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  1. We'll eventually have them with the implementation of legendary dungeons, please be patient.
  2. We'll eventually have them with the implementation of legendary dungeons, please be patient.
  3. lmao they don't even update their site anymore
  4. https://www.smogon.com/dex/bw/formats/ou/ https://www.smogon.com/dex/bw/pokemon/wobbuffet/ Neither Shadow Tag nor Wobb are banned in Smogon tho?????
  5. Get a Guts Swellow, it synergizes well with Swampert/Marshtomp, buy a Flame Orb on the GTL and you're set.
  6. i guess this is why he's called boltblades12
  7. suigin

    Halloween Event

    Just stick a random jumpscare in the game.
  8. Alright due to this logic the tier council has decided that Water Pulse will now have 200 BP as it never had much spotlight at all. See you in the Fields of Justice, Summoner.
  9. Why does it need the spotlight again? I'll shower this part with calcs later to disprove it since I don't really have much time to do right now, but first I wanna know why Outrage needs the spotlight though.
  10. So every team should now run these two mons or Skarmory? What does 120 BP Outrage bring to the table? Why should it be buffed? How would it benefit the meta? Can you elaborate on why this change should happen?
  11. Wisp is the one move with a bigger burn ratio than scald though.
  12. The incoming Garchomp, Salamence, Dragonite
  13. We know, it's like that due to balance reasons.
  14. Then use Dragon Claw since Outrage's drawbacks don't justify its benefits.
  15. This thread is to request an in-depth discussion for banworthy Pokemon/Mechanics in the OU tier but yeah. Lanturn is pretty decent, just not used enough to be OU, I've seen it put in work and fill a small niche that can blindside a lot of teams B- or C tier in terms of viability would be accurate. Sadly Rotom-W will probably steal its niche soon enough when it's released.
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