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  1. I offer 100k for each of those
  2. Kameme and I gonna play on wednesday at last hour, guys just be sure to reach 4-3 or 3-4 by then so this match decide everything
  3. kimikozen vs nik bo5!!!
  4. couldnt stop thinking about it when you mentioned grandbulls shadow ball xD
  5. I found it out like a few weeks ago when many were hyped cuz he was playing against des
  6. didnt zebra made it bo3 so people cant cry about rng? oh wait that was doubles
  7. what a good week, so fucking intense
  8. nooo you stole my idea... oh well you did a better post than I would ever do so I will forgive you
  9. any of those is mexican? xD
  11. if you do that I will make you a sick banner for this th
  12. except the boomerang part everything else you said makes no sense for me bro
  13. I won 2-1 me after the matches
  14. me and EYL in 15 min...
  15. would be too problematic rotate the time AND the days? for example, I´m too busy on thurdays, doesnt matter the time, so I miss a lot of doubles cc (and I love ccs, so missing them makes me very sad)