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  1. Landorus-Therian, the most important feature in any Pokemon game
  2. Just lay off the sugar and be patient. Remember this is a side project made by people who have their day jobs, homes to take care of and after spending the whole day coding, sitting down and coding some more after coming home is really tiring. Sure they could hire more people, but this project is their baby and after a bunch of bad experiences with people who left and tried to make their own MMOs it's not easy to be trustful after that.
  3. This isn't the official game. Sure the official games do things differently but the people running things here don't wanna do the same thing they are doing due to balance reasons.
  4. what happened to the previous 11 boltblades
  5. This. Also I thought Opelucid's gym's gimmick was cool the first time I did it. Then sure the next few times were also cool. After the billionth time I'm pretty much sick of it. Same with stuff like Mossdeep, just make the teleporters activate both ways once you beat the gyms or something.
  6. We don't have Mega Stones or Z-Crystals to punish its spammability.
  7. It seems like wild ones have Hypnosis overwritten by moves learned after it. You may be able to get Hypnosis on it through the move relearner.
  8. Yeah but with all those vanities and boosts you can still get smashed by someone in tournaments who probably didn't pay a single cent for rp. Ergo it's not pay to win.
  9. suigin

    Value Advice

    http://prntscr.com/oddb1d Price checking all of these fellas
  10. Voting: Yes to Zoroark dropping: Zoroark has been an underwhelming pokemon in OU, one imagines oneself pulling off these incredibly complex ruses only for a hazard or ability to reveal the truth. It's hard to breed and requires a tailor made moveset to support a team and even then it relies on your opponent falling for it, rather meh choice. Yes to Mamoswine dropping: Mamo is strong and chances are it won't stay in UU for long with Garchomp on the horizon, but I feel like the UU metagame will be able to handle it. it can seldom switch into a lot common threats and can always be countered by the fairly common Bronzong. Of all the BLs, this is the only one we banned before we even saw its effect on the meta, I think it's worth giving it a shot. No to Porygon-Z dropping: People have brought up some good points about it, I do believe there's a certain bias towards wanting more offense in the tier from these players and while I understand them, I don't think the tier is ready yet for it. At least I'd rather not drop it at the same time as Mamoswine who will surely make a big impact in the tier. I'll reconsider once the meta settles down with Mamoswine (if it drops). No to Haxorus dropping No to Honchkrow dropping Yes to Wobb dropping: It's a hit or miss Pokemon that everyone has been overhyping in the other two tiers yet they never seem to deliver in showing how strong it is. I do believe NU is a different case with so many powerful set up sweepers suddenly having a catch-all pokemon that can remove the threats that wall them, however without actual proof of this happening I think it's too early to jump the gun and expect it to ruin the meta. I'd also like to propose the idea of buffing Leaf Storm to 140 BP over its current 130 BP. It was originally nerfed alongside its sister moves Draco Meteor and Overheat when Unova was released since we believed it'd be easier for the playerbase to implement weaker versions of moves and then buff them later if they prove underwhelming instead of pulling the rug and nerfing them after investments into comps were made. Unlike these other two moves Leaf Storm has a much weaker offensive typing and its strongest users aren't in a good place in the metagame right now. This decision could bite us back in the very far future when its best abuser in recorded history, Contrary Serperior, gets implemented. Personally I doubt it'd change much as Serperior's base special attack is pretty weak, meaning a 10 BP increase on its first or second Leaf Storm shouldn't be that devastating and it has a lackluster movepool which proves to be its undoing, not to mention we'd have far more options to deal with it when it finally gets implemented. Another thing I overlooked was the unimplemented Rotom-Mow, the one I'd expect to be the most used in NU, if not the least used in UU. It already looks naturally strong in NU, with its specs set deleting anything not named Roselia on a misprediction, but I think the end result of this ending up in UU or BL2 (if it does) won't be due to a 10 BP increase in the move. Anyways I'd like to know if this would get the approval of the playerbase and the rest of the Tier Council.
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    already exists
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