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  1. Name:Hubbijul Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Teddiursa,Shiny Golbat,Shiny Boldore,Shiny Jumpluff,Shiny Dunsparce,Shiny Numel,Shiny Sealeo,Shiny Ditto,Trainer Wally Type of Artwork: pixel sprite sig Animated?: yes Donation: 350-450k Additional information: Thanks :)
  2. - Template1 - Name: Hubbijul Team: Reskia Render: Shiny teddiursa Text color (optional): whatever fits Stain color (optional): same Donation: 200k
  3. Character reference: Character age: 19 Expression: Happy Pose: Chilling out Pokemon: Eevee , shiny teddiursa, swablu (Mantine?) Misc: What you want ;3
  4. it's look like some bad pokemon browser game xD I think is a good idea
  5. Thanks i sent you the donation^^ Donation amount : 50k or 100k if i like
  6. thanks i like it ^^ i send you 100k
  7. Text : skykiwi Pokemon / Character : shiny teddiursa Background : in agreement with the shiny bear Donation : 100k Anything else :i like your sign style
  8. ouais j'aime bien xD c'est vrai que la qualité audio des première fait un peu mal aux noreilles
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