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  1. how to stop mienshao

    Chandelure works for sets lacking Stone Edge, Jellicent with some SpDef investment can avoid 2HKO even after Stealth Rock. Scarfers/priority can check it.
  2. So have you been repeating the storyline since 2012?
  3. Yeah, it doesn't exist here
  4. Rain Dish is Pelipper's hidden ability, not Drizzle.
  5. Players can't get any hidden abilities now
  6. slush rush doesnt exist, swift swim is hidden
  7. psl X donation thread

    Safe to say it won't be making a return
  8. Hey if I use Leftovers, do I counter Spikes?

  9. Update.

    It'd be nicer for them to all work at once.
  10. Has Android closed beta started?

    Things don't work.
  11. What are the best guides?

    The "Finding Every Move" guide is one I use most, and it would probably be an easy guide to translate for.
  12. psl X donation thread

    nah, fred just can't make a good analogy

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