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  1. bring back devlogs they were fun to read
  2. Typing kinda allowed it to do both but sure why not.
  3. I bred it with a Smeargle that knew both Fake Out and Encore and it inherited it so yeah.
  4. Yes it can I taught it as an egg move.
  5. Picture this scenario, you're playing a UU tournament, you have a solid team with an offensive Rotom Mow with Hidden Power Fire and win your match. You see your next opponent is someone who likes using Mamoswine a lot so you'd like to punish that by using Rotom-Heat, now, mid tournament, you have to: Fly to Eterna city Get a mon with Cut in your team to enter the Galactic HQ Pay 25k to swap forms Buy 20 gems to swap Hidden Power types because Hidden Power Fire on Rotom-Heat is a bit redundant. Go back to the Pokemon center to replace your Cut mon with something else and finish up your team. Sounds asinine? Because it is. I can already picture a lot of players forgetting to swap out their Hidden Power type and losing because of it. Now let's assume you swap Rotom forms often in a tournament, not even the same Rotom set by the way let's say you made a Timid Scarf one a Modest for Specs, you even have a Bulky one you even use sometimes as Wash in OU, and you had to swap the forms around from the last time you use them in the tournament, and let's say you get to round4 and lost there, well congratulations, you lost a lot of money, if you lose in semis, depending on the tournament you lost a lot of prize money to make your Rotom adjustments. So it's clear that it's easier to just breed form specific Rotom sets rather than swap one around, which requires you to go through the odyssey of finding Rotom breeders. So yeah please just make Rotom uncommon at least rather than rare. Also a way to go back to base Rotom form please, that would be great too.
  6. Hi, for some reason, my gabite is not evolvin into garchomp, it suppose to evolve in level 47. Now it is level 50 but still haven't evolve can someone help me? 


    1. suigin


      Kind of an obvious thing but you're sure it's not holding an Everstone? If it isn't then report it here https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/

    2. Harrison65


      It was not holdin any everstone , i asked them bout it . Then they told me to put it in my pc and relog and level it up, it actually worked


  7. It's still pretty useful as a momentum gainer and it can still pass stuff like Substitute, Mean Look and Ingrain.
  8. Yeah it's pretty much a momentum gainer now. Rip E4 runs.
  9. Shiny mence is cool but the other Hoenn pseudo would also like some love haha
  10. It won't happen until gen 6/7 are added into the game (if they ever are)
  11. how do i get 756 evs on my mons?
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