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  1. Hi noob welcome back hope u stay like a good child
  2. Ye they should make it tradeable
  3. Lol Jiren doesn't have the courage to say it himself
  4. Dragon dance Kingdra, Cryogonal, Krookodile, Metagross, Raichu, Starmie
  5. Welp now its confirmed you need to join VVVV or Mr to get a OT shiny lol
  6. I just got a milotic and venusaur and those 2 rekt Ghestis and for Lord N i got a dragon dance kingdra :)
  7. Look at this guy's comps, and now shinies, hax0r, reported!
  8. fun game, love the staff here they are so good :)
  9. Electric storm, any idea or guesses?
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