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  1. Sorry but I can't use my special candy on the pumpkin, you said in your post "Pumpking will remain for a few days to take any leftover candy." so I didn't sell my Yellow candy. Could you reimburse me or open the possibility of the pumpkin accepting you? I think it would be fair after your post.
    1. ProfessorOtoniel


      Também estou decepcionado com este staf do jogo. Como que o cara diz uma coisa e acontece outra? Quebrou o mercado do jogo para quem guardou os doces especiais ou quem pretendia batalhar após o evento. 

  2. Pumpking will remain for a few days to take any leftover candy. Yellow candy and orange candy?

  3. At the moment there, I might let them out the back Sprite as original or some mod because I find Sprites Back in the same quality as those put in Summary. will look like this: 1- https://gyazo.com/58d9b16231312ddd26ae08faa6a0e626 2 https://gyazo.com/a32530bca5c8ac63298fd718fc7924d3 3- https://gyazo.com/64795ab224b3b142740293fe22d97039 with these sprites: https://gyazo.com/0381abecaa9d2b2b8f83329fd1217330 http://prnt.sc/c9jojr Just started the mod, much remains to be done, such as adjusting size among other things. Note: Cosmicplasma thank you for ev
  4. I use a PC 64 bit, but I believe that works on 32-bit.
  5. como Imagens do resumo ea Batalha Não São Independentes, Recolher NÃO PODE como Escalas de Imagens PNG no Campo de Batalha. http://prnt.sc/cagagb It is as if the battles they become in size 3, but I can not change it. The table scales did nothing with PNG files.
  6. try to change a range of sprites this MODE and report me if you can. If you can change the scales of these sprites I believe that I will be able to do with mine. Would you like to make a mod that alter the scales in the battle in any mod, just as you did with the images of the summary?
  7. the problem is that the scale seems not to work with PNG images, or gifs than those of the mod.
  8. I would like to leave the Pokémon in this way in the summary, but when they go into battle their size is very large, because I noticed that the scale of the summary is directly proportional to battle scale. Is there any way of battle sprites and summary have independent scales? In summary: http://prnt.sc/c9jojr In Battle: http://prnt.sc/c9juva Thanxs for att.
  9. very good, of course we have problems that have been mentioned above, but I'm impresionado with work and thought which will look wonderful in its final version. Congratulations for your work.
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