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  1. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    Eviolite isn't working yet, and Giga Impact is trash since it traps the user while charging, ruining Slaking's hit and run strategy. Still, NU might not be able to handle it yet. -------------- Zangoose could overwhelm NU too, it can run Fire Punch/Close Combat and Shadow Claw to kill would-be counters after setting up. I'd say it's more dangerous than Slaking ever will be.
  2. Where to get Black 1 / White 1 NDS ROM

    Nope. Find it yourself.
  3. Other regions

    Are you fucking serious? Unova just got added and you're already asking, come on.
  4. about new update please help

    Bad internet?
  5. help

    Try doing what it said
  6. What's with the weird formatting?
  7. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7balancedhackmons-660413085 Boosting him was part of my plan, I swear.
  8. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

  9. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    How many months until the first few finally start working
  10. Ability to switch back to gen 3 battle style in Kanto/Hoenn

    Can we at least have the option to turn off the camera movement when making our turn?
  11. Updating the Battle sound Effects and Visuals

    Your dad sounds like a wise man
  12. Was Kanto Elite 4 round 1 runs changed?

    Pretty sure the changelog covered that. It's good to read.
  13. Where to download black/white's Roms

    You're the one looking for the fucking thing, you buy it.
  14. Where to download black/white's Roms

    You're probably doing it wrong.

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