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  1. I prefer vermillion to stay AFK. welcome ~
  2. First of all, we need PU, Second, metronome tournaments It could be great to have Battle Tower or Battle Frontier-like building which you can only enter battles with LC tier pokes (lv5) and so players could use these pokemons outside of Player Vs Player battles. Whatever removing LC without any explanation everyone can nod, feels wrong for me.
  3. Venusaur evolves to Roserade if you kiss her.
  4. 1- Do u know chinese? 2- Pokemon needs updates?? 3- Just pokemon. 4- Oh yeah thats the only question I can reply. Yes.
  5. Today I saw some members of team [uguus] . We have kids! Joke aside. Yeah we need more places to flex. +1
  6. You must buy both cheap and expensive versions of same vanity and compare their texture, comfort and other quality clauses- ok joking. Thanks for guide.
  7. Yes its weird that avaible to enter other duels while u still in a tournament. +1
  8. Hi. You have such a cute profil picture. Aye a friend that into animes? I approve. But stil... Its so sad to see that u joined the day after 14th of Feb. 

    1. noomuch


      is there a reason for you to be sad about me joining after the 14th of february

    2. FinnTheMember


      Idk. Where is my mind~ 

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