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  1. Can you explain the lore of why Gastly has a messed up Pikachu sprite?
  2. I'm surprised there was no PTS at all.
  3. There's no Hidden abilities and Outrage has 90 BP you might wanna revise that
  4. I expect Co-op puzzle solving and maybe some monster clearing. Certain wilds may have HAs and after all is said and done you get sent to the legendary chamber where you fight said legendary.
  5. And it'd be bullshit without it.
  6. No, because we already made some changes to tiers based on the idea that we already have Team Preview.
  7. Sure, but the devs WANT to make the game challenging for everyone. You don't want a challenge? Too bad PokeMMO is more challenging than the base games. Probably to foment player interaction. You downright ignored my previous post. Also we're trying to avoid having an Ubers tier altogether and AG only exists in no Tournament Mode fights so they pretty much only happen on Mewtwo/Rayquaza instances or whenever two newbies challenge each other along the way, they don't really affect the comp scene since there aren't any AG tours. Then people would complain about arbitrarily funneling EXP into a mon they won't be able to use. Hell some of the smaller legendaries you listed would shatter a gym just as bad as the big legendaries. I assume that's what they are going to do, or at least include a similar restriction otherwise I'll look like a fool.
  8. In PVP legendaries will only be overpowered depending on the legendary and the context they are in. On one hand, stuff like Zekrom, Mewtwo, Rayquaza and Deoxys will shatter the metagame no matter what and will likely remain unimplemented outside of their little events (No idea if Deoxys will get one, it's just an example), while stuff like Regirock could be added right now and it'd drop to LC the moment the novelty wears off. Stuff like Latios or Keldeo however would require that we introduce other legendaries or Hidden Ability mons before them, due to the fact that without them otherwise they'd move straight up to Ubers and we'd have to wait for the introduction of these other legendaries for them to have a chance at dropping again. Like I said before legendaries would likely be overpowered in PVE and their implementation needs to be adjusted to avoid that scenario since devs want to keep PVE challenging. Otherwise you get a Latias at level 40 in Hoenn? The second your level cap goes above 40 in Kanto you sweep everything in your path with little opposition. Anyways the devs already made their decision, you'll get your legendaries Soon(tm) when we get dungeons, and stuff like Mewtwo and Zekrom will likely remain unavailable outside of these niche instances.
  9. Really it's because they'd shatter PVE and if they're trying to make PVE more challenging, giving you a 580 BST single stage Pokemon (Meaning you don't have to gruelingly level your shitty Pupitar until it gets good) on a Pokeball's whim would shatter their idea of challenge. Imagine doing Unova first and then rolling through late game Kanto and Hoenn with your Zekrom
  10. They streamlined the process pretty damn well compared to the days of old iv confirming 15k braces and ditto-only genderless mons. My main issue is that catching the breeders is a chore that recently got promoted to a bigger chore due to the fixed catch rates.
  11. Today I decided to play a tour on a whim using my oldass matchmaking team everyone knows. In Round 2 I was matched vs someone who I haven't seen before in mm or tours (Making me deduce they haven't played for that long, ergo they haven't grinded for that long ergo they don't have much variation in comps) and I decided to spectate their replay for 1 turn. In that round, they used Taunt Aerodactyl with Volcarona in the back, so to adjust my 10 month old team I just put a mental herb on my lead suicide Skarm (Which normally runs another item) and threw their momentum into the garbage for the rest of our match by getting rocks up vs them anyways and eventually winning the game despite what would usually be a matchup disadvantage. Felt dirty tbh. Sure my opponent could have "not used the same thing" or "watched me too and brought a magic coat Smeargle to hard counter Suicide Skarm" or some equally simple stuff, but the game shouldn't have this weird layer of intel ops that fucks with the synergy and dynamics of each team.
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