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  1. I've test water elfbot(damp) and grass elfbot(prankster) and they're not working at all
  2. i have the problemn with the shiny mod. before the login screen it says error loading/applying mod data please delete invalid mods to continue
  3. hope they'll release the back sprite soon and hope you'll work with shiny sprites that they've uploaded
  4. ➥ Character :Meliodas Demon Form (In the battle with Escanor) + Dragon sin ➥ Background :anything ➥ Text : Quiliver ➥ Animated : Yes
  5. how can i/we revert .mod to .zip. sorry i don't know much about this stuff
  6. looks really great but can you post the zip version
  7. found this guy when try to find tepig at victory road
  8. im running for like 5mins and i don't see and shaking grass or dust in the cave. what's wrong guys :<
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