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  1. suigin

    Is Porygon still a thing??

    You clearly didn't watch the video Don't bother, it's not getting changed. This will be my last post regarding this topic.
  2. suigin

    Is Porygon still a thing??

    That has absolutely nothing to do with why having a set that can make a battle theoretically last until the next server shutdown is bad design, uncompetitive and it has nothing to do with the thread at all.
  3. suigin

    Is Porygon still a thing??

    was mostly to avoid
  4. suigin

    Is Porygon still a thing??

    Yeah Porygon is good in LC, Porygon2 is good in UU/OU and Porygon Z is pretty solid in OU too.
  5. suigin

    Shiny Event

    that'd be unfair for the people whose shiny rate is fair
  6. suigin

    [PSL X] Week Six

    Lads. this is historic. When you are 80 years old, wrapped in a blanket and comfy in your rocking chair by an open fire, surrounded by your great-grandchildren; you can tell the spellbound youngsters about the time you saw Sir Suigining equal, then break his PSL loss streak with a clutch match against a sub with 10 minutes of prep time after a mess of a sub request. The fire crackles as the children gasp in awe. Snow begins to fall outside the window and your tale comes to end, but the youngsters are thirsty for more 'Tell us about the time he climbed at the top of the ladder during Chinese hour!' one child begs. 'No, no! The legendary final vs BurntZebra!' implores another. The oldest boy pipes up 'Be quiet you two. Grandad tells those ones all the time. Go on, tell us the one you promised us last time - the clutch win vs Spartacu-...Grandad...G-Grandad?'. The rocking chair creaks to a halt. A serene expression on your face and all of Suigin’s wins flash before your eyes in your final moments as the children embraces you. His one official win. The legendary parahax vs LKrenz. The aspear Dugtrio vs Arca. They know what is happening. They are scared, but calm. The last thing you hear as you slide into the black warmth of death is the youngest boy - old beyond his years, and a Pokemon fanatic who spends every free moment outside grinding his comps waiting for dungeons to be released. 'Don't be sad. He lived a hell of a life. In the age of Suigin.
  7. suigin

    [PSL X] Week Six

    http://prntscr.com/le446s LADS!
  8. suigin

    [PSL X] Week Six

    me vs jryuk in 10 Edit: wait idk what's going on Edit2: false alarm I fight nawe in a while not jryuk
  9. suigin

    Pumpking Difficulty...Again

    I like how they pulled an Absolute Virtue not once but twice in this event.
  10. suigin

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    They appear in the overworld as sprites, they'll attack if you interact with them. However if their timer runs out and they despawn they'll disappear if you talk to them.
  11. suigin

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    Route 1 just had a Shuppet swarm I also saw them in the Pinwheel entrance.
  12. suigin

    Special Ghost Encounter Locations

    Wait so the tab that shows if they have particles doesn't tell you anything if you're viewing it from your pc? Now that's a gut punch for me, I've been hunting them all day and releasing them when everything seemed normal.
  13. Post em. So far I got. Drifloon in the Cold Storage Gastly in Twist Mountain

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