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  1. Happy Birthday To You Heather !! :)



    PS: <1<4<3

    Wow i remember as yesterday, the day previous birthday hahaha god is suck. Time too fast ! jaja well thats not problem for you tho, cuz you will be always pretty haha. I wish you more and more happy moments with the people who loves you in this day until the day i'll again repeat my wish so you'll need me and search me again at your next birthday for this good luck wish jajaja thats my evil plan. 


    Wew i talk a lot.. Okay i can talk all day for free cake xD 




    1. Staggiie


      BABYMETAL \o/

      Awwwwe Thanks Finn <33 I miss you alot! Today is probably gunna be pretty boring, I don't have anything planned. I don't even wanna think about how old I am (too close to 30 for my taste) lul I'll probably eat cake with the fam later and work on rematching these NPCs in-game to update my guide because the payouts changed with the Unova update. So much work ugh. lol

      Love you! Thanks again for the birthday wishes :3



    1. Staggiie


      lol the first time I heard of baby metal was from watching this video below xD




  3. Gib me a new song !!

    1. Staggiie
    2. FinnTheMember


      lol i like this one. Cute ? Retrotic ? Nostalgic ? Fantastic ? haha no  idea how to comment but i like it. Ohhhh there is "thanks" button too haha i didn't realise it before. Okay! Thanks a lot Stagg ! <3

    3. Staggiie


      You're welcome :D I really like it. It reminds me of feeling the child-like wonder of discovering new things in the world. <3

  4. Kick Message

    Finally a good suggestion !
  5. I tried to post a big heart which can fill all your wall. But this is biggest.





    :( Looking for new forum update hahahaha.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. FinnTheMember


      You.. are cruel. Heartbreaker.




      Oh wait no, heart melter ?! Thats kinda original ! Breaking no other meaning but melting can have another !




      Trying to find most refine part of heart. Pure Heart ! Who believes that hahaha.



      You can be Big Villain, Sweet Tea Lady Stagg . Well still you are level 1. Your first job will be crushing hopes of newbies with being Npc at Route 16 in pokemon. When you have enough hope dusts. You can gain "Sweet Tea Heart Destroyer" title.



    3. Staggiie


      Did you say pure hearts??



      (you have played Kingdom Hearts right?)


    4. FinnTheMember


      Ahahahaha you are definetly right. There is no pure one xD Ah i didn't play but pulled my attention now :D

  6. Really difficult to find you in game todays haha , ah well same for me too :') I'm preparing a cake to celebrate your new fun place :D


    Do you prefer 'Alice In Wonderland' colorful fruit style cake or 'Let's go to Hell' full dark chocolate style cake? :D

    1. Staggiie


      Yeah I just got my internet hooked up in my new place today! Hmm, I'm not a big fan of chocolate so I'll have to go with the Alice in Wonderland cake xD

    2. FinnTheMember



      Dat view. I hate updates ! xD


      Alice is my cousin. Also there must be a mirror world which i can deliver cake fast in her wonderland. So put a mirror to table , wait me :D

  7. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Hi Tackle x)
  8. Atlantis Kingdom built by Dwarves at year 3022.

  9. [RÑG] Random Noob Gamers

    It's a master piece !!
  10. [RÑG] Random Noob Gamers

    I want to share this cuz why not. http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Kipen-Manga
  11. What is this thread ? Sharing gimmicks? O.O Hmm looks like @pachima doesn't join here. So nothing interesting here hmm. Well i can share one. Adamant CB Kecleon. It has 90 base attack power which nobody using. Access to stab Double Edge or Facade. Even not need to calculations. It can learn Trick if u don't want CB at end game. ( Can learn Sucker Punch !! ) Summary: I used many times. Its good enough. I don't need to write an explanation about how to use for this well known poke. But well people thinks it difficult to kill so they can use toxic or thunderwave on you. Facade really do good job.
  12. Where are you guys ?! Honeymoon?

  13. Just reminder, Mister Bear.


    This thread will be unlocked shortly, after we will have all preparations done, so you will have opportunity to talk about changes. It might take a day or two.
    See you all at TT! :)


    1. Bearminator


      Gonna finally draw something so stay tuned, I think today / tomorrow we will have it

  14. 9b2052357fe41291038726addb0086a3.jpg

  15. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    Choosing best player. Hmm. If you rate best player with looking their opponents. You must first decide points of their each player with their success in PSL (total PSL carrier). If you guys are too lazy to research that, then 9-0 best score. Otherwise everything else trashtalk. Voting for mvp ? Meaningless if there are not 2 players with same scores.

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