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  1. suigin

    Least liked staff member

    whoever was the guy who told me that people whisper him to make the game shittier
  2. Not really. Maybe for newer players, but there's a difference between using 6 mons and using a team.
  3. suigin


    Knock Off didn't get buffed since we don't have Z-Crystals and Mega Stones which punish its spammability.
  4. suigin

    A very salty boi

    I also mentioned a bunch of times that the lack of Fairy type to tank those Dark Type hits is also a factor. Also there's pretty much no reason to implement these changes, making Bisharp and Weavile a bit better isn't worth messing with the balance of two of the best mons in OU. Bisharp would also have to hope Gengar misses Focus Blast if it sets up a sub and then guess another 50/50 on whether Gengar switches out, sets up a sub, or attacks again.
  5. suigin

    A very salty boi

    All of those either require a sac to get them in, or get utterly destroyed on the switch if you guess wrong making your team extremely vulnerable to Outrage after that misplay. Weavile and Mamoswine would work, sure, until people start running Yache berries for Mence, +1 Dnite can kill Weavile with Espeed after rocks 93% of the time and neither can rk +1 Haxorus anyways. Offense would actually be hurt a lot by this change too, due to its variety being centralized around using Dragons and trying to play around those dragons. I've asked many players, including one I tend to disagree with a lot, and they believe OU is balanced really well, plenty of different playstyles are viable: weather offense, HO, balance, bulky offense and finally stall, with the last two being kind of on the weak side. The only problem is probably the lack of variety on mons used, but that's a problem inherent with Pokemon. You're the only person I've seen complain about Stall at all, and whenever provided with an answer to it, you fall back on the fact that you should be able to click Outrage and break past it with ease and anything else is "unnatural". Is stall completely unviable? No, it can do well provided the player knows what he's doing. Is stall overpowered in any way? No, there are plenty of answers that, with some support can easily dismantle any stall team. It sounds like the metagame is in a balanced state. I'm looking forward to stuff like Adaptability Crawdaunt and Technician Breloom, but considering we'll also be getting Regenerator walls, I wouldn't put my hope on stall fully dying once they are implemented.
  6. suigin

    A very salty boi

    Balance teams can run it fine. Offense and stall are not the only archetypes. There are probably not going to be any changes to OU mons any time soon. The reason why certain things get nerfed is because otherwise we predict them to be Uber worthy and our goal is to keep as many things away from Uber tier as possible and right now we feel like OU is a pretty balanced state. Sorry you cannot spam Outrage, but chances are Dragon spam would eventually get mons like Mence, Dnite and Haxorus banned due to lack of mons like Jirachi, Heatran and other offensive threats like Scarf Terrakion to revenge kill them. Blissey is a better mon than Chansey though, its problem is that it's stretched so thin by its coverage due to stallbreakers (Problem that Chansey inherently has too but cannot really do anything about it) setting up on it. Hell the most common Blissey right now has Shadow Ball which doesn't even break Chandelure's sub after 2 CMs, but it's desperate to win that 50/50 in the second CM otherwise it downright loses. CB Dnite is one of the better wallbreakers in MMO right now though, top tier players like EVLGOON and HuanLiu tend to use it. I'll agree with Phys Mence being on the weak side right now but it's still pretty viable through its special sets, so it's not like it's downright worthless. --------------------- Yeah but it makes it more spammable, meaning Hydreigon would love to blindly spam Dark Pulse without any chance of outplay. Again, spammability, and that fighting move has a 30% chance to miss. In the case where Scizor switches into a Gengar predicting Shadow Ball to Pursuit trap it, in gen5 it could do it, in gen6, it gets 2hKO'd. We also don't have fairy type to switch into Hydreigon's Dark Pulse, so why arbitrarily buff Dark type?
  7. suigin

    A very salty boi

    Knock Off being nerfed only means certain offensive mons won't use it, it's still a great, game changing move that plenty of mons can run and completely ruin Chansey's day if it gets cocky and stays on them. Then use other ways, it's not like they are lacking. Hell there's only one stall player in the top 10 of the ladder There's plenty of cores that wouldn't work in vanilla gen5 but work here too, it being a good thing is completely subjective and in this case it's not even centralizing. And the fact is if Chansey was overwhelming without other Pokemon the same way something like let's say Latios would be, we would have noticed and taken action, alas it's not even used half as much as Blissey is, due to how passive it is. No, the game is about making things lose hp, not punching through them, it was about just punching through them in Gen1, but it has since then evolved. You can Knock Off, use it as set up fodder, chip it down with hazards using momentum control, Trick it, the trade off for Chansey to barely get OHKO'd from full is that it won't ever OHKO you either.
  8. suigin

    A very salty boi

    Don't bother, the guy wants to punch through the mountain. We've told him that there's ways around it, he can walk around it, he can climb it, he can go through already existing tunnels but he insists on punching through it and the game is somehow ruined if he cannot destroy it in one punch.
  9. suigin

    A very salty boi

    No, this change was made due to Aegislash and Fairy type's implementation. All it'd do is make Gengar and Hydreigon into even bigger threats forcing people to run even more Chanseys/Blisseys.
  10. 3x the option to choose between 31 and 0 for a specific stat is ideal. A 3x31 wall can have HP, DEF and SPDEF this way. A 3x31 mon that has hybrid attacking potential can have ATK, SPATK and SPE. A mono attacker can have their main attacking stat, SPE and maybe HP or a defensive stat depending on their base stats. A trick room mon can have 0 SPE, 31 on their main attacking stat and 31 to be used on another stat (Eelektross would probably want 31 on the remaining offensive stat while something like Reuniclus would probably like HP or defense.) The current system only benefits stuff that's really one dimensional like Haxorus.
  11. suigin


    IGN: Suigin Forum name: Suigin Country: Argentina Tiers: I'll Sub for OU if our 12 OU players cannot play, I'd also like to provide comps and help for my countrymen if allowed
  12. suigin

    A very salty boi

    Because Masuda cannot balance for shit. See: Scald.
  13. suigin

    hidden abilities

    Oh yeah true for that.

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