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  1. rng

    you should ev train your luck stat more OP
  2. I job literally in every single important match I have, I have a worse track record than Yamcha in DBZ
  3. Is this being worked on? I've seen it suggested a couple of times (including by me) and today I realized that I messed up a few times when breeding certain Pokemon into normal Pokeballs instead of Luxury Balls.
  4. I've noticed a few Altarias being used to stop sun dead on its tracks, that's pretty interesting on its own.
  5. 3/10 no google tab asking how to take a screenshot visibly in the background
  6. i'm bad at this
  7. Re-read his post.
  8. You can always make a core instead of relying on a single mon.
  9. suigining for both unless this is only for PSL players then lol ignore this
  10. Infernape isn't attainable in BW 1. Conkeldurr alone can really ruin Chansey's day and is an amazing anti-metagame pick in general though. And even if we eventually find Eviolite Chansey banworthy after all the more offensive threats get banned people can still evolve it into Blissey and that's a whole other test. This egg just refuses to die.
  11. The despair is sweeter if you give them hope first.
  12. For the people freaking out: It's a test ban, it will only last a month or so, so don't go around selling your Chanseys and even after all that it will get unbanned once gen5 eventually hits.
  13. oh yeah the lack of team preview makes trick room teams slightly less obvious
  14. SM OU also has a ton more viable fairies that don't explode vs Bisharp like the Tapus, while ORAS only had Azumarill who still got hurt a lot by losing its item. But yeah MMO doesn't have Z-Items or mega stones and buffing knock off would just buff the already powerful fighting types even more as they'd get some really sweet coverage with that buffed knock off, while the only dark types that would get buffed are Absol, Weavile, Bisharp and Crawdaunt who all will still mostly get walled by steel types except maybe Crawdaunt.