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  1. Do u have an OT Shiny???? How u can get one while just doing nothing???!

    1. thevincent


      I only enjoy OTs so yea they're all my babies. And i hunt ALOT.

    2. FinnTheMember
  2. There are people who cannot accept not perfect pokes as 2x31 IVs. Example: @Kryuko And there are many gift (useless/imperfect) pokemons in this game. As; a) your starter pokemons and b) the gift pokemons u got in the story. Eevee, Lapras, Togepi and many more... c) Tournament rewards d) Ranked game rewards e) Catch event rewards So if it's possible to have a tournament with only these special pokemons as a requirement to join, I believe it could be fun. Pls not forget to upvote.
  3. If there was a tournament that you can only use Gift/Event Reward pokemons, , , , , wait , , , thats great idea. A reason to not destroy your starters. Me genius
  4. uguu


    1. FinnTheMember






  5. @Coelho Then you must upvote.
  6. and suggested long time ago. by myself. People... ,idk, prolly couldn't understand me.
  7. Idk. I look positive to this suggestion. Seeing a status at side something like "Mewtwo: At Wild" can be tempting for some players. Like checking elite4 re-battles. similar window.
  8. Uhm well, executives mostly trustable members of the team. So if the person at boss position is away for some time , he/she can pass this position to one of them. Well that how it happened until now.
  9. You know we cannot see which pokemons are in daycare and in which daycare and which movesets changed and how many levels they got. We must go there region to region and check. It would be nice to be able to see if we have any pokemon in any daycares, their levels and other infos, like how much we are in debt or which moves changed.
  10. In the pokedex, you can see informations about a pokemon's height and other infos. So if there was a mode that can help with presenting pokemons with their real heights, personally I'd choose it. I believe that would be great. (At least in duel/battle mode) Upvote if you also think that would be good option for the game quality.
  11. What is Brexit?? And I know countless player from phillipiness. There is really no team for PH? wow I suprised.
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