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  1. thats true, now rache is there in front of me though. im unbanned and muted. do i actually have to insult her or something, cos she never did anything wrong to me.
  2. hey guys, letting you know im still alive. im about to sleep but i can chat tomorrow perhaps :) xoxo
  3. I want to be remembered as the hero that Vermillion deserved, but not the hero it needed.
  4. i have bought the wrong breeders in GTL for this very reason. The regular order just seems to be stuck in my head.
  5. I would find a notepad in game to be useful. I have borrowed/loaned out comps to people before and forgot who had them. If there was a notepad it would be easier to keep track of where my pokes and my money is. And yes, we could just use notepad in windows, but not everyone wants pokemon crap all through their computer. I'd prefer to keep my pokemmo stuff on pokemmo.
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