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  1. I picked at it instead of actually making or fixing a sprite.
  2. @Moetal eh I have a bunch of icons and I'm trying to feel out which one for each site.
  3. @Moetal This Better? @Kickern Something about the garter belt bugged me with the blade in front. :/ Probably just preference though. No clue how to make mawvile look better think I hit my skill cap with her.
  4. @Moetal EDIT: Some low quality edits I did a while back.
  5. @Moetal Tried to put the leg things in but :/
  6. Moved the fist forward a bit in the back-sprite, not sure if it helps. @Moetal
  7. I have no idea what to do with bulba.
  8. Suddenly a bunch of new sprites to edit and go through! Like this mediocre quality one that I made because I had the pose and the first 'mon I thought of was mudkip: Is there a reason we can't just use the original version of the clefable sprite that's being edited? ...I might have to have another go at editing that wigglytuff something about it bugs me.