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  1. Close combat is not ingame, choose brick break or low kick instead. timid is better, and quick attack is a poor move choice. growth, substitute and wish are some better options. hidden power bug will be terrible, since you have careful nature. go for pin missile if you can, and have earthquake as final move to hit magneton and other steel types.
  2. I messed up real bad last night. I popped a huge natural gas pocket while digging and ended up flooding my entire base with it. In the meanwhile, my steam geysers decided to burst and flooded most of the ladders and paths. People were suffocating badly in little "pockets" in the base. I spent like three hours cleaning up that mess with luckily no causality.


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    2. Moetal


      Many on the brink of death but we made it. Stress was at constant 100% and many were resorted to eating dirt, but they made it.

    3. notmudkip0


      Eating dirt is always a good idea when suffocating. 

    4. Moetal


      Well there is oxygen and oxygen production, just very little compared to the amount of other gases. Many were ill but recovered since. I had two generators that were burning the gas non stop, so I was good on power supply. Carbon dioxide from the generator in addition to polluted oxygen and the massive reservoir of natural gas was the most pressing problem 

  3. yes
  4. uh, you can't just hire anyone to be CM/Mod/etc, but whatever.
  5. devs dont need more hell to go through, plus moderation VC would be a pain for any staff member, and it would need constant monitoring.
  6. You only get money from the champion..
  7. 88dfb5face18bc45e9b6c0dca374515c.png

    fix when?

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    2. Moetal



      Everyone has this face.

    3. Darkshade


      That seems like a graphical issue with the client more-so than the vanities thesmelves.

      I'd suggest giving a client repair a go from the title page.

    4. notmudkip0


      well, that worked.

      now get back to work on a dress pls

  8. Neat new avatar 

    1. Moetal


      Can you hit a Pokémon with the hidden power npc so many times it's iv goes 6x0?

    2. notmudkip0


      I'll give it a try

  9. You just trade them... Onix needs a metal coat btw
  10. 5 taken
  11. Okay, since (((they))) keep deleting my other posts, I'll add one that isn't "useless." You could easily manipulate the effect of repel to search out specific rare shiny mons, such as lapras, or the wild legendary mons. This in turn could throw the value of said shiny mons out of balance.
  12. Just buy some max repels
  13. Why would sinnoh be added when they're working on unova?
  14. Just wait till Unova, it has seasons implemented.