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  1. I've test water elfbot(damp) and grass elfbot(prankster) and they're not working at all
  2. purity2910

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    gastly shiny form is missing
  3. purity2910

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    thanks. love your work <3
  4. purity2910

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    i have the problemn with the shiny mod. before the login screen it says error loading/applying mod data please delete invalid mods to continue
  5. purity2910

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    hope they'll release the back sprite soon and hope you'll work with shiny sprites that they've uploaded
  6. purity2910

    RakuenX's Signature Shop

    ➥ Character :Meliodas Demon Form (In the battle with Escanor) + Dragon sin ➥ Background :anything ➥ Text : Quiliver ➥ Animated : Yes
  7. purity2910

    Mod file extension

    how can i/we revert .mod to .zip. sorry i don't know much about this stuff
  8. purity2910

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    looks really great but can you post the zip version
  9. purity2910

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    caught this yesterday while training my cofagrius
  10. purity2910

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    found this guy when try to find tepig at victory road
  11. ok i get it let me try :) thanks for helping
  12. im running for like 5mins and i don't see and shaking grass or dust in the cave. what's wrong guys :<

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