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  1. I like the names you give your pokes. Welcome to the game ya tater tot!
  2. your sig made me think a horn was coming out of a hairy butt. XD
  3. Your Name: Chaos Your Partner's Name:ItsGray Your Team Name: The Drunk Stoners
  4. You'll be forever missed. Rest in peace Roxxass..<3 I'll donate some cash once I'm able to log on.
  5. Why hasn't this been done yet? Its been 5 years since this was posted and its a good idea. I'm suffering so much having a amnesia brace that I can't trade. Especially as an AFK'er. I have no use for the item and can't do anything to get rid of it without losing money. Bamboozled!
  6. Good luck. Hope all turns out well.
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