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  1. @Coelho Then you must upvote.
  2. and suggested long time ago. by myself. People... ,idk, prolly couldn't understand me.
  3. Idk. I look positive to this suggestion. Seeing a status at side something like "Mewtwo: At Wild" can be tempting for some players. Like checking elite4 re-battles. similar window.
  4. Uhm well, executives mostly trustable members of the team. So if the person at boss position is away for some time , he/she can pass this position to one of them. Well that how it happened until now.
  5. You know we cannot see which pokemons are in daycare and in which daycare and which movesets changed and how many levels they got. We must go there region to region and check. It would be nice to be able to see if we have any pokemon in any daycares, their levels and other infos, like how much we are in debt or which moves changed.
  6. In the pokedex, you can see informations about a pokemon's height and other infos. So if there was a mode that can help with presenting pokemons with their real heights, personally I'd choose it. I believe that would be great. (At least in duel/battle mode) Upvote if you also think that would be good option for the game quality.
  7. You are the second person I met in my 5 years in this game who can do dis. Impressive.
  8. What is Brexit?? And I know countless player from phillipiness. There is really no team for PH? wow I suprised.
  9. If clan/team wars thing, that suggested countless times.
  10. Welcome o.o I don't help or give suggestions , sorry.
  11. I only want to know hidden abilities will be in game soon or .. never?
  12. @Akshit Why do you look more cooler than Itachi?
  13. I also wish to see a mail history. At least, I wanna be able to check later the messages I sent.
  14. Happy Chris-


    I guess still early for that. Surprise christmass celebration not popular yet.



    Happy Birthday Pau, I am wishing all your wishes come true  <3 


    I know too early but you see, surprise

    1. xPauu


      Aww thank you so much! 

      Happy holidays! :3

  15. Pokesweep still playing this game after lucky egg update?! All his effort became nothing. Wow. That's pure love of him to safari area. I appreciate.
  16. She completed 14 pokemons for me so fast. Just unbelievable. The best breeder ever I met.
  17. We have only Machamp with No Guard ability who can use Dynamic Punch in this game. So I'm just curious what is the situation of confuse now? Is it nerfed? If anybody knows a certain info, thank you for sharing.
  18. Check my sig. +3k hours no shiny. I think they marked me too.
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