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  1. While looking to your profile pic,,, looks so serious ?! or looks too cute ?! I can't choose.

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      It can be both! haha c:

  2. I didn't know that you gave me one of your OT shinies o.O


    Well i'll save it. Ty.

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      You sent me this " b892a2ffe1a58644e38cd5d4c4c38091.gif " when we talked last. And i suprised too when i saw it at your list. 

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  3. Ore wa maddo scientisto

  4. Welcome to PokeMMO !

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  5. I can confirm that. Victory is everything for Laz.
  6. No worries. I'll give you a quick summary: PVP = All about luck and you must hit for win. So just be sure that you showed your best punch to your opponent. You'll be satisfied xD I'll be online in a minute.
  7. @DiDi Thanks for notice haha. Looks like i was sleepy xD
  8. Hello Orange. Well you can be right. Hmmm how i can explain what i think.. Example, (in a scenario with this guide) you have def guard with physical damage, your guard having trouble against a def wall with physical damage, and if u stay against it, your damage will be useless. And if your wall is phy damage user too, there is nothing you can change. Okay nevermind. I don't know to explain myself :S Yeah lead strikers very popular as spikers. But yeah my guide for making everything simple for beginners x) Thats why i said maybe they can develop this later. But choosing a guard type pokemon as a lead which counters tier's spikers and popular striker leads will be successfull. Yeah having 2 Choice band guards and 1 swift, 1 setup striker works too. But mine is just a suggestion. They can change it due to tier they played. Thanks x) Yeah as u said , there can be some points which open to discussion. But this guide is just for beginners. Giving too many infos can make them confuse too. Weather teams, defensive teams, offensive teams etc.. So i tried to make it simple and giving them only 1 way while creating combinations which helps to player to choose easily their pokemons before battles. Oh yeah team building starts like this. But when u tried to cover weakness, there will be 5-6 walls teams. Coz there are too many different types and you can't cover all of them. Example: Pelipper has Rock and Electric weakness. And Donphan covers these. But Kabutops can use Rock and Water moves which can be super effective to both of them. So when u start to think all covers, teams become everywhere wall. Actually fun is start there. You can't cover all weakness. This game about luck. And waiting to see your opponent's lead , isn't that moment exciting ?! Thats why we love pokemon. Too many pokemons, too many options, too many weird posibilities which we can meet. Well there can be some people who doesn't accept RNG factor. But when u started to battle, the lead pokemons give someone an advantage. Even this is a luck factor , counter possibility of your first pokemon.
  9. Let's Do Little Team Building Hello my friends ! I noticed many players having trouble with building competitive teams. Especially beginners having this problem and their elections end up with copying winner teams. Same stats, same moves, same combinations. Playing against mirror is fun? I don't like that. So i always tried to play with different pokemons and my goal was to be able to use all pokemons in this game. Before the beginning, i have to say, this is my personal team building method. I never won any official so, i can't say "its perfect" but this guide can help you to understand logic and maybe you can improve or develop these infos for yourself at future. In my team building, there are 3 roles. 1)Guards 2-Walls 3-Strikers , i'll start to explain from number 3 to 1. Formule of Creating a Balanced Team is= A1 + A2 + ( B1 or B2 ) + (C1 or C2 ) A- Strikers Physical Striker Special Striker B- Def Pokes Special Damage-Def Guard + Physical Damage- Def Wall Physical Damage-Def Guard + Special Damage- Def Wall C- Spdef Pokes Special Damage-Spdef Guard + Physical Damage-Spdef Wall Physical Damage-Spdef Guard + Special Damage-Spdef Wall Example with random pokes: Chimecho - Relicanth - Primeape - Exploud - Mantine - Mr.Mime LET'S PLAY Roles. In this game you can take special or physical type damages from your opponent. You can have 6 pokes in your party. 1 guard and 1 wall for taking Physical damages and 1 guard and 1 wall too for taking Special damages. and 1 physical Striker and 1 special Striker. So draw your team according to these roles. Different damages. If your Wall has physical damage type moves , it's guard must have special damage type moves. (Example , Pelipper Surf - Whiscash Earthquake). Start game with Guards. Your lead poke must be from guards. Why? Because guards can stay alive after taking damages and payback it with one hit knock down. I mean, they can make jobs of other roles. Mixed damager pokes, you can have a Raichu with Volt Tackle and Surf. If that raichu has 252 atk, count it as physical striker. OR u have chansey with seismic toss. You can count this as special and physical damage user. Both is okay while choosing pokemons role in this building. Dont use similar Guards. With this logic , you'll make a team with 2 guards, if one of them using Choice band, use different type guard at second like setup guard (ex.; Calm Mind User) Also don't use same type damage guards. Dont use same types. Example; having more than 1 grass pokemon that able to gives you disadvantage or luckily advantage against your opponent. If you don't know what your opponent have, thats broke balance. But still u can have same type pokes. You can find sites for checking your team's weakness. Well u can still use same type pokes if u need. But i suggest at least dont create combinations with 3 pokes which are weak against same type. Example: 3 fire pokemons in same team. Knowledge of Meta Game. After creating a party with 6 pokes, i have a list of popular (meta) pokes that using in tier. Im thinking them against my team. And i guess this is calling "Image Training" Im thinking, what i can do against those pokes with my team etc. Well , you can check "Competition Alley" topic at forum for that. Scouting. At official tournaments, your opponents able to watch you and thats makes disadvantage on you. Having more than 2-3 different combinations can help you. Having scout friends can help you too against suprise/ unexpected moves. This guide created for try to help new players and give them a simple team building logic which they can remind easily. Also i believe they can have more courage to use unexpected pokemons and moves. Thats all. You'll not feel bad if you lose too. Because you can analysis yourself after game. Like "Ahhh looks like my pelipper was not perfect choice for wall role with this guard etc" , so without being mad or asking yourself "why i am losing" , you'll run to next battle to try another combination. Game is fun with this method. I hope this can help you :) I hope my english is good enough for you. Thanks for reading.
  10. Wake up ! xD

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