EV training service I ever used. Extremely fast!
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