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  1. it adds a layer of frustration but it changes nothing in the end
  2. and it was the best decision ever done
  3. I think it's because since it no longer breaks NU and it's not a staple in higher tiers it may be ok to buff it since the higher ups want the game to "be as close to the original games" as possible. Same deal as the stupid Curse Body thing with Gengar, the devs want to keep mons as close to their Sword and Shield iterations as possible without them being broken for our meta.
  4. IIRC back when Senile was around we had proposed a system or something where the players would have more of an input when it came to bans and such. The thread it was suggested in probably still sits unresponded to in the TC forum.
  5. I think he means stuff like Body Press and such.
  6. Usage matters, it just shouldn't be the only metric by which something is judged. Saying usage doesn't matter is done only to swiftly shut some idiot up who wants something like Landorus-Therian banned solely on the basis of their usage because of how splashable it is. Something like a powerful sweeper such as Lucario should not be as splashable as it is in UU.
  7. This is asusming of course that Alomomola is running 252 hp and defense and Lucario is +speed nature. Granted Alomomola doesn't really invest in hp due to its naturally high hp stat and need to invest in defenses to have effective bulk so a lot of it would normally go into spdef, but let's assume for the sake of argument that Alomomola would go max HP and Max def, that leaves it completely open to special Lucario. Hell I'll even calculate a magical Alomomola with Max everything Well sure, it can live, barely if not chipped, now let's see what it can retaliate with? Oh...so only a 30% chance of hopefully burning it. Not very different here. Also Can only really counter the physical set. Oh wait you said Driflim would revenge kill, rather than wall so you absolutely need to pray somehow pop a berry at half health. But let's assume your miracle scenario happens, you switched in, rocks put you at half health, you ate your Sitrus you're now faster than the opposing Lucario. Let's go, we can finally retaliate. You're only killing it if it max rolls and Life Orb recoil kills it. Edit: I had originally calced -defense because I was moving quickly between calcing special and physical sets and how it'd fare vs special attackers sorry, in reality Drif doesn't kill at all. Have an extra cool calc in case this incredibly unreliable Drifblim becomes a common Lucario check for whatever reason To kill more stuff.
  8. POV: You are absolutely forced to switch out in front of the opposing Lucario who just switched in. You don't know its set, what do you do?
  9. Rather than things becoming broken it's closer to a meta shake up of the highest magnitude across all tiers which would seldom have any recovery from. For starters sure, Volcarona is the obvious suspect, but so are any set up sweepers who are weak to rocks, Gyarados, Togekiss and need I remind you of our eventual Multiscale Dragonite (Who may be coupled with a buffed Outrage if the promise of buffing Outrage once HAs and legendaries are out is still up). Coupled with this defensive playstyles would be buffed enormously. Lack of hazards mean stuff like Mandibuzz, Rotom or an eventual Zapdos would have absolute control of hazards cleaning them up for defensive stuff that isn't running the item without any penalties. Things like Blissey wouldn't be chipped by them making it harder to put in range for KOs, an eventual Regenerator Slowbro wouldn't be affected by Toxic Spikes, etc. Coupled with this Knock Off is not that common due to understandable reasons so getting rid of opposing boots would be an ordeal. Hazards are in a good spot, I'd say they are even in a slightly weak spot with Defog being so safe and prevalent and they are only gonna get weaker as we gain access to stuff like Magic Bounce, Zapdos, or the Latis. So yeah I don't really see Heavy Duty Boots improving our meta, I can only see it devolving into a stallfest the likes of which the devs have disapproved of before, either that or a duel between offenses that is decided pretty much by matchup and who sets up first (Which in turn would promote stall since you know, why go for the coin toss when you can just wall everything).
  10. Ok I'm talking about OU though, different tier, different mons, set up options are different. 10% rate at best, 1 type immune to it, there's several moves that allow instant thawing out, including the infamous Scald. 2 Pokemon types immune to them at minimum (Ground types for Discharge, Ghost for Body Slam). Misses are on the user for picking said move to use, they are not imposed on by the opponent unless there's an evasion raise involved (The only ones allowed are Snow Cloak and Sand Veil which should also be removed). Smaller chance of them happening, attached to all moves. What an asinine comparison. They both more or less do the same stuff except they now add an extra layer of rng that can greatly change the game on a whim of the RNG seed. If Jellicent lost so much teambuilding effectiveness then why did it both rise a tier and have people willingly use Cursed Body on it? Flame body and Static require contact. Mono attackers also suffer from this. Cursed Body affects everything, you 100% have to attack a Pokemon to defeat it. Sure depending on the matchup you can maybe toxic a Jellicent and stall it to death but not everything has the luxury of doing so. Don't post then. Specially if your post is bad. If you wanna focus on Duggy then all power to you, make another post complaining about it, don't sidetrack another discussion with your dogshit comparisons.
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