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  1. Whats the deal with trick? It doesn't actually switch the items between you and the wild pokemon... it just tells you that the pokemon IS holding something.   Does anyone know if this is a bug, if it's not been implemented?
  2.         Like repeatedly abusing them to the point of near-death and leaving them to lick their wounds  is a better image? Violence is violence no matter how you sugarcoat it.    Great job on putting this guide together Kaynine. The community will benefit. 
  3. Videogames are my anti-drug... among other things. They help me live a cleaner life, less dependent on my vices.   I would like to continue having fun. I have no end-game goal in mind. Every time I get to the end-game content I get bored easily anyway. (WoW, Everquest, Runescape)   Eventually I'd like to compete, but i'm in no rush as I'm sure that i'll be crushed the first dozen times. 
  4. I love that Pickup has been implemented. Finding what can be picked up in each area is super fun.    Can we have an option for Pickup to have a sound/bell/alert  when your pokemon picks up an item?    Edit: A message alert would do as well. But I would still like         the option for a sound. I frequently play this game while         dozing off and a sound alert would catch my attention         way better. 
  5. LOL. I know some kids from my childhood that would've liked to have a Mod/GM present during our card trading sessions... Cause they got rippppped. But they learned a valuable lesson, about life and the predatory nature of people. So who's got a shiny I can poach?! I don't think people should be protected from such life lessons.
  6. Lickitung in fuchsia city safari zone.   edit: Two Island Cape Brink Surfing- Psyduck, Golduck, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Squirtle.   I have never run into a tentacool or tentacruel surfing there. I have had over 400 encounters in the area. 
  7. I like this idea. I would also like to see a description of the move when you  scroll over the tm in your bag. (Show physical/special and PP)
  8. if i killed the sudowoodo in hoenn by battle frontier...   am i screwed?
  9. This guide says JYNX can be found in Seafoam Islands.   Is this special to Pokemmo? Is this correct?   These are my questions.   I love you.
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