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  1. Alright due to this logic the tier council has decided that Water Pulse will now have 200 BP as it never had much spotlight at all. See you in the Fields of Justice, Summoner.
  2. Why does it need the spotlight again? I'll shower this part with calcs later to disprove it since I don't really have much time to do right now, but first I wanna know why Outrage needs the spotlight though.
  3. So every team should now run these two mons or Skarmory? What does 120 BP Outrage bring to the table? Why should it be buffed? How would it benefit the meta? Can you elaborate on why this change should happen?
  4. Wisp is the one move with a bigger burn ratio than scald though.
  5. The incoming Garchomp, Salamence, Dragonite
  6. We know, it's like that due to balance reasons.
  7. Then use Dragon Claw since Outrage's drawbacks don't justify its benefits.
  8. This thread is to request an in-depth discussion for banworthy Pokemon/Mechanics in the OU tier but yeah. Lanturn is pretty decent, just not used enough to be OU, I've seen it put in work and fill a small niche that can blindside a lot of teams B- or C tier in terms of viability would be accurate. Sadly Rotom-W will probably steal its niche soon enough when it's released.
  9. Don't do it then. Due to balance reasons we're keeping Outrage at 90 BP, specially with Garchomp on the horizon.
  10. I think the sprite system we have makes it so Darkshade has to edit every single sprite manually for each tiny little vanity combination, it's not a simple sprite that has a cosmetic overlaid on it, it's an actual sprite swap, which means had had to sprite a preview for every single cosmetic and cosmetic combination. Now multiply that for every single pose too for the outcome to pretty much be "I like how I look in the two seconds people see my sprite in a battle".
  11. Actual suggestion here lol, sorry I was on the wrong account when I posted the OP and hit submit too early. Remove Baton Pass' effect of passing stat changes to the incoming switch in and make it into a drypass so we can use it to gain momentum thanks.
  12. A test for a month would probably be nice, yeah.
  13. You can't yet, you will be able to when Sinnoh gets implemented.
  14. If you removed primals, the cancer deer and the absurd megas you'd still have like 99% Kyogre usage and the entire metagame centered around it . We don't care, we don't want a metagame centered 100% around 1 or a handful of Pokemon. Sure, the devs could add a clause that makes the AI change to a mix of Nostradamus meets Professor X and gives every NPC trainer a Pumpking from the Halloween event, a bunch of Elfbots plus their own Kyogre/Mewtwo/Titan Charizard God whenever someone has a box legend, but why would they? Why waste valuable dev time investing into something for players to obtain and then punish them for getting? That's a bad idea and not worth investing in when there's thousands of better things they can spend that time working on. Maybe when the game hits a massive wall in terms of dev content but even then I'd assume trying to port Alola and Kalos in even with the art clash is worth more than completely shattering the PVE balance for the sake of being faithful to Gamefreak's original vision. tl;dr: It won't happen, knock it off, it has been like 5 threads about this where we constantly tell you it isn't going to happen, it just won't happen. Normal legendaries will eventually happen, Uber legendaries will never ever happen. Also for the record, if you think PVP needs to be "spiced up", soon enough we'll get Sinnoh and Sword and Shield will likely add some new toys in terms of learnset and ability changes, then we can go back to complaining about every team being the same after a week or so of it happening.
  15. First off, the official format is doubles with a banlist usually limited on Pokedex availability,hell two out of three years the Uber legendaries you people tout so much are banned and if they aren't then well... courtesy of Gamefreak's """""""balance""""""" team. Mythicals are arbitrarily banned 100% of the time too. So if we went by OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT RULES!!! We would never get to use Mew, Celebi, etc. Normal legendaries will be added in due time, they just want to prepare an instance in order to get and keep them in order to have meaningful mmo content in the game that you can do with other people. Volcarona was never Uber, Chansey and Gengar were Uber in completely different metas back when we had completely different policies. To answer OP, we're getting Legendaries eventually when the devs implement Legendary Dungeons which will act as an instance where you'll be able to catch Pokemon with Hidden Abilities and minor Legendary Pokemon that don't seem too broken, until then please be patient.
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