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  1. great and fast can recommend 11/10
  2. just try it you have nothing to lose besides your dignity maybe
  3. give me the pokemon and the items needed and ill do it for ya if you want
  4. maybe they could additionally implement an option to sort pokemon by usage


    i wish you a nice day too
  6. check the battle tower out. its pve but the more enemies you beat, the stronger they become.


    have a nice day and enjoy your stay at the mmo
  8. water b, approx. 1x31 = 4-6k 2x31 = 25-40k 3x31 = 120-150k 4x31 = 250-400k most people dont care about "overall", they want 30 or 31
  9. could bet ive already seen arround 10
  10. League Name(s): NothingToSay, 1stpKlosr (smurf) Server(s): euw Main Position(s): jungle Favourite Champion(s): none Division(s): low diamond/high-mid plat i cant play soloq since my pc doesnt allows it (freezes/shutdowns), but im up to play a few normals or flexq getting a new pc in 1-2months, then i could play rankeds! greetings
  11. yo getting this error with your newest themes, help plz  
  12. didn't working on a german rom anymore So I took a english one and translated all pokemon names, items etc And now it's working again (Y) 
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