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  1. Before After Now Just want to say I love the new graphics, such as; the battle interface, unova region graphics, and our avatars. It's lovely!! Much appreciation and love to @Darkshade Been away from the game for a while once again, and the update is going to bring me back :), also heyo everyone long time no see. Also my first sprites were made when i was like 14-15, lol the all gold is blehehhrerelfriehdjiqosfifw.
  2. if anything, that's the least of my problems lol
  3. Thanks Nyas :) I'll donate you something in game
  4. So today I said: "Let me go search for a Solrock so I can name it Golden Sun for the lolz". Went to Meteor Falls, and did a test, which will take longer, wild 5x31+ or wild shiny Solrock. Thought I was talking out my ass when I said I was gonna hunt for a shiny Solrock, and then boom. My very first shiny in PokeMMO, and it's actually a Sun. Oh god I was speechless <3333, welcome to the team Solrock!
  5. Just went broke for 35 carbos' :D
  6. Good luck with the team Reddoooo, I'm team-less right now, you know what that means good sir \o7
  7. Choice of two colors: Gold and Light Gold Name: Isaac Team: N/A Render: Solrock
  8. Choice of two colors: #D6EAF8 & #FCF3CF Name: WhiphTikoto & GoldenSunIsaac Team (Optional): N/A Render: Fate Grand Order: Mordred & Ryougi Shiki
  9. All of us* I found it quite funny myself :^D
  10. My worse moment, when a commander kicked everyone off my guild. <3 <3
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