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  1. You're so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Granny Rache still around? I thought all the old staff people retired. Good to see her again while talking formal things without being bored xD
  3. I miss you T^T 

    1. FinnTheMember


      Sorry, I'll not be able to wear sunglasses anymore. I didn't want you to see me without them. But yeah, I must face this reality and look forward. Okay, that's enough. That was a joke. I still have sunglasses. I know you can't remember my original face without em. No fear. I'm still rich and I don't need to sell my dark shades. *sob* Stagg! I miss you too. I'll do my best to bother you more and more at future (:

    2. Staggiie


      I will love your face with or without your swaggy shades, it's okay :P Come say hi sooooon <3 

    3. FinnTheMember


      :hugs: I'll do my best. 

  4. As you mentioned, Trainer and Master two different things. PokeMaster is the player became expert at least one of those topics: Shiny Masters! I respect those people who cheat newbies and showoff their difference from peasants. They are the colour of this game. Battle Masters! Even though winners always the one with more luck. Competitive spirit, passion and doing your best and then being champ. This deserves some claps. Challenge Masters! There are maniacs who challenge human limits. Living in safari to have free eggs and shinies to or only using fire-type of pokes bla bla bla. Leave em alone. Sages. Master Of Masters! You can see them AFK'ing at Vermillion. They don't have any interest in mortal desires. They are all retired real champions. (Still with us in this cruel world to protect mortals from Game Masters' wrath with their sharp-tongues and quick-fingers.)
  5. I was drinking coffee and suddenly I started to think about you.


    "I wonder, Is Stagg drinking coffee too now?"

    1. Staggiie


      I'm ALWAYS drinking it lol

  6. Okay guys I'm back! And yeah I found a new weird song. Let's listen.


    1. MathewMat


      Welcome back bro, glad to have you back

    2. AurumPegasus


      Wb Finn my dear bro

    3. Goku


      I'm afrikaans so they speak my language. They are pretty shit xD. I've watched them live. Ninja and Yolande. They also played in the movie Chappie. Common people lol.

  7. Do we still rise-ing? Wake me up before the climax.
  8. *cough* 4,000,000 *cough* 

  9. b2932cfa36f185b12ed8d90ca28ec662.png

    Unova is so relaxing. I like it !

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