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  1. oh yeah the lack of team preview makes trick room teams slightly less obvious
  2. SM OU also has a ton more viable fairies that don't explode vs Bisharp like the Tapus, while ORAS only had Azumarill who still got hurt a lot by losing its item. But yeah MMO doesn't have Z-Items or mega stones and buffing knock off would just buff the already powerful fighting types even more as they'd get some really sweet coverage with that buffed knock off, while the only dark types that would get buffed are Absol, Weavile, Bisharp and Crawdaunt who all will still mostly get walled by steel types except maybe Crawdaunt.
  3. check out my mixtape guide it's mostly priority moves/brave bird/icicle crash and on patch 1 some pokemon may require rebreeding if you want to have the quickest stealth rocks in the game instead of waiting for the tutor
  4. As long as I don't have to rebreed my stuff I'll be happy with it.
  5. Just Heatran being gone alone makes a whole universe of difference in the meta. Now add the lack of Musketeers, Genies, Kyurem, Kyurem-B, Cresselia, Azelf and Shaymin
  6. Webs are from gen6
  7. Gengar can either set up a sub or Wisp Bisharp though.
  8. I genuinely doubt it will be UU but that probably guarantees it won't be Uber.
  9. He may not get it on release, HAs may take a while to implement
  10. PTS

    Question to the devs: How will you handle inter-gen TMs? Some TMs from gen3 become tutor moves in gen5 and tutors are only in BW2. If I want to teach Giga Drain to a gen5 mon will I be able to do so with a gen3 TM or will i be screwed?
  11. Considering this method has its flaws due to the inclusion of fairy type, steel nerf and other minor changes if anyone here knows how to code you could make your own custom showdown server.
  12. Both Azus are aids Also I just realized the only OU viable Pokemon with actual access to Stealth Rock are Mamoswine, Ferrothorn and Forretress since the others get it through tutor
  13. Yeah but nowhere near as common as Prankster Sableye or Mandibuzz, still worth mentioning though, so good catch.