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  1. Choosing best player. Hmm. If you rate best player with looking their opponents. You must first decide points of their each player with their success in PSL (total PSL carrier). If you guys are too lazy to research that, then 9-0 best score. Otherwise everything else trashtalk. Voting for mvp ? Meaningless if there are not 2 players with same scores.
  2. I am not mad. Everyone knows the word "worst" created for you.
  3. That guy whispering ton of shits to my comrades at tournaments at past. Gazelli ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. If he feels like king of NU with victories of knock off+toxic. That genius combo. NU: Kriliin vs Gazelli/Axelgor , 200k to Krillin.
  4. Gazelli ewww.
  5. Gazelli is Axelgor ?
  6. Tackle did one for me. Just perfect.
  7. I calculated recently and coz of mystery boxes i guess, GTL cheaper than crafting. Rip crafting.
  8. Nobody talking about new gen anymore , why? Anything happened ?After PTS, Hype died ? And i didn't hear anything new. Looking for infos of WHEN. Since this announcement , become huge 7 months. How many months we must wait more ? At least , there must be info like " in 2 years this game will have new gen "
  9. I'm a seel, tho someone must teach me how to swim or surf first.
  10. Biggest upset ? I know didi is a failure as human , tho u can find someone good inside if u search hard, BUT he is good player. Also underestimating Daryl is definetly wrong. So all i can say you have no idea about NU players. I don't know maybe your nickname is JIceADC.
  11. Thats new and nice profile pic . Looks cute. Did u draw it? O.o

    1. Staggiie


      Nope I just liked it lol Its too cute right? :D

    2. FinnTheMember


      It's fabulous xD

  12. I know man. Just i love to touch to tier council or staff. Good to see you felt x)