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  1. Guns

    Unova Fossils

    Thank you!
  2. Guns

    Unova Fossils

    Hi i wanted to know how to get plume and the other fossil in unova, i see people listing 10+ of them at a time in gtl and i dont know where can i hunt for them. thanks!
  3. Guns

    Adding challenges to the game

    I really don't think that having aleatory challenges will become boring. Catching specific pokemon or pokemon types, or pick up X item, fight a specific trainers,winning matches, etc would be a lot more fun than pressing keys like a robot and doing always the same 2 or 3 things to get money, at least is an alternative to the common methods. Can you tell me more about those dungeons? never heard of that
  4. Hi, I'm here to suggest a new way of farming money in the game. Right now, the only way of getting money for breeding or buying things, is either battling gyms / trainers, pray to get good iv catches to sell, or farming items like everstones / hearthscales etc, with chances being really low. I want to suggest the implementation of challenges for the game, for example 'Catching 20 charmanders' , 'Win 5 ranked matches' , 'Defeat 20 trainers', 'Find X item', etc. They don't have to give a lot of money because that would break the game economy i understand, but that way you can keep yourself busy and with things to do besides pressing z fighting trainers, and doing always the same boring stuff just to get the money you need for a comp pokemon for example. I think this way you can log in the game without the routine of making island runs, payday, defeat the gyms, etc and actually be excited to complete the challenges to have more money, because right now its pretty boring. Thanks in advance!
  5. Guns

    Perfect Breeding Costs

    Ok thank you!!
  6. Guns

    Perfect Breeding Costs

    Can someone explain me this breeding method? I dont really understand the steps and i get confused (im kind of a noob in this breeding stuff) Thanks!

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