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  1. Probably the best you can get without digging through old threads in trash or GD.
  2. Just don't KO the target when using covet or thief. These moves bypass sturdy, I believe.
  3. The only ones against it would be scammers themselves, I imagine, so what is there to discuss?
  4. Something that can stop electric types would be best, since you have both tentacruel and slowbro weak to it. Also, tenta does not benefit from rain that much, except for a surf boost (same with slowbro.)
  5. Shadow Ball could be replaced by growth to make jolteon more threatening, also there's little reason to use magnet, maybe consider leftovers. Most sweeper ludicolo have a higher speed invest to outpace base base 130s, as well as scarf users. You also lack anything else that can benefit from rain, so this set doesn't make much sense in your current team.
  6. It was discontinued a while ago, but I don't know the official reason for removal. The tab for it still appears in new clients for some reason.
  7. Immunity was always popular during the time snorlax was OU. thick fat might have a bit more use in doubles though.
  8. I personally enjoy my snorlaxes banned.
  9. I think SGM or higher, like Noad or RacheLucario. Not sure if a GM could do it.
  10. You might be able to get a change if you PM one and ask. Worth a try.
  11. I've heard that a SGM could change your forum name, one time.
  12. Maybe have an evo item (if required) with a small fee be exchanged for evolution?
  13. Competitive wise, there are a lot of options I could pick. But, if you're just playing through story, it doesn't matter much since storyline is quite easy. Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb are always good to have though.
  14. hypnosis is kinda crap though, and gengar often can't afford to miss. But if you're fine with that, get some big or small mushrooms and go to island 2's move relearner (kanto)
  15. Snorlax is a rare encounter in Berry Forest. You can also attempt to breed for one.