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  1. We can try to set up one for football , gonna be lit af
  2. Also meant to ask if any of y'all do fantasy football/basketball I never did a league but seems like it'd be fun with yall
  3. Woke up way to early smh
  4. Breaking news Derrick Rose fractured his knee walking on a pebble
  5. Really?
  6. I'm sure since I've started playing psl in s5 I've lost the most money betting
  7. Y'all will get paid. But don't expect it anytime soon. uguus busy
  8. I hate to do it too lmao. I just don't have the will
  9. They can change it 100%, can't remember which staff member I talked to , but I changed mine. You only get 1 tho
  10. I'm gonna be completely honest . I don't feel like grinding for the money I owe y'all. Sorry and all that mushy forgive me stuff
  11. I'd do the same. Leave before you get left
  12. Went to the wrong coast brah
  13. Y'all invading fap time
  14. Dancing with frags in 10 minutes