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  1. Verification Privileges

    Just apply for staff?
  2. [PSL 8] Week Three

  3. Vanity Item Suggestions


  5. [Sig] [Art] Brook's one stop signature and chibi shop!

    could i get a chibi? o: can you add a shiny wynaut somewhere in there? :)
  6. 1.60 meters =
    5.24934383 feet (5 feet 26364 inches)
  7. 1.60 meters =
    5.24934383 feet (5 feet 26364 inches)
  8. 1.60 meters =
    5.24934383 feet (5 feet 26364 inches)
  9. Bicycles

    Hello, I have been playing PokeMMO since 2013 and I enjoy the progression of this game. However, there is one major problem that we're all missing. We need a bicycle bell so that whenever we're riding past a pedestrian, we can ring our bells and let them know to move out of the way. This is important and will ensure the safety of all the citizens of PokeMMO. We can also add a basket to carry our berries. Do you know how many berries each player grows nowadays? A tremendous amount! My friends, we need to think about the future generation and how much this will impact the game and their lives. The mayor, Rigamorty, got into a bicycle accident the other day and Dr. Rendiz gave him some weird medicine that gave him amnesia. If you ask him what happened or if he remembers any of this, or even ask him if he knows me, he's going to say no because he simply does not remember. You see, this is a problem. We need to guarantee the safety of the players here. The ringers will make sure we don't ride over each other, and make us all live happily ever after. Thank you for your time.
  10. So. How much are you looking for it then? ._. The ebuzz.
  11. Timid Ebuzz 30/15/24/30/31/31 (HP Grass) 650k?
  12. Billion's Shop

    Flygon Lv.50 Adamant -- 27-28 / 31 / 26-27 / x / 26-27 / 31 -- Evs: 4HP 252ATK 252SPD -- Crunch/EQ/RockSlide/Endure   500k?

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