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  1. Happy Chris-


    I guess still early for that. Surprise christmass celebration not popular yet.



    Happy Birthday Pau, I am wishing all your wishes come true  <3 


    I know too early but you see, surprise

  2. Pokesweep still playing this game after lucky egg update?! All his effort became nothing. Wow. That's pure love of him to safari area. I appreciate.
  3. She completed 14 pokemons for me so fast. Just unbelievable. The best breeder ever I met.
  4. We have only Machamp with No Guard ability who can use Dynamic Punch in this game. So I'm just curious what is the situation of confuse now? Is it nerfed? If anybody knows a certain info, thank you for sharing.
  5. Check my sig. +3k hours no shiny. I think they marked me too.
  6. Where is my mind ~ It was at tournaments instead of rankeds~ My bad~ I agree with what u say , oui
  7. Just don't search for wild items. 2 or 3 updates ago while they changing amulet coin and lucky egg, they messed up wild items i believe. All held or pickup items nerfed (theory).
  8. If u don't write any religious , racist or pedo things and if u don't use real money in-game , nobody can ban u . It's ok if u talk about someone's mother or sister as long as there is no bad word (even though meaning is bad). code of conduct doesn't care those. and if u say to mods, they will tell you "block them. ignore them"
  9. Sorry my friend. There is nothing like that. You don't need to rebreed again. oh forget, see you 2 years later.
  10. @Bestfriends Ugh. The thing u mention is right. This game not stable with changing system with those updates. And yeah u need to spend more. But this is like thinking about a possible future earthquake, a disaster. Maybe hidden ability will appear in this game soon who knows. but there will not be too big changes. even now people not breeding pokes that they need hidden ability of them. u can see many salamences, tauros and slowbro which are sale for under product cost. Well at least, there will not be anything like special split. Yeah sorry about if i was agressive. Just pissed off that u assumed things. But ok. I also am wrong to overreact. I understand your point of there are more things u need to spend money other than breeding, so thats why I wanted to make breeding cheaper with this idea and make them usable for a year to make devs to give this satisfaction to players. They cannot make everything easier and more competitive due to accumulation in the hands of old players. But that make the abyss between new and old player bigger in current game. They still couldn't solve this problem. So they giving satisfaction of being rich to rich and making poor to envy them a kind of S M play the pokemmo became. So people stop playing hard and breeding, they all just go for shiny hunt. They are all hopeless people who looks for lottery... This is current pokemmo.
  11. Just philosophic economy chat. making brain storm with other bored people.
  12. Not much for a year. You must just earn 21k per day with your example. +If u use them all (u don't have to activate them all)
  13. Now you are talking like this 7 boxes comps are a lot, but actually this is normal number if u playing many tiers. But you talk like this, because its very hard to have them in current game. And devs will not make it cheaper with current system. They also makes harder to gain money from gyms. but also nerf wild items too. You'll not need millions to usable again. I'm not sure but it will be around 15-45k . Just an example number to make u relax... and also that time also just an example. Those things need to be calculated according to an average player income who only plays 2-3 hours in game. So it will not be problem to have many comps and use them all time with leaving half hour everyday to grind needed money. Ofc its not logical without balance. I understand now why u are attacking me. But i don't have connection to that person. I guess, I don't need to talk u anymore.
  14. I don't have to share my personal infos. But I'm 27 years old and working as engineer. I don't have money problem. Whatever razimove stated is maybe he didn't understand or doesn't care to read everything. He just love to appear in every thread i write and enjoy to talk with me thats all. A weirdo. I don't care if u enjoy torture or something but forget Bestfriends u not even comp player and i don't believe if u even breeding pokemons... I don't care your words about my suggestion too. But better u not talk about other people without knowing them. I know how to talk too like you "I assume by looking at your repeating 'mayor' that you are early 20's. In order to succeed in your youtube channel, you have to take more daily videos to keep people awake. And your chat style so boring it makes me sleep , please improve those points."
  15. Wow~ @SteveDerBaum you make money for comps + make money to use them = the money u can earn (I didn't calculate anything so all prices (example) near them. More comp = more money needed. But there are many tiers, u can use many different moveset on same poke or different natures. If cheap u can prepare many different things and play. So this is just making economy more lively imo. @Bestfriends Dude, forget death part. I don't wanna be rude to you coz not you are mayor or something, but u talking about death . Not death or anything u can talk. Just say , pokemons can be unusable in competitive battles until you activate them again. u happy now? u can use them in everything else except joining tournaments. Are u razimove's alt? It's about the Revato's question. Maybe u read on phone and cannot see all? Its also not about dungeoneering, It's the source of the idea so i mentioned. I'm not sure if u read everything or just enjoy to appear in my threads get bullied. Are u M? Dude, your profile also pretty well written . You only talk garbage. I'm saying last time. You don't lose any of your pokemon. After bestfriend's words about disney and cartoon and bla bla , its about not being able to use in only "competitive battles" also maybe becomes "untradeable" too. You can still use while catchin pokes or battling gyms. If u not going to say anything productive, u are just being toxic. if u didnt like idea, say your doubts and fears about it. so we can think and say "dude, u are right. this idea is not that effective, when we calculate .... " I don't have to see your meaningless empty words here.
  16. @SteveDerBaum So this idea created for better economy and less torture for players. You know, game becomes harder, collecting items harder, less money from battles. bla bla. With forever slowly money eating way of pokemons , game designers must not try hard like that. And gamers can enjoy as they wish with just playing game with their current pace. About this, I just thought, there is a dungeoneering in Runescape game, you can choose some items to use every time when u enter a dungeon. So maybe system let everyone choose 6 pokemons to never grow older. (6 pokes a team)
  17. Instead of another chat near global or others, there can be a special section like GTL, for people who looks for recruiting teams.
  18. You are right. Except one point. So I say also suggest to make breeding cheaper too. For a 2x31 pokemon, now you must pay 20k fo 2 braces. If braces were 5k = You were going to pay 10k. If 3k, 6k. If 1k, your all cost 2k. So you'll not spend your entire year for a pokemon , but some little time in a day will be enough to get some comps with cheaper braces and other cheap 'you-have-to-buy' items.
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