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  1. Yea hard emphasis on the tried I guess but still, I didn't make the post for that reason I really want something done and I wanted to make my case to the devs which I have.
  2. I'm talking about the starting zone I've never gone to the new regions.
  3. I tried not to make them seem like a post I was just uguuing on. I'm not at all mad at the devs and I'm really just depressed over this whole thing.
  4. Thank you, people seem to think I want these changes gone completely or that I hate the devs or anything else crazy. I love this MMO as it truly is a well-made project that deserves more players and attention. I meeting loads of other people who have had this happen, and people have aside from this forum been really nice about it. It looks likely though that they really can't do much, and I'll just have to start over someday in a new region.
  5. I can relate my whole team is leveled too high I would need to beat the E4 to get them back, and I've got a team of level 20s and 30s to do it with. At least for your situation it's not too hard to get the next badge regardless I hope they at least throw older players a bone if they got caught in the middle of the story when the update hit.
  6. Hopefully, they will help people like me who were affected badly by the update. We can only hope they are smarter, and more understanding than the likes of you.
  7. I'm not against the caps, but I was shafted by the way it was added. That's what the post is about. Plus I don't intend to use my team in the other regions regardless of how this goes.
  8. I played long before this new system was added. I'm not really sure how my Pokemon even listened to me, but regardless here I am. Its a more particular issue yes both me and my friend were affected as we both trained the same way. basically, we would train on wild Pokemon up to a threshold, and use the versus seeker to level. We said that every gym we beat we had to level up by 10 to make the grind challenging. If somehow this is fixed I'm happy to play it again it's an amazing MMO, but this crushed my desire to play it as I had grown attached to my team, and I'd rather not build a new one at least for this region the other ones obviously I'd start over. True its a fair bit of advice. I'm kinda burned out by it is my issue, but for new players the system is good. I don't like that it forces a certain playstyle, but for trying to make the ai more of a challenge and stop people from abusing the story it's a good idea. I posted in the hopes that maybe something could be done for the players who got the raw end of this as I know that it was not just me and my friend who were affected in this way. I'll probably take your advice when I feel up to it or when I feel the nostalgia.
  9. My reasoning is I've lost my starting team, and the only solution being offered is simply, "get better" lol or start over. I bought tons of Pokemon that were level 40s in order to get back into the game each at least 25k that's how my money is gone plus considering the potions, and revives. My reasoning is to state why I think this was a bad idea, and how it affected me personally. Both I and my friend lost our whole team, and have to either quit or start over. I worked for days grinding to make my team, and now I don't even get to use them on the E4 let alone the gym leaders. Do we really deserve to have to restart because we wanted to grind our teams to be tough and enjoyed doing so? I lost my team didn't you read the post? Or are you suggesting I completely start over because I'm sorry I don't see the point. Why is it fair to build a team only to log in and not be able to use them? I'm on the last gym my dude lol like you play it all for these last satisfying moments, and you expect me to just want to keep playing after my whole character is left high and dry no team basically starting from the bottom to build one I put care into? I in truth am not sure why people are so hostile to my post I never even attacked the people who support the system, nor did I insult the MMO I stated it has been ruined for me the whole team I played with for hours is behind a wall I can't do anything about without spending the rest of my money on more items and Pokemon who I didn't even catch to 'win' the game.
  10. So my battling trainers with my friend leveling up and trying to catch the Pokemon in the game isn't playing to you I guess lol fair enough.
  11. This MMO was one of me and my friend's favorite games to play together but recently rejoining after the update I've had my whole team locked away behind a level cap and I've spent half my money trying to get my cap high enough only to realize I'm nowhere close. My whole team, I spent hours on its gone until I beat the elite four and then I won't get to use them anywhere else anyway. I understand the purpose behind the feature but I can't play with it like this I will go broke before I reach the end of the game buying new Pokemon at my level, or attempting to battle with weaker ones to retrain a new team I don't even care about. I can understand some will say that I should just get tough about it and just start training a new team on this account but I don't really see the point if I'm hating playing because of it. I really hope this can be fixed because I don't plan on playing anymore unless something changes. I'd like a discussion on the topic here though, and I'm curious what everyone will say.
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