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  1. Holy freaking speed! Thank you so much, highly recommend this service. 10/10 psyducks agree. Can I also get a 27+/x/27+/31/27+/31 Modest Deino?
  2. Can I get a Bold Yamask with 31/x/31/27+/27+/27+ I'll send the money in just a few minutes
  3. Here's the first one. I'll work on the 2nd one tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I've had a lot going on
  4. Name xVolvagiax Team läva Reader/ Character Scizor Colour Scheme Probably red to match Scizor with some black Background Surprise me Animations None Extra Details None
  5. Thank you! I really enjoyed making it since he's one of my favorite champs. If you want it I can add your name to it, was just kind of one I made for fun.
  6. My ingame name is: xVolvagiax My favourite pokemon is: Scizor On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: Running through Hoenn at the moment, will be breeding comps afterwards My playtime ingame is: 2k+ hours between 2 characters I would like to join Team Läva because: I've been a member in the past (I believe about a year ago) and the community was fun to play with, would like to join and reconnect. This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I plan on getting back into comp battling since gens 4 and 5 were some of my favorite metas. Once I get my own comps bred I plan on battling for whichever guild I'm a part of (Although I'd like it to be Lava). I'm pretty helpful overall as well and try to provide accurate advice to anyone who needs it.
  7. Back in business (Until I die again). Examples of sigs are on first page. Last one is the most recent one I've created
  8. Tfw Pantheon isn't that hard to play anyways. He literally shits on any auto attackers so beating someone who is reliant on all auto attacks isn't saying much
  9. I got Dunkmaster Darius in one of mine.
  10. That video just made me hate ardent censor
  11. Currently sitting on Silver 1 in NA, trying to climb the mound of trash to gold 5 before end of season, add me IGN: Argorok2017
  12. Jovi you still playing on NA? If so, add me Argorok2017
  13. lol about the same as Nunu's buff (talking about the toning down they did after they updated him lol)
  14. So did anyone notice at all that they buffed Diana?
  15. I'd play with you guys but my main account is NA and my ping in EUW is horrid. I'd show them mid laners up with my Diana
  16. tfw an Akali beat a Zed, that Zed was bad
  17. League is dead though, just like my hopes and dreams
  18. I'd come play with you guys, but I'm NA so rip. My EUW account is still like lvl 14 or something
  19. Yes, will send you something in game. Thank you
  20. Looks awesome, mind if I just ask to have the purple a little more defined, like one of the more brighter purples of the render?
  21. Choice of two colors: Purple (one of the purples from the render) and Black Name: xVolvagiax Team (Optional): läva Render: http://orig02.deviantart.net/4e0d/f/2014/010/a/5/lunar_goddess_diana_render_by_xilent21-d71nb4b.png
  22. Took out all previous sigs from front page, if whoever I made a sig for would like theirs, then message me here. Otherwise, starting fresh with sigs.
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