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  1. Player one: RealDevilLegend Player two: VadimEmpoleon Team name: HDLM
  2. Porygon-Z to UU Misdreavus to LC Ubers Electrode to NU Mamoswine to OU Ban Deep sea tooth
  3. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Registered Players: Navetas, NagaHex, VadimEmpoleon, Joalza, RealDevilLegend, DarkQuiler, KingDomiii, BullDogBlue, aspacee, MichaelArs, Zreetx, daledale, Wiriketchup Team Captain: VadimEmpoleon
  4. IGN: VadimEmpoleon Timezone: GMT+2 Fluff: I wasn't really good until gen 5, but I guess I am now good at UU tier and I will do my best if I am chosen, regardless of the manager who chooses me. Preferred Tiers: UU Most Preferred Manager: Forfiter, MaeKaaay Least Preferred Manager: -
  5. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Registered Players: VadimEmpoleon, RealDevilLegend, DarkQuiler, Joalza, NagaHex, EthernalOni, BullDogBlue, Walerito, XiiaoHu, NecroskullDark Team Captain: VadimEmpoleon
  6. All right, but doubles is not a tier. HDLM #1
  7. When using Sweet Scent, players will now always encounter the maximum horde size of the map Notes: For example, if a map has both 3-sized hordes and 5-sized hordes, only 5-sized hordes can now be encountered. For hordes where the species was exclusively in 3-size hordes, they have been increased to 5-size.
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