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  1. Yes, as tutors and so long as the move exists in gen 5.
  2. Check if they are untradeable.
  3. Chomp gets essentially removed from the game after that though I'll admit I've probably played strategically around pinch berry ranges to get a second life and that may not be a feasible option soon enough but it has stopped considerable attempts at Garchomp sweeps. I meant the chip damage of those things forces it into range to get killed, I probably phrased that terribly but I was on like 2 hours of sleep while typing that post my bad. And yeah i meant the second bit. It's not particularly weak to them but it sure limits the effect a yache berry has on making it live an ice move. I feel like the main reason to use Cofagrigus over other walls is to patch up a big fighting weakness or if your team hates losing one mon to Conk. Walls in may rise in usage if they can handle one specific mon but rarely if they only handle one specific mon (Milotic is a good example as it quickly rose to OU in order to handle the at the time devastating Reuniclus), Mandi handles many other mons at the same time as it handles chomp. And thank you, I reached my deadline in time and got some great reviews.
  4. I've seen it get handled by status, burns from Rotoms and Cofagrigus. chipped into a range where it could get revenge killed by either hazards or Rocky Helms, it not switching in and setting up for absolutely free, that's how Garchomp sweeps have been handled in my experience. I do not keep track with all of the scenarios but these come to mind and are realistic scenarios. I feel like Mandibuzz is to Garchomp what Cofagrigus is to Conkeldurr, both have the same "fat mon with varying levels of utility but excels at dealing with one particular threat super well" vibe and the same way I feel like if Conk didn't exist Cofa would probably drop Mandi is probably the same in regards to Garchomp, it's not like people are using it as a super useless mon that has no purpose other than checking Garchomp. Umbreon, however does fit that niche of super useless mon that seems to have no purpose other than checking Garchomp, it had been used in OU for a while before Garchomp even entered the radar though a few years back and I feel like it may drop again eventually. I've been running teams that focus on gaining momentum, stuff like Rotom, Infernape, Staraptor, Gengar, as well as varying forms of hazard stack, have kept me from getting rolled, a fast mon with u-turn and then a strong offensive move usually keeps Garchomp from sweeping me. For the record I'll take a while for my next response if this continues, I have a deadline soon
  5. When I mentioned the choking part I meant the player in the match you linked, not you. I've played this game though, not as much as you since I've been pretty busy with work, but I've played enough in these past months and I've yet to see a single match in where Garchomp sets up and sweeps any easier than a mon like Reuniclus or Gyarados can. Is it strong? Absolutely, is it the best mon in OU? Yes, in my opinion it is. Does it fit the criteria for offensive Uber or banworthy? Nope, in my experience I've seen players handle it just fine. And the amount of players who seem to support the idea of it being banworthy is much smaller than the ones who don't. And before you bring up your dumbshit dismissive reasoning of "oohh only bad players think it's not banworthy" you know damn well some of the players saying Garchomp isn't banworthy are pretty damn skillful (As are some of the ones who want it banned by the way, it's not a matter of "GOOD PLAYER WANT X BAD PLAYER DON'T WANT X"). And I'll continue to laugh at any reasoning that takes an uncommon scenario and makes it seem more commonplace than it actually is, maybe I'm just wrong, maybe my playstyle keeps Garchomp from setting up and sweeping me instantly while everyone else melts the second it comes in, but having watched other players as well I haven't encountered this.
  6. Uh no I'm just paraphrasing your hypothetical scenarios with Garchomp. Ones that occur only in a vacuum and never anywhere else. Reminder that after we asked you to post replays in where Garchomp was able to get a sweep off without much counterplay in the TC Discord you combed through months of tournaments and only managed to list like 3-5 examples, one of which had a massive choke by the player who wasn't using Garchomp.
  7. Bro you don't get it, if I get Garchomp in for free, set up for free and have the right moves for any wall my opponent has I can break past all of them and not die in one hit due to Yache berry. Don't mention chip damage because I never let my Garchomp get chipped by anything. Revenge killing also doesn't count because I'm always at full and I'll live and take at least one mon with me.
  8. So it balances the tier by putting everyone on the same level.
  9. eat dirt I vote to not ban garchomp and i'll automatically vote not to ban garchomp every month until i state otherwise just to cancel gb's garchomp ban vote.
  10. I would like to thank everyone who made me rich in this event. And a special thank you to my instincts which told me that the only winning move was not to play this, they were right.
  11. I vote for gb to shut up about Garchomp I'm on the fence about the BL2s I will probably make my mind by the deadline if I see some convincing posts but overall I'm leaning towards not dropping them.
  12. yeah cool but he gets the last laugh in the end and any other way of thinking is pure coping
  13. They aren't implemented yet at least for players.
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