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  1. Name:Hubbijul Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Teddiursa,Shiny Golbat,Shiny Boldore,Shiny Jumpluff,Shiny Dunsparce,Shiny Numel,Shiny Sealeo,Shiny Ditto,Trainer Wally Type of Artwork: pixel sprite sig Animated?: yes Donation: 350-450k Additional information: Thanks :)
  2. Hi, I have send you a mail for the Kyu Hat lottery
  3. Character reference: Character age: 19 Expression: Happy Pose: Chilling out Pokemon: Eevee , shiny teddiursa, swablu (Mantine?) Misc: What you want ;3
  4. it's look like some bad pokemon browser game xD I think is a good idea
  5. Thanks i sent you the donation^^ Donation amount : 50k or 100k if i like
  6. ouais j'aime bien xD c'est vrai que la qualité audio des première fait un peu mal aux noreilles
  7. super j'adore (en vrai j'ai regardé que la première je découvre seulement xD)
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