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  1. Pipe been delivering pipe
  2. i dont recall you being rude or pissy towards me until you got out in public as well, continue to sit there ev'ing comps to lv 100 and getting no shiny for it
  3. ive caught my shines lol. im not gonna argue against the rate when mine seems to be favorable, salty gonna salt, no need to call me names
  4. talking to pachima about shiny rates in team chat
  5. I'll pay you tonight, I'm about to log
  6. Lol why even ask jovi
  7. Telf won no weeks Lion placed behind me I missed one week and it was the bye week, just think, if I don't manage who's gonna draft you Can I pay you in mmo money!
  8. Why y'all keep name dropping me
  9. I didn't think I'd need frags for you to beat Finn
  10. I 3 poor for that
  11. A Regular one or colorable