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  1.   I have a few ideas.   [spoiler]"Blasting off again!" -Defeated team rocket   "Frontier Genius" -Defeated the Frontier brains at the battle frontier   "The sky, the sea, and the land!" -Complete Hoenn storyline   "He was there, now he's not!" -Have Mewtwo   "It was a great time!" -Have Mewtwo for 5 minutes (excluding battle)   "A myth to legend?" -Have Mewtwo for 10 minutes   "A legendary story!" -Have Mewtwo for 15 minutes   "His name is Mewtwo!" -Have Mewtwo for 20 minutes+   "Is it real?" -Capture an OT shiny[/spoiler]   +1 I like the idea <3
  2. I think I'll do the one with treasure map. [spoiler]Applying right away .-.[/spoiler]
  3. Updated profile \o/

  4. Take your time, don't stress. After all, we're being ignorant and not thinking of you. Thank you for making the art, and just remember, you're very loved <3   #RedWingsForever
  5.   This one is more detailed. Having custom ranks would really help put a more MMO-like aspect into the game. I can see many teams like PokeManiacs having "PokeManiac" and then some other stuff for higher ranks. PokeLogic can have "Student", "Nerd", "Scientist" or something. I like the way that a custom team rank could go. No to mention that the current ones can be a bit annoying like how Executive isn't separated from Co-Leader and vice-versa.   This can also help teams with trials for higher ranks. For instance, if someone wanted to be an officer you could make a "Trial" rank for all the pe eople who wanted to be an officer, commander, executive, or other custom ranks. The custom ranks could separate the competitive and the story-liners, I think that it's a great idea and that this specific suggestion is more detailed and truthful than the others. Thank you for reading~   [spoiler]Tl;dr - Custom ranks are love, custom ranks are life[/spoiler]
  6.   Josh has some competition with that photo. Welcome!
  7. So, I went to bed early now it's 6:35AM and I can't sleep T^T

  8.     "Anything else?: No ty take your time and thanks"
  9. As page king, I say that Plo must do my sig lel
  10. Lol the arrow was pointing to my pic "<" because I can't draw to save my life. If I was as good as you, I'd work in an art gallery and be the only artist there.
  11. "Draw me like one of your french girls"   Text: [Vale]WailmerPlays Character: Wailmer gif in a circle kind of like Beldore's Background: Treasure map Anything else?: Ty plewgy
  12. If they do end up removed, what happens to the EV trainers who make money from EV training for others?
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