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  1. Than you so much Kyu and Thanks for the work with this game. This leaves me reassured.
  2. So, good for you, but some terms may seem intrusive or dangerous to the players, such as the RAM memory access clause, or that may infringe the freedom of expression rights. That's why I'm asking for a better explanation, by other players too, to reassure us about the terms presented. Have a nice day.
  3. Hi! I would like a better explanation about the terms of service added for using pokemmo software on pc, and i imagine not just i would like to know. I think it's important to explain these things out more clearly for all game users: 4. ACCOUNT SUSPENSION/DELETION PokeMMO may suspend, modify, or delete any Account related to PokeMMO's Services at any time for any reason, or no reason, with or without notice to You, for any amount of time. For purposes of explanation, most account suspensions and modifications are the result of violation(s) with this Terms of Service. 6. CONSENT TO MONITOR You hereby acknowledge and agree that: When running, the Game Client may monitor your computer's Random Access Memory ("RAM") for unauthorized third party programs running concurrently with the Game Client. An "unauthorized third party program" is defined as any third-party software prohibited by the PokeMMO Terms of Service. In the event the Game Client detects any unauthorized third party programs, the Game Client may: Communicate information back to PokeMMO's Servers, including but not limited to your Account Name, details about the third party program detected (including, but not limited to, Process Name, Hash, Window Name ) , the date, Game Client settings, and personally identifiable network addresses (such as "IP Addresses" and "MAC Address"); or Exercise any or all of PokeMMO's rights under this Agreement, with or without prior notice to You. When running, the Game Client may obtain certain identifying information about your computer and communicate it back to PokeMMO's Servers, including without limitation your IP Address(es), MAC Address(es), a Unique Identification Number generated by the Game Client and hardware and software information about Your machine (such as Operating System, RAM, Video Card, System Configuration, etc.) When using any of PokeMMO's Services, PokeMMO may, with or without notice to you, store without limitation: Personally identifiable internet connection history (Internet Protocol Address(es) and MAC Address(es) used to access PokeMMO's Services); Any communications exchanged between You and other Users while using the Services; Any e-mail address used at the time of Account Creation, or when You modify existing Account credentials; and History of Donations to PokeMMO, including without limitation the date of the transaction, associated Account and sum Donated. PokeMMO may, with or without notice to You, disclose your Internet Protocol Address(es), chat logs, and other information stored about your activities: In response to law enforcement, a court order or other legal process; or If PokeMMO believes that doing so may protect your safety or the safety of others. 9. INDEMNITY You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless PokeMMO and PokeMMO's Staff, with respect to any and all claims, liabilities, injuries, damages, losses, or expenses (including, but not limited to, Attorney's fees and costs) that arise under, from or in any way, directly or indirectly, relate to: The provisions of Sections 1, 3, 5, and 11; Your failure to comply with any provision of this Agreement; Your use of the Game, including but not limited to economic, physical, emotional, psychological or privacy related considerations; and Any dispute You have or claim to have with any users of our Services. 10. FORCE MAJEURE PokeMMO shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside the reasonable control of PokeMMO, including without limitation any failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or cause beyond PokeMMO's control, such as war, terrorism, acts of public enemies, acts of civil or military authorities, accidents, transport disturbances, fires, floods, acts of God, embargoes, or shortages of fuel, energy, labor or materials. 13. DISPUTE RESOLUTION You and PokeMMO agree to resolve all disputes and claims between us in individual binding arbitration. This includes, but is not limited to: Any aspect of the relationship between us; This Agreement; or Your use of PokeMMO's Services. If you could please better explain these and other terms in a separate thread, the community and I would be very grateful. Thanks for the work in this game.
  4. zorghy

    Daily rewards

    Well commanderblue, you talk to me for make his suggestion, because you agreed when we talked about this, but ok, thanks for join in the discussion.
  5. zorghy

    Daily rewards

    Unfortunately yes, and this talk about save economy is bad when all who they make is nerf, nerf, nerf, and nerf. "Look, the players have a good money making npc farm: lets go nerf the money of npcs", "oh look, the players can make some money with amulet coin: Lets make this amulet coin be consumable to it make less money", ever making our sources be nerfed and waiting the guilds make the work of keep the game interesting. And, with an staff who can't be clear with us, who show contempt when can't make your actions clear, because the talk of sgm is supreme, and other things. I play since 2013, and never felt so despised by this game how now. Not because this sugestion, but a lot of things, like the lack of the incentive for guilds, who have to work hard to keep players because the game doesn't do that, a lot of bans made just by complaints, and nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf...
  6. zorghy

    Daily rewards

    The Staff can make this with BPs, for example, bonus in BP, or cash, or vanitys untreadables, like jason mask of halloween, or lucky coin diary with lucky egg in a sequence of logins, you just need think about and how make this without affect the market. But who is a great ideia to call players to the community , yes, it is. This game need some atract to hold the players, cause just the events of guilds, or official events and tournaments not is the enough to hold players, a lot of guilds have problem to hold players because this.
  7. zorghy

    Daily rewards

    the people agree who diary rewards, be by login or diary missions, is good to attract the players back, and agree who even with the guilds events a lot of players just play the regions and get out of the game. And the lucky egg with amulet coin consumable, make this game more difficult, and the real problem of the economy never is solved. If the staff want more players, rewards are a good way for this. If you cant just give prize for login, tou can make diary missions to this. All mmos make this.
  8. Well, currently we have a problem with login of members in the teams on pokemmo, caused by the lack of the incentive without regular global events, like halloween, or the less of new regions. But if we have a type of the daily rewards for diary login? With exclusives vanitys for a sequence of logins? The players will have more motivation with rewards.
  9. I win the third place in this event with my character ZorghyH and nothing of my prize yet. When i talk with a CM, he say who i needed wait 2 or 3 days to receive. I'm waiting for some resolution. Thanks
  10. IGN: zorghy Character in game: ZorghyH Images on links. http://imgur.com/gallery/qZMsAg7 Rocket ball: inspired on Rocket symbol of the team Rocket of the last generations in pokemon, with design based in the hair color of Jassie and James. functions: to catch NPC's pokemons. price: $7.500 catch rate: 5% without the complete Rocket uniform, 40% using only Rocket clothes, 80% using Rocket clothes and Rocket hat. purpose of the ball: Use to capture NPC's pokemons to the Rocket Boss. where it should be sold: buy in the house of the team Rocket in Celadon, on side of the restaurant. http://imgur.com/gallery/tOzH1yW Genetic ball: inspired in the genetic characters, with the starter pokemon color design. functions: to catch Pokemon with a minimum of 1x31 IV confirmed. price: $1500 catch rate: the same of the simple pokeball. purpose of the ball: Use to capture pokemon with 1x31 IV to breed more easily. where it should be sold: On the lobby of the Silph Co. on Kanto and Devon Co. on Hoen. http://imgur.com/gallery/P2Jh9i0 Drop ball: inspired on Delibird by your move present, with the base colors of it. functions: To catch pokemon with dropped item. price: $1500 catch rate: the same of the simple pokeball. purpose of the ball: if the pokemon may have a dropped item, this ball can catch it with 60% of rate to have this item. where it should be sold: on the big market of the Celadon on Kanto and Lilycove on Hoen.
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