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  1. new region?

    Johto needs to be added so we can get Whirlpool Azumarill
  2. Steelix vs. Ferrothorn ?

    Ferrothorn. Better typing, stats, movepool, support options, etc.
  3. psl X donation thread

    Just do the Hollywood thing and call it PSL.
  4. Mayor Appreciation Thread

    Happy Birthday Bestfriends!!
  5. [PSL9] Donation Thread

    my avatar is pretty much the exact reaction I have to this
  6. Fix summary nicknames

    It'd also help to have a lighter font for Dark types, mostly for the levels. that shits impossible to read.
  7. Can you buff competitive prizes?

    At the very least make the shinies 3x31, the only interesting one in this seasonal is the Mantine and even then it's held back by the fact that it will lose some bulk on one stat. The other two will lose a lot of implied power once they get scouted and before that the person who faces it will know it cannot be a solid hybrid set unless they somehow run 25 speed which is kind of bad for both mons. Hell I don't see a single reason why anyone would want the Dnite since in the far off future Multiscale will come out and that prize Dnite will gather dust in the PC forever.
  8. the race to third place
  9. Tier List Update

    I told him Weezing in OU was too obvious but nope.
  10. PVP problems

    Here's where you can formally request for a ban and provide your reasoning for it.
  11. PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    One of those links has installed Riga 2.001f.exe and the other one installed McAfee on my computer don't open them.
  12. Unova Fossils

    Phenomena has a chance of giving them. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/76118-changelog-27022018/
  13. Volt Turn team

    If you expect a 6 mon U-turn team then no, it's not that. Volt-Turn is usually a core not an entire team, you need certain support for it.
  14. Volt Turn team

    I've been having quite a bit of success with U-Turn. The Volt part of it doesn't seem good in my opinion since there's far too many strong ground types that aren't scared of coverage from Electric types and it's a huge momentum sink to have that interrupted.
  15. Let's say that due to an incident, account security skyrocketed to be the number 1 priority while abilities and items became second in the list. So yeah the people in charge of the code were busy working on other issues.

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