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  1. Nerak55

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.1)

    That does look a bit better keep at it! Keep in mind the sprite has to be 64x64 then should be scaled to 128x128 (aka 2x) for us to be able to look at. Right now its 190x190 for some reason. I'd suggest making her arms a bit shorter/wider since they look kinda stringy right now. Is there a front sprite done? if so be sure you're matching them.
  2. Nerak55

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.1)

    Played with hair.
  3. Holy hell. Yeah, Gen 5 would be literal murder to try and do. I have tried to hack white once and the moving sprites are not happening. Like back in 2012 no one knew how to do it. I have no idea if anyone ever figured out how to add animations since it's entirely in the base coding, or if there's an easier way to import stuff now that it's been around for a few years. Getting Moemon sprites for gen 4-5 would also be frustrating but not impossible. But All said and done, even if you did manage it there's no way it'd work as a patch for pokemmo. RIP Moemon there's no way in hell your coming back from this. Edit: looked into it and there are not any new ways to hack the game and in fact even the old hacking tools are gone.
  4. @HeavyMecha The big problem with McMagister's sprite pack is that very few of the current sprites are in it. It's the original Moemon sprites and a few variations. I understand you want to basically remake/update the ruby, emerald and making a 1-3gen hack which sounds like a cool project but you'd honestly have an easier time just ripping them from this pack on your own and updating along with us like the emerald hack used to do, because as far as I know there's nowhere that just has all the sprites already ripped and ready to reinsert.
  5. I picked at it instead of actually making or fixing a sprite.
  6. @Moetal eh I have a bunch of icons and I'm trying to feel out which one for each site.
  7. @Moetal This Better? @Kickern Something about the garter belt bugged me with the blade in front. :/ Probably just preference though. No clue how to make mawvile look better think I hit my skill cap with her.
  8. @Moetal EDIT: Some low quality edits I did a while back.
  9. @Moetal Tried to put the leg things in but :/
  10. Moved the fist forward a bit in the back-sprite, not sure if it helps. @Moetal

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