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  1. Anyone else worried about the future of in-game sprites and mods? Will we be having Gen 5 character sprites now? Gen 5 hats? Will there be a new mod/client customization system? Is Moetal serious about the death of Moemon? Does Bruno Mars is gay?
  2. Silk Scarf/Blackglasses, 252 Attack EVs, 31 Attack IVs, Armor Pen..wait.
  3. PokeMMO was the first pokemon game where I didn't encounter a shiny Golbat as my first shiny. I totally didn't use repels in caves.
  4. Lol no, well, not at first. .3. I kinda speedran through my account and I figured running through the maps again to find missed items something I should do before the year ends. I figured I could try and see if there were some small stuff I could find when I got to Cerulean. Great mod btw, and I have no problems about January.
  5. Found some more. Not really big errors.
  6. Great Mod! I think that something that could make it better are footsteps left when stepping through grass, but I dunno if it's possible
  7. I'm up for something like this. Not exactly the idea of having Alola formes, but original formes made by the PokeMMO devs. Hell, I'd love it even if it was just visual differences, but this has been suggested many times before, in different ways. It's just one different forme after another
  8. League Name(s): LazyBites (PH), cynicalArchitect (NA) Server(s): PH, NA Main Position(s): uguu, Support, #4EverBotLane, ADR Favourite Champion(s): Blitzcrank > All other supports, Jinx, Lucian, Division(s): SIII (PH), --- (NA) I have a tendency to use anything as a support.
  9. Changed main lots of times, still here though o7
  10. Should I quit, or should I keep on chasing pavements

  11. Am officially a forum lurker :^)

  12. I think that multiplayer contests would naturally be implemented sometime in the future, if not at the same time with SP, after SP contests are finished, but why the hate on single-player contests? I mean, I do like the suggestion of having low BP payouts with a ranking system for the contests, but why make it multiplayer only?
  13. Nicely done! OwO Can't wait for animations! Cheers for using KyleDove's tiles :D Been a fan of him for a long time
  14. Does that mean that I can make a map mod with "smaller pixels in-game"? Like, for example, the pixels that comprises a map could be made even smaller? EDIT: Nvm, just saw this reply. Thanks :)
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