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  1. Whimsicott is kind of a pain for screens to play against. You should give it a try.
  2. Same reason why stuff like Flygon got hit by the lack of 120 BP Outrage. Or why poor poor Cacturne (Who went from F tier to G tier in untiered) got affected by the Sand Veil nerfs.
  3. I'm sure that person is missing out on a good and healthy friendship if they got removed from a friend list for such a petty reason.
  4. your son dray wouldn't say yikes he'd get those reqs on 2 alts and his main
  5. i bet you 12m i played recently to watch how the meta is looking do u dare take?
  6. You can get your friends to watch for you and scout. Or simply scout from an alt
  7. They are not, we're less shy about testing stuff but right now we're testing too much stuff all at once and don't wanna overwhelm the players.
  8. We still have the Nasty Plot "Complex Ban" though
  9. We're currently testing it with Draco Meteor, we may test Nasty Plot some day after this test is done.
  10. Due to the newly implemented movepool changes the Tier Council has decided to test Blastoise with Shell Smash in the NU Tier for the next month. This thread was made so people can voice their opinions on whether this combination should be allowed in the tier once the test period is finished. Should this combination be considered too overwhelming, Blastoise will be banned to NUBL, so invest in said Pokemon with caution.
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