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  1. People without patience lol. How they dare to messed up my suprise try. haha


    Happy Birthday Natalia !!

    I wish you happy moments with your lovers in your birthday ^_^

  2. You can't feel alone if you are really alone.


  3. Hey man, ma boss needs me today so i won't be at home till 10 PM BST if you can wait tho,


    Ima be free this week end saturday and sunday after 7 PM BST.


    Sorry for the inconvenience but I wanted let you know. I am free to play when it is the best for you. Thanks.

    1. FinnTheMember


      Thanks for make me know. Its okay for me.


      Carpe Diem~


      I always wanted to say that.

  4. Okay i think a little and, i must write about just team system. My bad. Teams must be able to create with minimum 5 members. Current rankings meaningless in teams. Ranks must be able to edit by boss. Bigger team message place pls. Automated tournaments which can be created by players could be cool. For team events. Idk. Also im okay with removing teams in game too. And giving chat rooms, and people must be able to join more than one chat room. Happy ending.
  5. hahahaha well, that shiny buff was funny. Okay i dont wanna be annoying guy. But i suggested a lot things at past, and they even didn't take a reply. Whatever, real comment; There will be some people who can say "We accepts just elite people" so +10 members just shows low quality, thats not acceptable. So same people again will say same thing about TT registration too. Also adding alts, every person with 2 alts, 50 people can fix whole team with just 1 account. Also, shiny buff, staffs don't wanna make shinies more worthless in my opinion. Because there is nothing else in this game worths more now. I can try to doodle somethings; Teams must be able to create with minimum 5 members. Seeing too many random teams, all tags taken, really annoying. If we think competitive area; we have Tournaments with shiny rewards > Community Combats > Rankeds. All players can join to Rankeds. Only team players can join Community Combats, Top 100 in Ranked Leaderboard and any CC winner's choosen 5 teammates by winner can join to tournaments with shiny rewards > 64 seat tournaments. Automated tournaments can be able to choose tournament time by partipiciants votes from 1 day ago in game voting system by registered players. Yeah registrations before 1 day too. (check article 5 for partipiciants and voters) Team Search System. Like Round Table at forum. With a click, you can see teams which recruiting and you can contact. I dont like to see same shinies as a reward. And they are gift and untredeable so, i suggest to see all shinies at reward place, one by one according to pokedex list, depends to tier. I already suggested but, i want to see alive character informations. (press C) These infos must be able to see by other players and you must be able to add your scores, trophies. Like semis at somewhere , or 1st place at any tournament as Tournament records. Your ranked statics etc. This must be able to be as forum profile but, in game version. This game's first mission is really meaningless, complete pokedex or completed Caught OT pokedex. This must have a purpose. Can be anything.. Also we have time infos at Character information. We have somethings for veteran players? We have something for the players who spent their life in this game? haha how pitiful. looking for this too. Automated TT , its hard ? no idea. Silp Co. I dont like Silp Co personally. I dont like to have to stop there and listen all noises. And have to wait others to be ready. But, i'll not reject its sometimes funny too. And hype. So i suggest, having a staff member for unofficial tournaments at Silp Co. 1- Send your request (and prizes) about creating an unofficial to this staff member/s with mail in game or forum two days ago, 2-Next day, staff member/s can create a forum topic and add this event to PVP>(+Unofficial)Tournaments list. 3- And third day, tournaments happens by help with those staff/s. Otherwise , there is no way for Silp Co. Just headache for everyone. Trade chat must be global as before. Thanks for reading. Just random ideas which written without think seriously. Oh shit, i added too many out of topic things. Sorry about that. Im sleepy.
  6. Team: VImportantPotato Tag: [VÏP] Players: Hitorigoto, Sapphiresm, ChampFireRed, Rynners, Redav, Dolittle, Mckm, Hotpistol, pokewacil, LordTyrantFTW Captain: Dolittle
  7. You little cute pink !! I need your help.

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    2. Ahreum


      I thought you were serious... And we might be lucky again :p

    3. FinnTheMember


      Haha how cruel are you.. You must wish luck to people who gonna face with us :))



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  8. hahahaha thats better than what imagined xD Thank you very much Brooke <3
  9. Text: Dolittle Team (If you want it added): VIP (With weird I ) Character/Pokemon: Naruto ( The one at link , i found it asap for explain if you can find better ones , thanks <3 ) Background: Naruto's fail bunshins from first episodes xD Animation: Ups to you :) Donation amount (If there is one): You can take everything u want on me :)
  10. +1 Double post ,yay.
  11. I am not sure ,but maybe this rules shows : if u have a trade page and if u can't see page2 in 7 days = you must notice = nobody interesting = going to thrash. I dont know but that must be logic.
  12. There is no cheating. That image is worthless without your touch !! xD