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  1. Prism scale

    There's no point in getting one since it won't work to evolve Feebas.
  2. Is PokeMMO dying?

    Maybe they don't like you.
  3. Does the move Bide ignore Protect?

    Did protect fail to activate on that turn?
  4. what happens with the move growht?

    Before the update, it just raised Spatk by 1 stage. New update changed this, so it gives +1 to Attack and Spatk, or +2 to both in sun. These effects have not been implemented yet, though, so it doesn't appear to work at all.
  5. is Premier Ball in the mystery box?

    It was removed a while back.
  6. What generation does pokemmo follow?

    Gen 7 stats and movepools.
  7. How to delete a character

    You can't. Maybe secure your account better if you don't want your brother to mess with it.
  8. ev training question

    You can remove EVs at any level but it's cheaper and easier to EV them correctly the first time, as berries are costly.
  9. New crit rate

    Should be 1/16 as this was the rate before USUM.
  10. Carbos and swift wing difference

    I think it's because wings are a crafting ingredient now.
  11. New crit rate

    So it was (very) recently discovered that USUM changed the base crit rate from 1/16 to 1/24. I'm wondering if this change will be implemented here, since many changes in the new gen were implemented. Sources here: https://daily.pokecommunity.com/2018/01/17/discovery-critical-hit-rate-lowered-in-newer-games/ https://pastebin.com/K0ZZHF35
  12. Sinnoh Evolutions

  13. Discussion: Exclusive Region for PokeMMO?

    It was discussed long ago and the idea died off, Sinnoh is the only thing we need after this.

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