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  1. The best Pokémons to make a solid Team.

    This. Scizor is possibly the safest Pokemon to breed at the moment. Effective on the grand majority of teams and is pretty versatile.
  2. 0 atk 0 speed 0 evasion, let's go
  3. The 2000 RP advanced version should turn the pokemon you mail into gifts The 3000 RP master version plays an animated cutscene of Kyu sharting on your character's face whenever you send mail. On top of that you'd need two (or three) for each character in your account.
  4. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    Oh I thought you meant the game should recount which votes go to which language my bad.
  5. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    Even with the fix it can be kinda abused. Let's say I dislike a person, let's call them Nermal and let's say my whole Team hates them too, we could all agree and insta-vote Nermal to be stuck in the Abu Dhabi channel that way they cannot communicate with anyone who has that channel blocked.
  6. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    Prone to abuse but seems feasible.
  7. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    10k plis es todo i have xDD
  8. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    Auto filter words like "hola" "ayuda" "vendo" to stick Spanish speakers in ES chat and seal them for a week without any chance of switching back if they use them in EN.
  9. NU group

    this is currently happening by the way, if anyone still wants to join
  10. Drought Ninetales when?

    nah use torkoal
  11. I mean Poison Heal Breloom still tends to work like normal Breloom except he can heal through sandstorm damage and doesn't mind scald, he's far from useless without an ability unlike say Cloyster he's more on the "useable but kinda shitty" tier like Mienshao.
  12. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    No focus sash makes it very vulnerable to scarfers/priority and can't boldly switch into many things it may want to trap but yeah Orange has it right.
  13. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Because it's a slippery slope. Should Technician-less Scizor be UU since it has infinitely less usage than Technician Scizor? (Let's assume it works atm for the sake of this example) I'm sure everyone who has been using and playing against Scizor since the Unova release would say "fuck no" to that. Now that'd add the extra mile of not only relying on usage of certain mons to tier them but also on the usage of their abilities and it's just a clusterfuck. Add the extra slope of "what if we allow STAB less, technician less Scizor in NU" for extra fuckery.
  14. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Ok Speed Boost Blaziken is allowed but only if it uses Scratch, Agility, Focus Punch and Ember and also holds an Lagging Tail, has 69 evs in speed and is also shiny.

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