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  1. Gengar and Hydreigon would be ridiculous without that. Also no fairy so no reason to update the chart.
  2. At the end of the month. We skipped usage this month because of wobb and duggy dropping and team preview and stuff.
  3. Don't use Umbreon, Sun is a momentum based play style, using walls with it, will generally make you waste sun turns and people will play around that. Use Darmanitan instead of Arcanine, more damage and again a better momentum gainer with U-turn. The rest of your team doesn't really synergize well with sun. I haven't tested this, but on paper Whimsicott seems like a good mon to have in sun, priority defog, u-turn, encore to lock certain mons trying to set up, priority Sunny Day can help you keep sun up even if your Torkoal dies. Typhlosion is a good option if you can keep rocks away, its damage with Eruption under the sun is obscene. Victreebel seems pretty solid too. If Duggy doesn't get banned it's a great option to get rid of Ttar, Excadrill, Kabutops if you have a sash.
  4. Because it's only useful in the original games for learning where you can find certain mons. Here the Pokedex is way more useful.
  5. Would it be possible to have bulbagarden.net whitelisted? I wouldn't want this guide And the other compendiums to go to waste.
  6. Pay to win locks stronger stuff behind a paywall (IE Paying to unlock a permanent Mewtwo), this is pay to not grind (Kind of the same model League of Legends does.)
  7. Has the tag SRIF been claimed for a shiny hunting team yet
  8. Hoping for scald nerfs
  9. Kanto : Island 1 (north), inside of the cave with the hot springs, it takes 3 yellow shards
  10. Don't use Shadow Claw and don't use special moves on Haxorus. Guillotine is banned. Haxorus has an insane 147 base attack and a god awful around 65ish spatk, so Adamant is definitely better than Hasty. Regarding Adamant vs Jolly, I'd choose Adamant. You gain a lot of damage in exchange for not outspeeding max speed 85+ base speed Pokemon. In terms of what you wanna use, you absolutely want to use Dragon Claw, it's your STAB move and in normal conditions you'll deal more damage with it. Outrage wasn't buffed to 120 BP so avoid it. For the next three moves, you probably want something to break past steel types, Superpower definitely deals the most damage but the attack and defense lowering factor may slow down a sweep, still a good option to use. Low Kick is the more spammable move but it deals less damage than Superpower in 99% of matchups. Earthquake has the perfect mix of spammability and damage but it leaves you completely helpless against Skarmory. As for boosting moves, Dragon Dance is pretty solid but sadly you get outsped by the fairly common Scarf Hydreigon even at +1, if you run adamant you may get outsped by the rare Scarf Porygon-Z, but that's still noteworthy , I personally prefer running Swords Dance Adamant as it allows me to break past most walls with ease. For your last move either Taunt or the other boosting move, I prefer taunt to disrupt phazing and wisps from cofa but Dragon Dance+Swords Dance is insane if you get to pull it off. Or you can just say fuck it and run a choice item, run Adamant with Choice Band and Jolly with Choice Scarf, Dragon Claw, Superpower, Earthquake Aqua Tail ez
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