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  1. taking this ones
  2. old RISE leader vs good RISE leader
  3. hey those werent choke... just little very mistakes that are very common when you play the hardest tier in the game against a good player
  4. no, I won 3-0, you have no pics lalalallala jk, he won 2-1, nice matches
  5. redav vs repocho playing in 10 min
  6. interesting th... indeed if you want a clean easy-to-read forum (reason why so many aaaaaa posts are being deleted I guess) then you need to do more against those troublemakers (how is it that xatu and desu never get warned?)
  7. rng

    por loco
  8. rng

    contra quien perdiste ahora?
  9. you will never guess who voted for the "the host is right" option.
  10. kev is sad, they just wanna show some support
  11. one would think that you dont need that much fire power in a meta full of stealth rock and spikes... well maybe those "40 calcs or so" kimi was talking about included entry hazards in the calculation
  12. well, its true jice usually plays better than that... but hey! I usually play worse than that, give me some credit
  13. gg wp bro
  14. we gonna play 9 pm... you gonna have to wait 30 min more
  15. you gonna looooooooooooose