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  1. Why is "Manetic" the bad pokemon teir?

    We're talking about Manetic though.
  2. higher shitpost potential
  3. Why is "Manetic" the bad pokemon teir?

    It's like Pachima and Daryl had a child, it's adorable. Also in a world where Hippowdon is one of the most used Pokemon in the tier I don't see Manectric doing much. I guess it can have a slightly better matchup against Mamoswine than the rest of Electric types but even then I'd rather run literally anything else.
  4. Breloom.

    Roserade is quite decent as a check as it is immune to Spore and may tank a Focus Punch and recover up with either Synthesis or Rest and can set up spikes/put stuff to sleep for utility Intimidating it on the switch kills some of its groove too but yeah you'd have that intimidate mon neutered for a few turns. Mence seems like a good idea since it can roost off any damage and will outspeed Breloom any time. Gbwead's cureall, Mandibuzz, will be a decent option once Overcoat works since it'll be immune to spore and can Brave Bird loom into another dimension. Overcoat Reuniclus is another option but it's also pretty meh compared to Magic Guard.
  5. Ultility Pokemon Guide

    Volcarona is a great Flame Body mon that can also fly. Tropius is a great HM slave too
  6. It was easier to implement gen5 first and then backwards add gen 4 regions than to go in order.
  7. A troll is a person who intentionally posts inflamatory/provocative posts in order to get a rise out of people and get many replies. People here are just disagreeing with you, not the same thing, bub.
  8. Understanding Cores and You?

    raw ham>cheese>arugula is a mad solid sandwich core Poison>Flying>Steel is a cool defensive core too
  9. Cool to watch but godawful to actually play. 30 seconds is far too restrictive on a timer that still runs when animations play out sometimes you have to calc or seriously put thought into your decision, and hell sometimes real life might get in the way, a phone call or what not may take more than 30 seconds to take care of. Orange nailed the 3 turn thing, it's stupid, restrictive and at the top of my head it'd probably make some wallbreakers very very stupid to deal with. Entire battles lasting 5 minutes? With animations playing out? That'd be impossible. How do you determine the winner? Amount of Pokemon alive on each trainer? What if one has 5 Pokemon at 25% health and the other one has two Pokemon with the active one being a full health Lucario. The second trainer would win in a normal circumstance but the first one would win if the timer runs out. Amount of damage dealt? That'd utterly gut defensive play. There's simply no good criteria to define a winner with a time limit, even if you extend it to 60 minutes.
  10. Fire Red Pokemon - Flyers -

    any jumpluff tips mate?
  11. Eviolite

    This is the gift that keeps on giving.
  12. Fake mon thread

    Mega Jumpluff Fairy/Flying HP 75 ATK 100 DEF 95 SPA 55 SPD 95 SPE 140 Ability: Transmigration to the Six Samsaras Jumpluff sends its opponent's soul to one of the six Dharma's rebirth realms. These realms are: Gakikai (the realm of the preta), Jinkai (the realm of humans), Jigokukai (the realm of hell), Chikushōkai (the realm of beasts), Shurakai (the realm of the warring Asura) and finally Tenkai (the realm of heaven). The Tenkai is considered the worst realm to be sent as the opposing Pokemon will fall into any other realm the moment their sinful nature emerges. it's made out of pure light hence the white color
  13. Fake mon thread

    can I post mine too?
  14. Truck in POKEMMO

    If Mew's legendary dungeon isn't a gas station that requires reaching a particular truck and using strength on it I'm going to be extremely upset.
  15. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Dusclops is far too passive, it'd essentially just give stuff like Hydreigon a free switch. It's also pretty easy to wear down with hazards and doesn't have reliable recovery to stay at full all the time, something it desperately needs. +1 252+ Atk Guts Conkeldurr Payback (50 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Dusclops: 60-72 (40.8 - 48.9%) -- 66.8% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock

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