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  1. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    As long as you don't kick out people for using the Pokemon Black rom instead of the Pokemon White rom
  2. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    If it's possible to have strong visual cues for stuff like Trick Room, Light Screen, Reflect, etc that'd be great.
  3. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Hopefully it will be Castelia. It's one of my favorite cities. For some odd reason I've seen a lot of people excited for Magnezone despite his playstyle being nearly identical to the already existing Magneton. Ferrothorn as previously mentioned is also a popular pick. Personally I'm pretty sure people will just breed a bunch of Lucario and use the unbanned ubers on release week. Hopefully people here don't fall for the Ambipom meme. Hopefully Zapdos. Sure There's a few more not in these boxes, hopefully I'll get to finish a third box by the time the update releases.
  4. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Yeah I realized he was a terrible check to scout for the Venu's moveset as I clicked the Submit Reply button.
  5. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    mag? Edit: I'm an idiot, delete this
  6. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    Considering how offensive the tier is by nature Eviolite is a good thing to have. Only Tangela and Gligar become unkillable with it, however everything else is fine.
  7. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    I feel like there was a lot of different views when it came to voting the tiers. Personally I voted what I thought "wouldn't tear this tier apart" but something like "I don't want people who play lower tiers to get overwhelmed by this particular mon on release" popped in my head at times (Which would probably explain some of the conservative decisions you mention, but that's just me, I'm one out of 9 people), others seemed to aim for more of a "I predict stuff will look more or less like this in the end" others, I don't know. Hidden abilities won't be out on release as far as I know. They will be released on the upcoming dungeons as addressed by Kyu I think? in a post on some other thread, so overall this entire thing will be worked on the assumption that HAs won't be out, and the changes on mechanics only we currently know. Yes, gems will be implemented. Agreed. I believe it's going to be an amazing anti-meta Pokemon as Mence's one true counter, and a good way to deal with a lot of other popular picks, the only way I can think it'd be UU by usage is if people opt to use their one Eviolite (Until they replay the game on an alt, buy it off someone else, or dunno if it will be purchaseable with BP) on Chansey the majority of the time, however it is a case where I thought "This Pokemon won't tear the tier apart" so I voted for it to be allowed in UU. Like I mentioned earlier a case where I thought "I don't want all the NU players to suddenly be dropped this 160 attack beast without any time to prepare". Some guy may want to try new stuff but has to suddenly deal with one of last gen's hardest hitters. EDIT: LMAO I missed out on most of the post while I made this will edit shortly EDIT EDIT: Nevermind it'd take a decade to respond to all of them. A bunch of them I agree with, others can be summed as "this has no counters in lower tiers", others are you just saying "lmao" cba to go into specifics.
  8. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    You only get one Rotom from an NPC trade, this is a prize with fixed IVs and neutral nature and it cannot be traded or re-breeded. That means if it gets scouted in a tournament, people know exactly which form and which set you have on it and they can prepare for it. Sure you can go to the place where you change its forms and then re-EV it with berries and vitamins and then finally change its moves between matches but I can predict that not being very cost effective. As for it not appearing in the wild then yeah Satan.
  9. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    I wish it did something to Chansey
  10. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    They won't be as strong this time around.
  11. A lot of these don't "need" them as much as they are an alternative. Cloyster doesn't use Overcoat, Miltank can choose between Thick Fat and Sap Sipper, Arcanine would rather use Intimidate, Weavile doesn't really make use of either ability, Ambipom prefers Technician, Poison Heal is still good on Breloom, etc.
  12. Make it so the HA mon's ability takes priority so we don't have to mess with gender inheritance essentially screwing a lot of single gender Pokemon and so we don't have to buy a hold item to keep the ability, essentially adding another layer to the expensive and tedious process of breeding.
  13. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7rususpecttest-628197956 looking forward to speed boost sharpedo in mmo

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