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  1. how will you make teams for countryes that gonna have more that one team... it gonna be random?
  2. hey, they make every strategy game boring, they are way too good

    1. LuisPocho


      e poi la notte e tropicaleeeee

  4. I´m so happy there are no koreans playing this game...
  5. is there enough people to make an Acapulco team?
  6. facade pory op
  7. thats exatly what happened to me... yeah
  8. consistency is overrated
  9. Jovi says he take this
  10. say the guy that always lose against players using belly drum zard and linoone,
  11. wow I though you were joiking with the bribe shit, you were actually thinking that somebody would accept that offer... thats quite offensive
  12. ign LuisPocho zam gonna be op af
  13. april´s coming