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  1. Pluis2025

    [Video] Roy Rogers Inc (Official Forums Page)

    Ok bro Not to be rude or anything bro, but your videos are long and boring man so I borrowed one of your videos and I made my version of the video, i'm not trying to get subs or nothing out of this man. My version I added my custom intro I made, my music, my outro,my custom thumbnail and some notes, now lets compare your video and my video. Once again im not trying to get subs or nothing out of this and I dont want noone to brag about yours or my video. This is your version of the video: This is my version:
  2. Pluis2025

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Thank you
  3. Pluis2025

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Since we have all this karate,Z fighter, combat gear, why not make weapons, katana, karate bow(stick),Machine gun,make this abit more fun with some weapons since we have gi and etc.
  4. Pluis2025

    Vanity Item Suggestions

  5. Pluis2025

    Vanity Item Suggestions

  6. Pluis2025

    Vanity Item Suggestions

  7. I did a little bit of and upgrade on your video billla I hope you like it.
  8. Pluis2025

    [MOD] BattleSprites with Damgaindicator

    Then download link it is broken my friend, please can you fix it and re-post it.
  9. Pluis2025

    The next generation is ...

    This is lit omg.
  10. Pluis2025

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Hello Darkshade I created this to see if you like it is for valentines day. link for female: https://gyazo.com/95b615d05d41eaa7b63b7012dad0bd42 link for male: https://gyazo.com/c5d4d5b160de56e2589311874e6cbe34
  11. Pluis2025

    [Art] [Sig] Heart's Art

    Love the banner bro thanks alot my bro.
  12. Pluis2025

    [Art] [Sig] Heart's Art

    I love it man great job man. Thank you.
  13. Pluis2025

    [Art] [Sig] Heart's Art

    Text- ShinyBreedinKing [WOLF] Render/Background- Shiny Umbreon/ Background animated with dark blue ShinyBreedinKing EV shop with WOLF clan tag and impress me Heartagram with my shop sign.
  14. Ill be back soon in PokeMMO and start from 0 cause I think i'm not gonna reclaim what I lost so best of hope for me and hope to see my old friends around.

  15. Pluis2025

    [MOD] Hiraeth's Kanto Tile Mod

    Does this mods work for 32 bits computers?? nvm it does work

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