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  1. [LTS] Donation Thread

    To think I almost donated to this.
  2. Congrats on getting CM, Gillette Fusion.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Moetal


      I thought you can't become a mod because of a certain youknowwhat?

    3. Gilan


      so did I, but they have decided otherwise.

    4. Moetal


      Hooray. Dinner's on me tonight.

  3. Shiny METAGROSS ft/fs

    I like how it's a gyazo link but it has a shitty pic instead of a screenshot
  4. Updates

    Alright, let me ask something else. What the fuck does this mean:
  5. Updates

    Your broken English.
  6. Updates

    What the hell are you talking about?
  7. Updates

    From my understanding, this is the order. PTS weeks before major release Unova release Unova polishing Anything else
  8. não consigo pegar surf

    Google will help you. Also, please post in English, or at least provide a translation after the original post.
  9. não consigo pegar surf

    He didn't give surf to you, he said you can USE it.
  10. Your profile pic looks like it's from wikihow 

    1. Perreh


      Now that you mention it lol

  11. More like tranz is bad and doesn't look at his pokedex
  12. Available on Twitch for streaming

    The three people streaming this really need it to be added to a database, yeah.
  13. How do i get Pokemon with good stats?

    Get to breeding.
  14. Only seems to be learned from HM on G/S, HG/SS. I don't know of any tutors that teach the move here.
  15. [LTS] Event Rules & Description

    Start it now so I can see disaster strike when update hits (hopefully during a battle)

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