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  1. Team Cold Heroes [COLD] in business~

  2. Well alright guys thats all good. Ty guys for the feedback. ^_^
  3. Leaving your name remembered and mark engraved~​   ​As the title is self explanatory itself, I was curious as to how all you trainers would like to be remembered playing Pokemmo. We all have that one person we always will remember for a long time before he/she decided to part ways with the game. Then you decide to think to yourself, "What things did they do that actually made a huge impact on me?" In this thread you can explain multiple ways on how or even if you plan to accomplish this such as explaining, "What steps are you taking to accomplish this?" "Do you feel you play a big part in the community" "What kind of person you want to be described as", and many more. With all this being said i'd like to go ahead and explain on my part.        I'd like to be remembered as the helpful Ch2 guy. I always found helping other people out to be very reassuring and enjoying. Whether its just one rookie trainer or helping out an entire group on multiple things if I can contribute I'm more than happy to. I feel something so little or easy for us to answer could be something big or relieving for somebody else. Knowing that person has one less problem or question to worry about could make his/hers's day which is awesome.     So however you wanna be remembered such as the Trainer who defeated all or the tyrant that caused trouble throughout the channels, I wanna hear it. I look forward to hearing from a lot of you guys.~ ^_^                  
  4. Welcome back to Pokemmo~ ^_^
  5. elcome back to Pokemmo bud~ ^_^
  6. Welcome to the Forums~
  7. Welcome back good sir, enjoy your stay exploring the new content.~ ^_^
  8. Welcome to Pokemmo bud. If theres anything you need, dont hesitate to ask~ ^_^
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