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  1. Imo i don't think it would be too much if the log-in reward was a certain date of the month thing because like i said you'd have to log-in every 29, or 20 or 31 days in that month to get something really good like 1 or 2 everstones. The fact that people may forget to or sometimes not be able to makes it really commendable if they pull it off, so why not give them an 1 or 2 everstones for there effort?
  2. The RP was just a way to show what a rare Reward could be, I don't actually expect this to become a reward because of like you said, this is an incentive behind making donations. I think you get the idea though that the more you log in the more rare the reward can be, doesn't have to RP can be stuff like BP or everstones
  3. This is just an idea that i'm throwing out there, i think if we had daily log-in rewards, it would really encourage people to log-in to the game more often you know? It could also help with players with little time to grind for the items they need, like say you can't pick-up a silk scarf no matter how much you grind? Don't want to pay for it on GTL? well log in on this day and we will give you one for free sort of thing. Rewards could be Untradeable to prevent people with multiple accounts from mailing more items to themselves Rewards can correlate to consecutive login-ins for the week or a reward a certain day in each month. Like each date in the month (or every other date) you get a different reward, but you have to log-in a number of 6 times to get the reward for the 6th day of that month which could be like 10x Great balls.if you miss a day of logging in, you wont be able to get the reward for the last day of the month, because after that you can only login a total of 29 days (or 30) for that month. Rewards could be anything and can be more rare the more you log in like 3x everstones on the 25th day of the month and 1000 RP if you log-in every single day in that month. Lemme know what you guys think and if you see anything that could be tweaked with this idea. I think this could be a nice way to get players logging on more often, even if it is for a couple of minutes.
  4. Raging Silver defend me! Say this was not similar to my idea! haha anyway, nice event Pereiraa
  5. Rip, guess that does make sense. And about that one sentence, yea that's that's what i meant >.>
  6. I would love to see Aggron come back to NU. Not because i have a an Aggron in the 7th box of my PC that i finished breeding as soon as it was bumped but up or anything. Nah, i just...you know wanna diversity (as if NU is diverse enough). But seriously though, I'm not sure what use aggron is getting in UU, but in NU i didn't think it was much of a threat, especially in the face of solrock which i see most people using these days. I'm hoping to get some calc's later on to show. I don't think it needs to be banned from NU and it will give other players another option for a defensive poke if they don't want the task of breeding a solrock or if a Defensive Poliwrath is there style. Its for the good of the other players you know? (Totally not because this Aggron has been sitting in my box collecting dust for the past year and i'm itching to us it in NU, totally not the reason >.>)
  7. Are you being constantly freezed? Do your Pokemon take an perpetuality to defrost? Is this affecting your ranked win/loss ratio? we have the solution for you! Its called Aspears Berries!!! Guaranteed to Defrost your Pokemon the first use! warning aspears berries are not needed for Pokemon that have the magma armor or flame body ability. It is one time use. May cause dryness of mouth, dryness of eyes, uncontrollable hair growth, enlarging of the male sexual organ. if your Pokemon starts experiencing any of these symptoms please stop taking Aspear berries and see Nurse Joy immediately, they are not life threatening but could pose a real problem to your Pokemon battle performance. others are just really gross. please use responsibly, Aspear berries are official product of Players everywhere who farm. you may find them in specially marked GTL tabs. results may vary. And if you like this product please try some of our others, like the most popular Lum Berry, Guaranteed to take care of all your Status hax problems
  8. But it's different, Pokemon on GBA and NDS arent multiplayer not that I know of at least, besides not everyone has a GBA or NDS
  9. Because it's not like we don't have clocks in our own homes
  10. Oh Noice a writing Contest, Time to hone my skills as a Author and come up with a great story!
  11. Nah i flood my Chesto berries before bed, when i woke up i had 8 berries on my tree
  12. So The Airport has band tweezers...Who ever can Hijack a plane with tweezers deserves the plane

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