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  1. Happy Chris-


    I guess still early for that. Surprise christmass celebration not popular yet.



    Happy Birthday Pau, I am wishing all your wishes come true  <3 


    I know too early but you see, surprise

    1. xPauu


      Aww thank you so much! 

      Happy holidays! :3

  2. Pokesweep still playing this game after lucky egg update?! All his effort became nothing. Wow. That's pure love of him to safari area. I appreciate.
  3. She completed 14 pokemons for me so fast. Just unbelievable. The best breeder ever I met.
  4. We have only Machamp with No Guard ability who can use Dynamic Punch in this game. So I'm just curious what is the situation of confuse now? Is it nerfed? If anybody knows a certain info, thank you for sharing.
  5. Check my sig. +3k hours no shiny. I think they marked me too.
  6. Where is my mind ~ It was at tournaments instead of rankeds~ My bad~ I agree with what u say , oui
  7. Just don't search for wild items. 2 or 3 updates ago while they changing amulet coin and lucky egg, they messed up wild items i believe. All held or pickup items nerfed (theory).
  8. If u don't write any religious , racist or pedo things and if u don't use real money in-game , nobody can ban u . It's ok if u talk about someone's mother or sister as long as there is no bad word (even though meaning is bad). code of conduct doesn't care those. and if u say to mods, they will tell you "block them. ignore them"
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