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  1. Personally the idea doesn't sound too bad, not sure about randomized items though. I'd think it would work best if there were set items based on how many times you've logged in consecutively. So players don't feel unfair by RNG of certain items popping up after only logging in once or twice in a month.
  2. Could have been the best shiny advice i've read to be honest
  3. It's 2019 we still have no Sword, Sheath, Shield, or Bow as a back item. Also a Blastoise shell / Koopa shell as a back item would be nice Riding mounts would be cool just throwing that one out there Let's make it happen Shade I'll make a picture of reference later
  4. Join a team and breed some Pokemon for competitive or just for fun. You can also shiny hunt or farm money all day and buy all the cosmetics in the store. good luck
  5. Just going to post this for now, next notable video will be whenever the next official event is that I can make \o/
  6. New Video Out! 


  7. omg Kaynine, you still play #VALEFTW xD! I'm just mad the Team is still alive lmao
  8. GoldenSunIsaac's Youtube Thread Hey guys, welcome to my Youtube Thread! I figured since I've finished school for the year, and work has been slowing down I'll take some time and make a return on PokeMMO. It's been a while since i've been active or even playing, but i'm planning on coming back as a regular. With that being said, I'll be making some Youtube Content every now and then trying to upload every event I spectate or participate in. I'm also doing this to work on my video editing skills just for the fun of it! I won't be doing commentary unless i'm making a video with a friend or my brother for now I'll just be capturing Official/Unofficial events! This is my first video uploaded regarding PokeMMO, with yesterdays funny catching event "A Sneaky Kitty". The goal was to catch the best Purrloin / Lilipup... -__- I got tired of seeing those puppies honestly lmao. Hope you guys enjoy the little vid \o/
  9. Welcome to the game! If you catch me in game add me, we can chat about anything really. Enjoy the game bro o/
  10. Nice meeting you too! Enjoy PokeMMO
  11. Before After Now Just want to say I love the new graphics, such as; the battle interface, unova region graphics, and our avatars. It's lovely!! Much appreciation and love to @Darkshade Been away from the game for a while once again, and the update is going to bring me back :), also heyo everyone long time no see. Also my first sprites were made when i was like 14-15, lol the all gold is blehehhrerelfriehdjiqosfifw.
  12. IGN: GoldenSunIsaac / IIsaac Timezone: UTC - 4:00 Tiers: DPP OU, SM OU, NU if given Comps(anything in Pokemon Showdown tbh) Fluff: I'm Sh*t
  13. if anything, that's the least of my problems lol
  14. Thanks Nyas :) I'll donate you something in game
  15. Choice of two colors: Gold and Light Gold Name: Isaac Team: N/A Render: Solrock
  16. Choice of two colors: #D6EAF8 & #FCF3CF Name: WhiphTikoto & GoldenSunIsaac Team (Optional): N/A Render: Fate Grand Order: Mordred & Ryougi Shiki
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