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  1. PokeMMO Nostalgia

    I remember when I won that offi... no wait I didnt win an official... I remember when my team got the tt... not that didnt happen either... when in psl... mmmm well, I once won against frags in doubles but that doesnt matter, cuz pokemmo wasnt about winning, it was about the community I love you guys
  2. I actually dont understand that event but everybody is hype, so it must be super good.
  3. could you still call that psl?
  4. anyone promoting a cancer moveset for a poke doesnt deserve to win
  5. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    and thats why math is not perfect, suck it math nerds
  6. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    it counts both playoffs and regular season?
  7. yeah of course its not perfect, but its still (imo) better than having 1 month eliminating 2 teams each week, like very low chances to win is better than being eliminated (that if you consider like me that teams being eliminated is what kills the hype)
  8. maybe, make a point system that allow teams to get a LOT of points with a super splendid victory, so we give teams more chances to be first even when the point differences is high. For example, lets say every single match won by your team gives the team 1 point and winning the whole week gives you 3 extra points... 1 extra point tie so if one team wins 5-3 gets 8 points and the one that lose gets 3 points while winning 8-0 gives you 11 points for winner and 0 points for the loser with my system week 5 of psl 9 would had the following numbers for this four teams: Boosted Monkey 9 + 2 + (5+5+4+6+4) = 35 (max 57 points by week 7) Flocking Buzzwoles 6 + 1 + (5+5+3+2+4) = 26 (max 48) Gain Train 3 + 1 + (2+4+5+3+3) = 21 (max 43) Schwifty Shiftrys 0 + 1 + (3+1+4+2+1) = 12 (max 34) Only schwifty would have 0 posibilityes to get 1st (with normal system 3 or 4 teams would be already out of 1st position competition by week 5)... and in theory, every match would be super important from week 1, not so many 7-1. MORE HYPE
  9. imo the main problem is the playoffs, teams being eliminated each week reduces the amount of people interested, and the matches that doesnt count for the awards even when those matches are actually harder plus I dont actually see why we use the playoffs, if its to make the season last longer then just make 2 rounds or add more teams.
  10. why so many people feel that the update could happen during the next psl? I missed something?
  11. I´m totally sure that all those teams in internet were created by Kimikozen and everyone is just copying him.
  12. [Aw] Asgard Warriors

    nomas ganaron porq me robaron nah mentira, felicidades
  13. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    did gbwead write it for you too? sory I had to do it xD

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