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  1. annyone beat this monster? Don't forget leech seed and confuse are dangerous
  2. Mixed naive blaziken hp grass Full atk/speed or full sp.atk/speed? Which is the most useful?
  3. Thats the same wrong argument that staff used to ditch the suggestion about showing how many people queued in matchmaking. You guys are so damn wrong about this, people rather queue if they see they are spot available same as people will queue if they see there is people in the, example UU unranked. Otherwise we just think tourney are full and matchmaking is empty.
  4. Again, show us how many people are queueing, its gonna help a lot. Sucks to be only able to practice in tourney.
  5. I once lost my spot in a tournement waiting 30 min for nothing because I was waiting in my secret base. System read me as busy and got my spot stolen so your solution worth crap.
  6. I'm ok to have more payouts for UU/NU but dont try to find solutions by nerfing OU payouts if you dont like this tier it is your problem it will still be the most played and most loved tier whatever happens.
  7. X people queuing atm* Devs argument: if people see how many people queue they wont want to queue... NO that is the complete opposite
  8. Whats wrong with a 6x31 shiny? Idk how this is op it is actually easy scoutable
  9. Yeah it happened to me a couple of time, its your internet that isnt running the regular duel speed. A timer close would be nice for friendly duels
  10. Doubles tourney aint filling because people like it, but because any pokemon can enter. Kinda easy to bring 6 pokes then. This isnt showdown where you get any team you need instantly, not many people want to rebreed a 2nd or 3rd version of some OU mons just to fit the tier. And then the team get scouted by the 8 double players who fully invest in it. Boring tier, no wonder it is always the same people who win them.
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