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  1. I've test water elfbot(damp) and grass elfbot(prankster) and they're not working at all
  2. i have the problemn with the shiny mod. before the login screen it says error loading/applying mod data please delete invalid mods to continue
  3. hope they'll release the back sprite soon and hope you'll work with shiny sprites that they've uploaded
  4. ➥ Character :Meliodas Demon Form (In the battle with Escanor) + Dragon sin ➥ Background :anything ➥ Text : Quiliver ➥ Animated : Yes
  5. how can i/we revert .mod to .zip. sorry i don't know much about this stuff
  6. looks really great but can you post the zip version
  7. found this guy when try to find tepig at victory road
  8. im running for like 5mins and i don't see and shaking grass or dust in the cave. what's wrong guys :<
  9. I started to play PokeMMO since early 2013 after searching for a online-pokemon games in the internet. At that time i didn't have time to go seriously in the game so i just finish the storyline and fooling around with stuffs at the cafe-internet near my place. I stopped playing PokeMMO for like almost a year because im at 12th grade and i had to study had to go to the university. Since i got in to the university my old pc at home got internet and i started playing PokeMMO again ( as Quiliver) exactly on 14 Oct 2014. I began to learn what makes a good pokemon like IVs EVs Egg Moves and stuffs... My first breeded pokemon wasn't great but i continued to breeding and finaly i've got a pokemon that i want. Since i find boring to do the same things over and over again like ( farming - breeding - pvp - trading ) Dev Team saved me, they changed breeding method, they released Hoenn with new pokemons and stuff to do, they added pvp and small events hosted by Moderators and Admins. Also they release so many events with interesting quests and puzzles to solve. I feel great about PokeMMO getting more and more improvements. And lately we're introduced with the new Unova region (or gen5) and lastest the Public Test Server seems pretty awesome although i can't play it because my old pc can't run it so by the time the new update hit the Live Server i will be quitting ( i guess or one day when i get my laptop or new pc i can play it again) PokeMMO is a great game.I can do many things with the game like modify the modable resources to make my experiences better. I have many memories with it like when you catch a shiny, when you breed a good genderless pokemon with low percent of high ivs or when you win a pvp battle. I make alot of friends, having fun and enjoy the game. Thank you PokeMMO.
  10. unlucky for me. my 11 years old pc can't run the PTS due to it can't run open gl 1.4-2.0 :<
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