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  1. Tfw Pantheon isn't that hard to play anyways. He literally shits on any auto attackers so beating someone who is reliant on all auto attacks isn't saying much
  2. I got Dunkmaster Darius in one of mine.
  3. That video just made me hate ardent censor
  4. Currently sitting on Silver 1 in NA, trying to climb the mound of trash to gold 5 before end of season, add me IGN: Argorok2017
  5. Jovi you still playing on NA? If so, add me Argorok2017
  6. lol about the same as Nunu's buff (talking about the toning down they did after they updated him lol)
  7. So did anyone notice at all that they buffed Diana?
  8. I'd play with you guys but my main account is NA and my ping in EUW is horrid. I'd show them mid laners up with my Diana
  9. tfw an Akali beat a Zed, that Zed was bad
  10. League is dead though, just like my hopes and dreams
  11. I'd come play with you guys, but I'm NA so rip. My EUW account is still like lvl 14 or something
  12. Took out all previous sigs from front page, if whoever I made a sig for would like theirs, then message me here. Otherwise, starting fresh with sigs.
  13. Argorok2017


    I'd wait and see when Unova is actually implemented, only because they are too busy with that right now to focus on anything else tbh
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