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  1. Happy Halloween (• ◡•)

    1. Hassan


      Happy Halloween!

    2. TeamRocketHarry


      In Soviet Russia status updates YOU!

    3. inovan
  2. ty for shaky cam

    1. xSparkie


      Happens everytime I take a step.

  3. Aye, welcome back! Nice to see another grill around here. :3
  4. Tetris! You scored there. Also welcome and aliens > all, especially the eldritch variety. B)
  5. welcome back! yellow was my first too. B)
  6. Mothras


    sneasel squad pls
  7. Hello, as the title states I'm not entirely new—just as a member of the forums. You can call me Brea, or a giant moth kaiju, if you like. I'm: 21 years old from (southern) Canada going to school for graphic design soon an avid Johto fan ♥ making an op sneasel and other op things I started playing this MMO sometime in 2014, had a long hiatus, returned and changed my name for a semi-fresh start! So I'll be creeping posts, possibly contributing when I can... but I'm a shy potato. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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