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  1. Oh nice thats awesome, I looked for the guy in vroad but didnt find it yet, ill pm u :)
  2. Hello, I was about to breed a samurott when I saw in pokedex that he can learn Sacred sword as egg move. I looked in internet to see from what pokemon can my smeargle sketch that but I only see legendaries, is there any way to get this move on him? Thanks
  3. Oh so I can only pass extrasensory to Budew.. noice. Now the question is, if I breed an extrasensory Budew and after that I evolve that budew into roselia to keep breeding it, the child keeps extrasensory or the only way to get that into a child is with incense? Because if I can save cash by doing it now instead of doing it after the roselia is perfect that would be great
  4. Hi, im trying to make a roselia with spikes - sleep powder - leaf storm and extrasensory but for some reason the last move wont pass to the child, and i got absobr instead. Does somebody know why? Thanks in advance
  5. Yeah exactly, I got like 3 boxes full of 1x31s and 2x31s and finding a specific breeder is literally impossible in mobile.
  6. Nice, good to know that Im not the only one facing this issue
  7. Hi, does someone else has been having trouble with the search system on the pc? Whenever I want to search pokes with a specific criteria, the pokes that meet that criteria do not get the green box around them for some reason, so its virtually impossible for me to know what pokes do meet the criteria Im looking for (ivs nature etc). I did not want to create a post in the bug report section if this is a problem that only happens to me or if this is a known bug. Thanks in advance
  8. It would be dope if we could create listings in gtl where we post an X amount of money, and a desired item or poke. So if someone has that item / pokemon that meets the criteria that you established when creating the listing, he can click a 'Sell' button and claim your money, while you get a mail with the item/pokemon. Hope I explained myself thanks
  9. Guns

    Air baloon?

    Well I guess ill try to find some in the wild then. Thanks!
  10. Guns

    Air baloon?

    Thats nice to know so I got another place to farm but you cannot buy them anymore?
  11. Hi I was wondering where air baloons went cause I used to buy them with bp on battle frontier but not anymore. Any help? Thanks
  12. Hi, I was wondering if Cell Battery was supposed to be implemented because I just played a pvp match and got hit by an electric type attack but nothing happened. Thanks
  13. Oh right its a hidden ability, do you happen to know if in the future I will be able to 'add' the hidden ability to my current comps, or should I sell them now and breed new ones with the ability I want after?
  14. Hi, first of all I want to thank all the devs for the new patch and the new aditions they look awesome. I was wondering how do the new abilities work and on what pokemon are they implemented, because I just bred a quagsire (that according to smogon it has Unaware) but after changing its ability two times with pills it keeps changing between water absorb / damp. Is there something Im missing? Thanks again !
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