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  1. but kaynine, Eric is a nice guy, he deserved it
  2. both fridays are the best for me edit: can still play the other days
  3. damn, I voted the losing side in every poll
  4. I have problem with the cc always being on thursday, it should rotate everyweek...
  5. it was just a joke bro, it was that or explain again that there must be a better reason that explains why offensive teams doesnt work as well as they do on paper, at least a better reason than "players are bad"... I´m not very convinced with mike´s idea that people feel safer with chansey, its quite vague, but maybe its true idk. and sory mike, but I use machamp all the time, and super power wont kill skarmory, milotic or arca that are being wish supported... that´s why it needs the boosted facade if there is a chansey (and try to land the righ move when you have been scouted by protect)
  6. at least Landorus is not the stall queen so its not boring to see it in half the teams...
  7. Thats the whole point isnt it? if wallbreakers and offensive play is so good on paper, why the meta is that defensive at all levels (ranked, tournament, psl)? Watching the matchs I saw that wallbreakers are great, but they have their own problems... its very easy to bring an aero against SD ursa after chansey wish... machamp is only that good once it activate guts... rhydon has problems against milotic... normal spam is not that great with shed hull around... life orb flygon doent hit that hard... every SD has this problem against pursuit users... SD hera needs to have the righ 3rd attack...etc etc My point is, you have way moooooore plays to do against ursa than against chansey.. wich means that its easyer to stop the chansey counter than abusing chansey... and thats why imo stall team and chansey are so popular, decent players understand that they can use a chansey withouth being abused that easily (or I can be a total asshole and say that only bad players and people who lack imagination get their chansey abused)...
  8. we are not talking about any random in normal at 3am... when decent players use chansey its not like as "a chansey? oh free guts ez", if chansey has a weakness can be easily solved by team building... its not easily abused (while chansey itself can exploit 90% of the meta) dont you agreed there is too much stall in OU? tell me you dont really think the only reason for that is players lacks imagination or because everybody is plain bad #murcielagosogood
  9. how can you tell if I dont play that much if you are half dead?
  10. can we do something about it already? OU could be so much better withouth chansey and it´s already too obvius that chansey will be always the top used poke in the tier... not even the super cool, original, and totally unstopable chansey counters seem to do be that much effective (maybe because chansey is perfect at supporting the walls that stop chansey counters?)
  11. Murcielagod always saving us
  12. oh thats right, and its not like crobat has heavy counters like gyara
  13. at least the drawing is better now
  14. Name: LuisPocho Team (Optional) : LIVE Specific Quotes : Acapulco! Donation (Optional): actually giving you something if do this
  15. 5 tier tt would bring more hype