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  1. FinnTheMember

    Lord of PU ~ LØRÐ Anniversary

    Definitely not me. Even while using Aerial Ace against Shell Armor Pokes, I have %111 crit rate. I never lost in PokeMMO before, I am invincible! Kneel in front of Young Master Finn!
  2. FinnTheMember

    Lord of PU ~ LØRÐ Anniversary

    Are you Torin? Why do you wanna give me 4m?
  3. FinnTheMember

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    @Torinnnnn owes me 4m. Just reminder.
  4. Okay guys I'm back! And yeah I found a new weird song. Let's listen.


    1. MathewMat


      Welcome back bro, glad to have you back

    2. AurumPegasus


      Wb Finn my dear bro

    3. Goku


      I'm afrikaans so they speak my language. They are pretty shit xD. I've watched them live. Ninja and Yolande. They also played in the movie Chappie. Common people lol.

  5. FinnTheMember

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Do we still rise-ing? Wake me up before the climax.
  6. FinnTheMember

    List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    rip. I wanted to have a skuntank...
  7. FinnTheMember

    Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread (Added Staff)

    I guess you forgot to add Rulana aka RipHenk?
  8. *cough* 4,000,000 *cough* 

  9. FinnTheMember

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Yay 4m championship ! RISE #1
  10. b2932cfa36f185b12ed8d90ca28ec662.png

    Unova is so relaxing. I like it !

  11. Long time no see this profile and still its going to be more cuter than every each time i checked ! And also seriously did you catch a new green bat ? .. Last time u had only 3 xD

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. FinnTheMember


      Well still not late to make your dreams real haha. I believe u can do everything you wish in this life..


      ..after catching 5th green bat jajajaja


    3. xPauu


      Rude :( 

    4. FinnTheMember


      Holy Goddess Of Evil Green Bat Church << This could be rude (maybe). Tho i'm a believer of that church so this can't be rude too ! Haha greetings matriach :)

  12. Happy Birthday To You Heather !! :)



    PS: <1<4<3

    Wow i remember as yesterday, the day previous birthday hahaha god is suck. Time too fast ! jaja well thats not problem for you tho, cuz you will be always pretty haha. I wish you more and more happy moments with the people who loves you in this day until the day i'll again repeat my wish so you'll need me and search me again at your next birthday for this good luck wish jajaja thats my evil plan. 


    Wew i talk a lot.. Okay i can talk all day for free cake xD 




    1. Staggiie


      BABYMETAL \o/

      Awwwwe Thanks Finn <33 I miss you alot! Today is probably gunna be pretty boring, I don't have anything planned. I don't even wanna think about how old I am (too close to 30 for my taste) lul I'll probably eat cake with the fam later and work on rematching these NPCs in-game to update my guide because the payouts changed with the Unova update. So much work ugh. lol

      Love you! Thanks again for the birthday wishes :3



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