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  1. Today I saw some members of team [uguus] . We have kids! Joke aside. Yeah we need more places to flex. +1
  2. You must buy both cheap and expensive versions of same vanity and compare their texture, comfort and other quality clauses- ok joking. Thanks for guide.
  3. Yes its weird that avaible to enter other duels while u still in a tournament. +1
  4. Hi. You have such a cute profil picture. Aye a friend that into animes? I approve. But stil... Its so sad to see that u joined the day after 14th of Feb. 

    1. noomuch


      is there a reason for you to be sad about me joining after the 14th of february

    2. FinnTheMember


      Idk. Where is my mind~ 

  5. Do u have an OT Shiny???? How u can get one while just doing nothing???!

    1. thevincent


      I only enjoy OTs so yea they're all my babies. And i hunt ALOT.

    2. FinnTheMember
  6. There are people who cannot accept not perfect pokes as 2x31 IVs. Example: @Kryuko And there are many gift (useless/imperfect) pokemons in this game. As; a) your starter pokemons and b) the gift pokemons u got in the story. Eevee, Lapras, Togepi and many more... c) Tournament rewards d) Ranked game rewards e) Catch event rewards So if it's possible to have a tournament with only these special pokemons as a requirement to join, I believe it could be fun. Pls not forget to upvote.
  7. If there was a tournament that you can only use Gift/Event Reward pokemons, , , , , wait , , , thats great idea. A reason to not destroy your starters. Me genius
  8. uguu


    1. FinnTheMember






  9. @Coelho Then you must upvote.
  10. and suggested long time ago. by myself. People... ,idk, prolly couldn't understand me.
  11. Idk. I look positive to this suggestion. Seeing a status at side something like "Mewtwo: At Wild" can be tempting for some players. Like checking elite4 re-battles. similar window.
  12. Uhm well, executives mostly trustable members of the team. So if the person at boss position is away for some time , he/she can pass this position to one of them. Well that how it happened until now.
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